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Post by ghost August 9th 2020, 2:00 pm


"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name:
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name:
Blood type:

The Looks


The Personality

The Story

The Powers

Iron Will: She is immune to all types of temptation and can push her body to the point of destruction. Mind over mater, mind over pain, her mind is hers alone. None can control her by any means.

The Weaknesses

The Items

Sword Blade:
Sword Sheath:
Sword Guard:
Oath's Bain:
Spirit Physiology: The wielder can become surrounded by the weapon's spirit. In this case, the spirit of a Chinese dragon. It is 34 meters long, and 4 meters thick. The spirit glows with a white hue and has all of its features, teeth, claws, scales, and beard, though the spirit can only hurt other spirits, it makes the wielder of the sword intangible when present. While in this form the user is able to glide through the air and control a descent if needed.
Dragon Form:

Spiritual Bond: The weapon holds a bond to the users soul which allows the weapon to communicate verbally and emotionally, no one else can hear the words of the sword. For a normal human this connection is overwhelming and the wielder becomes possessed by the dragon's spirit. But for those that can control the dragon the two spirits (wielder and dragon) become symbiotic.

Practically Indestructible: The only way to destroy this weapon is to first, exorcise the dragon spirit. Then, dispose of it how you would any other weapon. But while the sword contains the spirit there is no way to truly destroy it. No amount of heat, cold, water, or time, will melt, dull, or wither its form.

Sharpest thing on earth: The sword, though ancient, has a monomolecular edge able to slice things down to their atomic structure. The effect of the sharpness of this weapon is heavily dependent on the user. The faster and stronger the user the more effective the weapon. E.G. A normal person on the road could maybe slice a cinderblock in half if swung correctly and with significant force, an athlete who is taught in the sword could cut through several layers of steel while swinging the weapon at considerable speeds, a hero with super strength and with skill would be the most effective, he theoretically could literally cut a river in half.

Long Life: The wielder of the sword benefits from the dragon's spirit by gaining an unnaturally long life. From the moment the user picks up the sword they stop aging. When they relinquish the blade, they will continue aging from where they left off.


Spirit Energies: The weapon can be exercised if exposed to an intense blast of spiritual energy. Though, this only releases the spirit to enter a different vessel, the spirit will not be able to attack anything in this transition, and it will leave the blade exposed and ready for destruction.

Separation from Wielder: There is no mystical bond holding the sword in the users hand. It can leave their hand just like any other mundane object. Though, if forcefully separated (Taken or stolen) for more than 24 hours the sword will absorb the users soul, no matter the distance. Within an hour the user will start to feel the fatigue, 5 hours after separation the user will start to become irritable with cold sweats and fever. 10 Hours after separation the user will no longer be able to walk, though still conscious. 20 hours after separation the user falls into a deep coma. Then death at 24 hours.  It is thought that this spirit is devoured by the dragon, giving the blade sustenance for however long it has to go without being used.

Soul Eater: The weapon is powerful, but it doesn't come without cost. The more exposure to the power of the weapon the weaker a person can become. It can be controlled by several hours of meditation a day or medications that mask the fatigue. But if overused the wielder can go mad. The dragon is thought to feed off the subtle spiritual energies of the user, when the user exerts physical energy they also exert spiritual energy. The longer the battle, the more mad a person can become. This effects their rational mind, making them more prone to bursts of rage and instances of overconfidence.  

Magical Barriers: The dragon is a magical creature. Because of the dragon's magical energies (and this dragon's ability to exists in both the spiritual realm and the physical) magical barriers hinder the blades cutting ability. When the blade connects to a magical barrier (designed for defense) all of the dragon's spiritual energy goes to sustaining the sword's form. Striking such a barrier also weakens the user, the dragon eats at the users soul more so after such a strike. If the blade did make contact with the person on the other side of the barrier the sword wouldn't cut, it would be more of a bat strike.

Holy Water: Water blessed by a priest (or other holy person) will not only make the blade dull but nullify all effects of the blade for 10 minutes.

The Minions

The Fluff

Martial Arts Specialist:

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