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Post by scott illgram August 25th 2020, 2:16 am


"Wolf Brain"

The Bio

Real Name: Todd Walker
Renegade Name: Darkheart
Title: Wolf Brain
Alignment: Renegade
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Dark Brown/Grey
Eyes: Blue/Red/Gold
Height: 6'3" - 10 feet
Weight: 175 lbs - 700 lbs
Blood type: O negative

The Looks




The Personality

Todd is a very reserved individual. He doesn't let a lot of people into his life or let very many people get to know him, but once he allows you in, he can be very endearing and funny. He's very bright, but never wants to be the smartest person in the room unless needed. He's extremely temperamental, but has learned to control his emotions better in recent years. When among friends, he can be extremely talkative and he is extremely protective of those he considers to be apart of his pack. He can come off dominant when placed in situations where he finds comfortability, or when placed in a position of power or leadership; he likes to be the Alpha. Todd's very outdoorsy, always running whenever possible and getting involved in every sort of physical activity that he can, whether it be lifting weight or rock climbing.

The Story

Todd Walker was born to Liv and Marshall Walker on the fourth of June, 1995 in Boulder, Colorado. Todd was born into a long line of werewolves, or lycanthropes as his family calls them, but is the only true lycanthrope (able to control all three phases of his transformation) born into his family in over 100 years. As a child, Todd showed no traits or behaviors associated with lycanthropy. He was a very soft spoken child, afraid to start even the smallest of altercations. He even had trouble speaking or presenting in front of even the smallest of crowds.

Aside from his timidness, Todd's childhood was fairly average. He had two very loving parents who treated him with all of the love he could ever want. He went to public school, made a few friends, and made above average grades.

Todd's teenage years were when his life slowly began to change. His above average grades got him placed into Gifted classes during elementary and junior high, but that didn't translate very well into high school. Honors classes were something of a change, but AP classes were something he wasn't prepared for at all. These classes caused his grades to slip and his GPA to fall, which caused him stress. This stress, coupled with his changing body, was the catalyst for his lycanthropy to manifest.

His first sign of lycanthropy appeared during his freshman year. During a math homework session, Todd got frustrated enough to pick up the desk in his room with one hand and hurl it at the opposing wall, splintering it instantly.

Incidences like this happened sporadically during high school. He was stronger than everyone else, as well as faster. He could outrun anyone on the track and bench more than anyone on the football team. There was lots of increased aggression. He popped a football by what he thought was sheer force, but was actually the first manifestation of his claws. He was the instigator of his first fight, pushing a guy that was standing in front of his locker.

His second fight happened during his sophomore year, and was the first time he shifted. An argument over a bus seat occurred after school, and he was followed home. The aggressor pushed him, Todd pushed back, and the fight ensued. His enhanced strength gave him a major upper hand, but he started to get hot and his vision was blurring. He knew something was wrong, and he had to flee immediately.

In the woods, Todd's lycanthrope form revealed itself. He began to growl, then fell to the ground as the shift happened. His canine teeth were sharp to a point, his eyes were blood red, and his face was more doglike. His musculature was heavily enhanced. All of his senses were ten times sharper. He could feel his strength flowing through his veins, but he also felt an unnatural hunger. He began to run, faster than he had ever run before. His nose upturned, he let his sense of smell and his hunting instincts lead him to a deer, which he leapt onto and sunk his teeth into, tearing it apart. Todd didn't remember any of it when he awoke in his bed that night.

Todd's final form revealed itself during a graduation party, shortly before he turned 18. It was the night of a full moon. When the moon was at its highest point, Todd began to feel the same feelings that he had felt during his first transformation. He let one of his friends know that he was gonna step outside to get some air, then stepped out of the front door. Surprisingly, he was the only person outside.

Once outside, the change began to happen rapidly. The buttons on his shirt popped off and the fabric of his clothes began to rip. He immediately sprinted into the woods, dropping to the ground and slamming his hands into the dirt, roaring. He tore his clothes the rest of the way off of him, his body beginning to elongate and become covered in fur. Within seconds, Todd was an animal;  a ten foot tall wolf with solid gold eyes. He let out a howl, and darted off into the night.

