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Kit the Gunbuster

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Kit the Gunbuster Empty Kit the Gunbuster

Post by Nate6595 August 13th 2020, 5:10 am

Kit the Gunbuster

"*Inaudible Swearing"

The Bio

Real Name: Kitali
Hero Name: Kit the Gunbuster
Title: Gunner of the Tribuster Gang
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: Mid Hundreds
Gender: Female
Race: Trinistarian
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Green
Height: 5’9
Weight: 140lbs
Blood type: Soul Essence

The Looks

A Trinistarian who has bonded with the spirit of a devious tanuki, one with a rather…destructive personality. Kit has a short and prime haircut, one that only stretches down to her shoulder blades. It holds a lighter ashy brown color with a black highlights coming down at each side of her face. Atop her head she has two, small pointed ears, brown at their base like her hair and black at their tips. She usually carries a sort of tired or annoyed, angry expression, occasionally touched with fierce determination or a coy smugness. She’s thin, but holds a good deal of muscle (mainly from lifting big guns). She has darker skin, tanned in tone. On her back, right above her rear, she has what looks to be a poofy tail, similar to that of a tanuki. Along her arms, above her wrists, before elbows, and at the upper arm she has black band tattoos which fully wrap around her arm.

For attire she wears a padded green, sleeveless vest with a dark brown trim. Under her vest she doesn’t wear anything except for a sports bra. She wears a pair of brown pants that leave the ankles exposed with a well sized pouch at her rear. Her dark green shoes are simple in design, heavy, but made for running. Like the rest of the Tribuster Gang she wears a white scarf loosely around her neck, though additionally, she wears a white piece of cloth wrapped around her upper arm. She is usually armed in some way, either a large cannon on her back, duel pistols at her belt, rifle  or double barreled gun slung over her shoulder, or a grenade launcher strung to her front. Finally, she carries a small bag, strapped around her shoulder, that holds some of her ammo.

The Personality

Kit is a strange sort of person, to put it mildly. She’s highly competitive and has a short temper. She has a very…destructive personality, loving explosions and big guns more than anything (With the exception of the Tribuster Gang). She’s not the brightest, except when it comes to demolition, ordnance, or guns. She does have a firm love for her sister and for Leonie, and while she’s not the most heroic person, she will follow orders and she will go out and try to help people (provided the help they need is some sort of destruction). She comes off as a bit blunt, some would call her a tomboy, but she calls it having refined interests. She’s easily ticked off and is generally someone who will brute force their way through problems.  

The Story

Kit and her sister were always troublemakers, though usually it was Kit starting the real fights. Even before they got adopted into the same home the two were inseparable. They were the best of friends, always having each other’s’ backs. Despite that, they have a fierce rivalry, always competing over the most mundane things. Kit loves those competitions more than anything. Despite the influence from her mother (who wanted both of her daughters to have a proper career), Kit was never sure what she wanted in life.

Kit and Blaise later found themselves in a unique gang. Not only could she do some good work for good people but she could also engage in her passion. Using big gun and blowing people up. She quickly became friends with the leader of the Tribuster Gang and rose in the ranks as the toughest member in the gang, renown for always winning fights, even against Leonie herself. She never wanted to be the leader so she never made a play for power and instead protecting Leonie and her rule of the gang. Between her, Leonie, and Blaise no one could stand up to the Tribuster Gang, at least that’s how she felt.

She enjoyed her time in the gang and while she didn’t always get what she did she always was eager to do it. Though, such good times would come to an end. The war with the Trickster God come to Trinistar and spread across the entire surface. It was a bloody war and there were many casualties. Needless to say, Kit was having a great time. She was in her element, blasting back minions of the Trickster God and protecting those weaker than her. She brought down some of the biggest foes the world had seen, fighting alongside her sister and Leonie, and for a time she felt invincible.  

Despite the success of her and the gang the overall war was going less than preferable. The Trickster God’s forces moved upon the prime city and the Tribuster Gang, alongside the main army, did all they could to hold them back. After the final battle and the Trickster God fell Kit was almost sad to see all the fighting done with. However, this would be short lived as the Tribuster Gang was properly awarded for their service. A spaceship, one to travel the starts and do further good out in the cosmos. Kit was overjoyed with this. It was a big universe, and it was so very fully of targets.  

