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ANNOUNCEMENT: 07/27/2020 Happy 12 Years!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: 07/27/2020 Happy 12 Years! Empty ANNOUNCEMENT: 07/27/2020 Happy 12 Years!

Post by Chellizard July 27th 2020, 12:35 pm

Good afternoon fellow RPers and dream makers!

We're just now getting through the first half of 2020, and I can't imagine a better community to share this wild world with. The Pandemic definitely looms among us all, and our entire government is letting us down left and right. There's nothing we can do but be the change we want to see in the world, and I heavily believe in all of you.

Let's not get lost in a tangent, though.

Superhero RPG is 12 years old now, as of July 23rd. It's wild to me to think that this community has held it's ground, keeping it's roots deep in the cosmos of the internet. And it's also wild to think that this was just a place for a handful of kids (12 years ago) with just an idea of RPing as superheroes and villains.

I remember SHRP in it's early days. The bad coding job, the mismatched theme, the broken links, the alleged "borrowed" stat system, the almost lawsuit, and the constant struggle with leadership roles. Too many people trying to be in charge, not enough people willing to listen and work together.

But now, here we are. Our 10 year anniversary really was a huge milestone, and I am so amazed that we have gotten to this point of being 12 years old. It's wild to think that it's already been 2 years since that huge achievement was met.

And it wouldn't have been possible without you guys.

You always make it a great atmosphere. Hanging out in discord, the chit chats about random internet culture, and the support we give each other in our tougher times.

Above all, the patience everyone has with each other is astounding. I am proud to be the administrator for a community like ours. It definitely makes me happy.

Now, on to the big events!

Superhero RPG is hosting a character creation contest!

Occult Operators: July-August 2020 Character Creation Contest

The winner will be receiving a fully colored bust/portrait of their winning character. 2nd place will receive a bust in grayscale, and 3rd will receive a bust sketch.

So, good luck to those entering!


Superhero RPG will also be hosting and introducing a new contest soon: the Base of Operations contest! Name pending approval, of course.

The goal being to create the perfect hero hideout, renegade refuge, or villainous lair.

More on that soon, thanks to our resident Forum Moderator: Nate6595.


In conclusion, and not to sound like a broken record, but SHRP is heavily community driven and if it weren't for all of you writing and posting daily, we would not have a place to be.

I'd like to formally and publicly thank my staff team.

Pat for always being fair and just, while also reeling in the big guns and bringing people down to earth.

Zell for playing Devil's advocate and making sure to view both sides of a situation before making a final decision.

Red/Luke for bringing philosophical debate to the table, and weighing options and opinions and keeping people thinking.

Inqy for always bringing a smile to the discord, but also laying down the law moments after.

Zonkes/Lars for everything. You approve the most applications, you make sure members feel welcomed, and you always check in on me, even if I go silent for a few days.

Toshi/Jax for always keeping an optimistic outlook and being there for new users and old, and making sure the peace is kept as well!

Woof for his late night lurking, quick help, and always cheery attitude even when he's had a long day.

And Sebby/Dubloon for always being there and ready, even when he's clearly moderating like 200000 twitch chats all the time. (idk how you do it)

I appreciate you all, and I know it's getting sappy in here, but thank you guys for always sticking with me and SHRP for the long haul. I can't imagine what it would be like without you guys.

Happy RPing,


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