When Todd was himself again, he found himself naked in front of his house. Frightened, he covered his naughty bits with both hands, running to his front door to knock on it.

Liv and Marshall were bewildered, to say the least. Todd tried to explain himself, saying that he started to feel hot and his vision started to blur during the party so he went outside, and that the last thing he remembered was running into the woods. His parents exchanged a glance, and then nodded at one another. Todd's father looked at him, and began to explain.

When his father was finished, Todd was astonished. He was a werewolf. A lycan. It all started to make sense. His strength, his speed, the desk. He even started to remember both of his shifts. His father explained the family's line of lycanthropy, how he was the first lycan to be born in more than a century, how the full moon had forced him to change. It was all inevitable, according to his father; any excessive emotional or physical stimulus would force an uncontrollable shift, as well as a full moon. He would have to deal with it as best he could, all while keeping his condition a secret.

Todd didn't submit to his fate. For the next year, he focused half of his attention on college and the other half on controlling his shifts. Controlling shifts was an ability only true lycans held; an ability not seen in his family since before his great grandfather was born. Controlling shifts was not an ability you could force yourself to learn. You either had it, or you didn't. To Todd's surprise, he could actually do it. At first it took intense concentration, but with practice, Todd could shift between his forms with ease.

Todd's abilities, now fully realized, got him through college. He had gotten into Princeton on an academic scholarship, but he was also offered an athletic scholarship after trying out for their football team. Being a werewolf seemed to have its perks.

Todd graduated with honors, procuring a degree in electrical engineering. Football could've taken him far, but he wasn't really having fun with things being so effortless. After college, Todd took an engineering job in New York, where he now lives.

The Powers

Shapeshifting: Todd possesses the ability to shift between his werewolf and wolf forms at will.

Werewolf Physiology: Due to his lycanthropy, Todd's human form is majorly enhanced as are both his werewolf and wolf forms.

Werewolf Physiology includes:

Supernatural Strength: As a human, Todd can lift up to a ton, and as a werewolf, he can lift almost quadruple that. His striking strength is enough to burst through concrete when coupled with his enhanced speed in human form, and is enough to punch through 3 inches of steel as a werewolf. His supernatural strength also gives him the ability to leap large distances.

Supernatural Agility: Todd's sense of balance and equilibrium is supernaturally attuned, so you won't catch him slipping or falling accidentally.

Supernatural Durability: Todd can withstand a lot more damage than a normal human could. In human form, Todd can shrug off major hits from blunt objects like baseball bats. In wolf form, Todd is durable enough to shrug off handgun fire.

Supernatural Speed: Todd in werewolf for can run upwards of 60 miles per hour. Todd in full wolf form can clock 100 mph. This also extends to his reflexes enabling him to detect most threats before they come, but this power depends on his current situational awareness.

Supernatural Senses: Todd's senses of smell and hearing are much sharper than that of both human and wolf. He could hear a schoolbell ring from several blocks away if he listened hard enough, and can recognize scents from blocks away as well. This also applies to sight.

Night Vision: Todd can see perfectly in complete darkness.

Supernatural Stamina: Todd, when running in all forms at full speed, will not start to show signs of exhaustion for hours.

Claw Retraction: Todd can retract and produce his claws at will. This ability also allows him to wall crawl.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Todd heals from major and minor injuries much faster than a normal human would. Slashes from sharp objects heal in minutes, whereas gunshot wounds take hours or 1-2 days depending on the type of ammunition.

Wolf Physiology:
Enhanced Bite: Todd can exert over 55,000 psi in a bite, crunching through most metals with ease.

Environmental Adaptation: Todd is able to survive and adapt to most conditions, be it temperature, moisture, sustenance, air quality, etc. without discomfort.

Fur Generation: Todd can spontaneously generate fur to cover most of his body.