The Powers

Tricky Illusion: Her spirit bonded power allows Kit to create small, but very efficient illusions. These illusions are incredibly realistic, creating near perfect representations of what she decides to make. The illusionary creations actually have physical properties, being able to be touched and interacted with. Further, she can make moving illusions and to some degree illusions which can actually create sound and speak. She can make the illusions mimic voices of those she is familiar with, even matching some of their mannerisms. She mainly uses this ability to create copies of herself.  

Shapeshifting: Much like her sister Kit has the ability to shape shift into several different things. She can shift into a small tanuki, three different kinds of kids (two girls, one boy), a tall middle-aged woman, a young teenage girl, a man in his twenties, an elderly man, an elderly woman, a trashcan, a lamp with no bulb, and a statue of a raccoon. She can also use her illusions to create these people/items as well.

The Weaknesses

Illusion Limitations: She can only create illusions of things that are 200lbs or less (if she creates something like an anchor at most it can only weigh 200lbs, despite it being much bigger/looking heavier). She can only make things about eight by eight foot in terms of height and diameter. The animate things she makes can only move at average speeds and if the person or thing has special properties it cannot mimic those powers (however it can still interact/use things like guns). Guns and similar weapons created have short lifespans, only lasting a few seconds before the ammo is completely expended. Her can only create up to thirty objects at a time and they only last a maximum of thirty minutes. The illusions are very weak, getting stabbed or slashed with a common kitchen knife will cause them to poof into smoke. Finally, to create illusions she needs a laugh which will become the illusion.

Shapeshifting Limitations: In order to shapeshift she must also use a leaf as reagent. Transformations only last up to an hour and a half and she is only able to change four times a day before she has to wait another twenty-four hours. If severe damage is taken while in these forms she is forced back into her normal state. She keeps all of physical strengths and weaknesses while in these forms and gains no benefits that may come from changing into these things.

Two at a Time: Kit at a time, can only efficiently carry about two guns at a time. (Thunder and Lightning counts as one and Solo does not count towards this limit). If she uses her armament drop she will have to trade out one of her previous guns.

Flicker’s Will: Using Flicker is strange to say the least. Using it drains the energy from the user, exhausting them, which, if overused, causes the user to pass out right on the spot. Use over time will make the user more and more sluggish.

Calamity’s Charge: Calamity is a big weapon and that clunkiness makes it hard to use in closed spaces and when firing it takes up to ten seconds for it to fire, which makes hitting more difficult, especially if it is moving.

Storm’s Heat: Thunder and Lightning, while not having an ammo capacity, have a heat capacity. Firing the guns causes a heat to build up, which will eventually rise until the guns are unusable. When fired to their peak (About 200 shots each) it’ll take up thirty minutes for the guns to cool back down.  

Truth’s Limits: The grenades for Trueshot are a bit large and bulky which makes it hard to carry around. At most Kit can only carry about fifteen grenades at a time. Further, if used at a short range she risks hitting herself with the effects of the grenades.

Justice’s End: Lawbringer can only fire up to forty shots before it needs an hour to recharge to full power. The range for it is relatively short and is best used in close ranged fights, the further the target the less of a chance the bullet will hit or even reach them.

Final Solo: While Solo is one of Kit’s stronger weapons she is by no means an expert with knives or melee combat. Further, it only has a short charge in terms of maintaining its ability to cut through steel, roughly twelve minutes of use before it needs an entire hour to recharge.

Armament Drop: It takes the armament drop up to five minutes for it to reach the designated area, and if in an enclosed space in which the surface above is fortified (something like a bomb shelter or military bunker) it will be unable to break through and Kit will have to make it to the surface.

The Items

Thunder and Lightning: Kit’s dual pistols, both of which looking similar to revolvers but larger and heavier in design. Both guns are composed of a long, almost rectangular barrel with three slits at the front end of it. On Thunder these slits glow with a fiery orange color, while Lightning as a neon blue glow. The barrel of the gun is a greyish color while the semi-angled grip is black. Instead of a chamber there is a cylindrical device which holds the charge for the gun.

Both weapons fire of a high powered energy which is most effective against organic material, burning into it and damaging it over time. Against inorganic material the guns have little effect, only leaving minor burns on it (against wood it may potentially cause fires). The guns can fire as quickly as a revolver the energy traveling at the same speed of a revolver’s bullet.

