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How Did I Get Here? (Bliss)

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INV ONLY How Did I Get Here? (Bliss)

Post by Chellizard on July 27th 2020, 12:55 pm

Turning 29 for the fifth year in a row, or was it only the third? Losing count now, she rolled her eyes and used a mascara wand to fix her eye lashes, adjusting them to fan out in a much more aesthetically pleasing fashion. There was a small suction cup noise and then a pop as she dunked the mascara wand back into the tube of makeup. She repeated the motion four times.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.

She finally decided she had enough mascara on her lashes to fight in a war, and still come out looking ready for a photoshoot, so she flicked her bob-styled hair, it fanning out around of her face before she grinned. The smile didn't look or feel right. Disassociating, Naomi remembered that she was not Bliss, but pretending to be Bliss.

She had been Bliss for almost 24 entire hours. It felt bizarre being in her house, using her makeup, and playing with her clothes. But it also felt nice being someone else for a change. Naomi would smooth her hands down over her blouse, making sure the fabric wasn't wrinkled or bunching up awkwardly around of her waist. Feeling her sides, she admired the slim, toned figure that Bliss had. It was actually a well taken care of physique, and even if this were a replication via Naomi's bizarre power set, she appreciated how well taken care of she was. But that was all Naomi could observe. And she was jealous of that. She wanted to manifest more, to know more.

Her ultimate goal would be to take over Tyuki's life eventually. Living lavishly as a rock star, and a world renown hero would be the ideal life. She hated that she was a nobody, but no one would favor a paraplegic psychopath with an ego complex over a literal Angel.

Scoffing, Naomi would look back into the mirror, being met with the tired eyes of Girl ALIVE!'s band manager, and the one person that always made sure Naomi couldn't harm Tyuki.

But, now that Bliss was locked up in the basement, and with enough sedatives to stop an elephant, she was sure that Bliss wouldn't wake up anytime soon.

There was a birthday party starting soon, and it was her's. Well, Bliss' birthday, but her's now.

Another smile crept across her face, and again it felt wrong, but she had to practice more to ensure that it looked genuine. But did Bliss ever smile? Thinking on it, she wasn't sure. She hoped she did around of her friends.

Danny, Tyuki, and a few others were supposed to be coming.

Ashley was Bliss' wife, and she was away on business, and that was the story Naomi would stick to.

The doorbell would ring, the whole house chiming with a soft alert, nothing too jarring or alarming. Slipping her feet into a pair of house slippers, Naomi would wander until she made her way to the front door.

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INV ONLY Re: How Did I Get Here? (Bliss)

Post by Bliss on August 3rd 2020, 1:57 pm

How Did I Get Here? (Bliss) E0e536d1941c3543dec28b45a71c1d2e

Bliss smiles you ho. She just does not do it on command like a show pony. She does it when she accomplishes something, or gets drunk, or a villain gets hurt. Normal stuff. But, Bliss did not do much smiling in the basement. She mostly just drooled and tried to dial for Ashley on an eraser that looked a lot like a phone. She also made sure to use the restroom at appropriate intervals. All normal things. Just like smiling.

Danny was going to show up to the party, but she did not. Because, she did not want to. Because Bliss is mean.

So, Ashley took over. Yes, this is an Ashley episode. Not a lot of those floating about.

Wearing a fun, bouncing black dress with a red ribbon tied around the waist with a bow, Ashley kept her hair pulled back in a messy style with flanking bangs. "Bliss! I'm back early!" A bottle of wine rested under her arm while a bag swayed with her motion. "Happy birthday! I guess no one has started showing up yet. You didn't call everyone and tell them the party was cancelled did you?"

"Where are you?" Ashley set the items down and moved through the living room. "I invited the team, and Tyuki and her band, and Danny, and a few other people. Lil' Bliss is with Ryzo. Uzma might come. I couldn't remember if you were on good terms with her, but I don't actually care, because your reasons for not liking her are petty, so get over it. Oh, maybe Okami? Tengo Okami?"

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