Predator Instinct: Being part wolf, Todd has the instincts to match. This makes him a great hunter, manipulator, and tracker, making him able to make an unfavorable situation very favorable for him.

Temperature Regulation: Todd can regular his body's temperature to suit his needs, or the environment.

The Weaknesses

Silver Aversion

Todd has a deadly aversion to silver, if the contaminant comes close enough to his heart.

Emotional and Physical Stress

Although he can control his shifts, one can still force a shift by putting Todd through intense emotional or physical stress.

Wolf Brain

Todd does not retain all of his intelligence in full wolf form.


Todd is bloodlusted in full wolf form.

Full Moon

Todd is more susceptible to uncontrollable shifts during a full moon.


Pain can cause Todd to shift into a werewolf, and can cause a shift from a werewolf into a wolf.

The Fluff


Todd is a very skilled electrical engineer. He studied engineering in college and graduated with a degree in the subject.

Lie Detector

Todd's enhanced hearing allows him to detect rises and falls in heart rate, indicating whether or not someone is lying.

Martial Arts

Todd studied Taekwondo as an elective at Princeton, as well as Judo and Muay Thai in his own time. This knowledge, coupled with his strength, speed, and reflexes, make him a force to be reckoned with.


Once Todd has an individual's scent, he won't forget it. He can use this keen sense of smell to track down said individuals.

The RP Sample

New York was surprisingly perfect for Todd. The city was full of crooks and criminals ripe for the picking whenever Todd felt the urge to hunt. Not all criminals were subject to Todd's wrath; robbers, drug dealers, and the like were none of Todd's concern, mostly. Todd would stop the odd robbery or the odd dealer from selling hard drugs to people, but they didn't do anything to warrant being torn to shreds.

The sexual predators, the murderers, the abusers, the racists and aphobes, that was where Todd got off. Tonight was one of those nights.

While walking home from work, Todd was faced with two grown men harassing an individual in front of them. From the torrent of slurs being released, Todd assumed that the person might've been gay. As if the slurs weren't enough to piss Todd off, the duo began pelting the person with pieces of street cart food, laughing. The individual began to pick up their pace, and so did the duo. Todd kept a cautious distance behind them, following inconspicuously. The duo pressed up behind the individual, forcing them into an alley.

It was surprising how few alleyways there actually were in New York. It was almost as if television wasn't an acceptable substitute for reality. Who knew? After the trio turned the corner, Todd stayed behind, his back pressed against the wall. He used his enhanced hearing to listen for any conversation.

"P-please leave me alone. I don't even know who you are." one voice said. Neither of the duo responded. The only sounds that followed were blows landing, grunts, groans, and cries. Todd came around the corner and yelled. "Hey! Look, they said leave them alone. Tell you what, why don't you two get out of here and maybe I'll think twice about calling the police, yeah?" he said. The duo laughed. "And just who the fuck are you supposed to be?" one asked. Todd pointed at the individual on the ground. "You. Get up, get out of here." he said. The individual got up and immediately darted past Todd and the duo, exiting the alley. "Alright, come on. Last chance, guys." Todd said. "What, are you a f----t too?" the other half of the duo responded. Todd sighed, and then began to laugh. "Man, you have no idea how glad I am that you said that. Granted, you're a shitty person for saying it, but I am just so hungry." he joked.

"What the hell are you talking ab--" the man said, being cut off mid-sentence. In the blink of an eye, Todd had already transformed, and was on them. He gave them no chance to retaliate. Todd had sliced the other half of the pair's jugular with his claws, and he was bleeding out on the pavement, gurgling something pathetic. Todd could see the fear in the man's eyes, holding him up in the air by his neck with one hand. Todd pressed a clawed finger against his own lips. "Shhh. It's okay. It's over now." he said in a voice so deep that you could feel it in your toes, lowering the man back down to the ground. In one swift motion, Todd put one hand behind the man's head and sunk his razor sharp teeth into the man's throat, pulling it out with a growl.

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