Calamity: A gun which looks more like a cannon of sorts, similar in design to a bazooka. It’s a heavy looking gun with a square base and a wide nozzle in which the projectiles are fired from. It has a dark green design with several dials and latches on its sides. There is a digital sight at the front of which allows for more accurate fire. At the butt end there is a circular device which spins when the gun is active.

Calamity is meant for mechanical and heavy targets, those which have high damage thresholds. It can easily tear through a tank’s armor like it was butter and steal can do little to stop the explosive shot from it.  It fires off a high powered explosive laser which leaves smoldering wreckage in its wake. Has the standard range of a rocket launcher.

Flicker: An interesting rifle, one given to her by a traveling gun magus who promised her this rifle would be right up her ally. The rifle has a silvery barrel, though towards the butt end of it there is a cylindrical, translucent crystal chamber inside of which a red and blue lighting can be seen surging through the inner workings of the gun. The butt and shoulder guard of the gun are made from what appears to be wood, though if it really is wood is unknown.

The bullets fire from Flicker are magical in nature, dealing magic damage to targets. While not the magic is not effective against machinery or solid targets the gun seems to be connected to Kit’s will, and for a brief time it can actually phase through a target as if it wasn’t there and then hit whatever is on the other side of it. The magic shots are most efficient against organic targets, but can still damage some weaker metals and concrete. Has the range of a hunting rifle.

Trueshot: A grenade rifle meant for general purpose explosions! A slender gun, a long and smooth barrel with a sight at the front of it. It has a wide nozzle and at its top there is a slot which can be opened and closed. The slot is big enough to fit a whole three grenades! The gun has a blackened design, made of a darker metal, but the butt and shoulder rest are made of a dark wood with a green emblem at the very back. When properly loaded lights on its side will glow red indicating its ready to fire.

The grenade rifle can fire up to three different kinds of grenades! The first kind is an emp based grenade, disabling machines/tech, shutting them down for a brief time. The second is a fragmentation grenade, but in addition to a strong explosion (about the strength of regular, army-grade grenade) the fragments, after a few moments, ignite into a strong blaze. The final type of grenade is a force grenade which doesn’t damage in itself, but rather releases a powerful force which sends things every which way (it can even knock back/over a bus).

Lawbringer: Probably the most basic of her guns. Its long, double barrel has a darkened steel color and along the barrel three blue rings glow around it. Its stock is made from darker wood, glazed over and smooth. Beneath the barrel is small square chamber which holds the energy charge that powers the gun, which, when empty a red light will glow on the side. The gun, overall, is pretty lightweight despite it being as large as a hunting rifle.

The rifle fires a high powered, general-purpose energy that is strong enough to pierce through and destroy concrete and even damage some lower tiered metals. It has enough power to fire off a good forty shots before needing to recharge and has about the same range as a military grade shotgun.

Solo: Kit’s final weapon, a simple combat knife made from a bluish metal that is harder than steel. It has a black hilt with a button the side of the grip. When the button is pressed, the blue blade with glow with an electronic hum. The blade is about a foot long from blade to hilt.

Normally, the blade is just as sharp as a normal military-grade combat knife. However, when activated the blade begins to glow and gains new properties. The blade emits a low hum and is able to cut through materials stronger than steel. Further, the blade acts a sort homing device for her armament drop and, if needed, for the Tribuster Brigade.

Nonlethal Substitutes: For Thunder and Lightning, Lawbringer, and Flicker, Kit has energy packs which are less potent than the usual ammo packs. Getting with these nonlethal substitutes would be about the same as getting hit with a rubber bullet. She will use this against targets that she doesn’t want to kill or seriously injure or in highly populated areas.

Armament Drop: Using Solo Kit is able to call forth a drop pod that contains the remainder of her weapons. She can switch out her weapons for supplies that may be better suited for a drop if she finds that what she has brought is not good enough. It takes about five minutes after the signal is sent for it to land and it cannot breach fortified surfaces. The pod can then be sent back with whatever remains of the guns.

Leaf Pouch: She carries a small pouch of leaves, holding roughly thirty or so leaves. She replenishes these daily, as they are just leaves.

The Minions

Blaise and Leonie

The Fluff

She loves video games, especially shooters.
She secretly loves romance manga.
She doesn’t consider herself a hero and doesn’t try to be one.

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Kit the Gunbuster Empty Re: Kit the Gunbuster

Post by Zonkes August 13th 2020, 6:33 pm


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