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Blaise the Flamebuster

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Blaise the Flamebuster Empty Blaise the Flamebuster

Post by Nate6595 July 22nd 2020, 4:24 am

Blaise the Flamebuster

"That’s gonna burn!"

The Bio

Real Name: Blaise the Flamebuster
Hero Name: Blaise
Title: Pilot of the Tribuster Gang
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: Mid Hundreds
Gender: Female
Race: Trinistarian
Hair: Dark red braid
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 5’7
Weight: 130lbs
Blood type: Soul Essence

The Looks

A Trinistarian who has bonded with the spirit of an old fox and has since taken after their appearance. Blaise has loose, wavy hair that stretches down to her shoulder blades and holds a crimson color. Atop her head is two crimson colored fox ears, some white tufts at their base. She has bright yellow eyes that almost seem golden in color and usually carry an aura of calm. She’s slender, but holds an athletic build, agile in nature. She’s fair skinned and the only markings that you’d find on her are three lines on each cheek, almost looking like whiskers. Where her back meets her rear there is a crimson fox tail that extends outward, smooth but fluffy in nature. Occasionally, if she is overexerting herself up to four more tails will sprout out. When going all out, her hair and tails will glow blue and potentially ignite in her fox fire.

For attire her armor is crafted using a mixture of leather and cloth, brown in color, but dyed to have hues of red and lined with golden trim. The outfit consists of a blouse that leave her shoulders exposed and stretches down, partially covering a pair of shorts which have been cut high. Her boots are lightweight and stretch up to her knees. She wears two brown gloves which stretch slightly past her wrists. Beneath the gloves and stretching up to right before her elbows are white bandages, carefully wound to cover her skin there. Around her neck she wears a white scarf which never seems to leave her person.

The Personality

A cunning woman, one who is quick witted and even quicker on her feet. She can be playful in nature especially around her sister, to whom she often bickers with. Her playfulness often comes out in small pranks, messing with humans and her friends. She’s also a very curious person, often awe-struck by amazing feats of industry and construction. This curious nature has made her a quick study and rather intelligent, although her personality may fool people into believing she’s not as knowledgeable as she actually is. She has a great love of humans and animals and absolutely despises anyone who tries to crush them or suppress them (including, and mainly, other humans who do this, though she doesn’t consider them to be humans at that point).

The Story

Blaise and her sister were always troublemakers. Even before adoption they were always together, two inseparable friends, although, if you asked the matron she would’ve said the two of them were always at each other’s’ throats. Their mother called their relationship a healthy sibling rivalry. Of course, the two were never meant for the simple lifestyle their mother had hoped for them. They weren’t born to be weavers as she was, they were meant for something a bit more…engaging.

Blaise was the first to find their calling, quite literally bumping into a woman who would become their best friend, one Leonie, leader of the Tribuster Gang. At the time, Leonie was running away from the Law and Blaise, getting the sense of adventure from this, was eager to help in the getaway. Using the powers she had gained from her bonded companion she not only managed to dupe the guards, but also get Leonie a step closer to her overall goal. It was soon after that Blaise and her sister were offered positions in the Tribuster Gang, which they both accepted with a swift word.

Before they knew it, they were both high ranking members of the Tribuster Gang and close, if not best, friends with Leonie. They became her trusted advisors, planners, agents, and friends. The three were a force to be reckoned with, and Blaise…Blaise couldn’t be happier. Not only was she going an incredible adventures, but she was actually helping people. The Tribuster Gang were troublemakers, but they helped their people, protected the lower class, and defied an oppressive law force. It was like out a novel she had stolen from Earth and she was in love with this life.

Then came the war, which, she doesn’t really like recalling. It was a brutal time, one where she nearly lost her sister. She had supported Leonie alongside her sister in the final confrontation against the Trickster God, doing whatever she could to help take him down. While she didn’t feel as though contributed all that much she was still awarded with high praise for defending the city against this great evil.

After all was said and done, with the Prime City now ascending to the heavens above, Blaise felt an even greater need to explore and see the universe. The Prime City had gifted them a vessel, the fastest scouting ship they had, to go off on a new adventure throughout the cosmos. Blaise, being the most learned of the group was promoted to pilot and now with her friends she explores the universe, though…she tends to keep close to earth, gotta stick with the people you love after all.

The Powers

Foxfire-A sort of magic granted to her by the old fox she bonded with. Channeling this magic Blaise is able to conjure forth spiritual flame, fire that burns to blue, to bring harm to her enemies. The fire itself can reach temperatures of up to 2,500 degrees and is effective against humanoid targets. In addition to the fire damage, however, it also deals magical force damage which on its own, if charged, could break iron.

Shapeshift-Blaise has the ability to shapeshift into a few different things, another ability passed on from the fox she bonded with. She can turn into a crimson colored fox with glowing blue eyes, a young female child, an attractive woman in her late twenties, an older woman in her mid-seventies, and into a stone statue of a fox. She retains her fox’s grace while in these states.

Fox’s Grace-She has keen eyes, magnetic field vision, and a quick reaction time. With her eyes she can judge the trajectory of a barrel of a gun and know the best way to avoid getting hit by the bullet, which has made her an excellent dodger for both ranged and melee combat. She also has incredible hearing, able to hear a stone drop up to fifty miles away.  

Burst Blaze-Blaise can turn herself into a refined version of her foxfire, during which time the fire loses its heat and becomes intangible. She can move incredibly fast in this state, reaching speeds of up to mach 15 and can’t be harmed by physical or magical means during this time. She also cannot attack in this state or use any of her other abilities.

The Weaknesses

Mana-Using Foxfire and Burst Blaze both consume a force she knows as mana, to which she is limited on. Overuse of mana will eventually cause her to pass out from physical exhaustion. She restores mana by eating, sleeping, and drinking! Her mana capacity allows her to use her powers at half-power for about two hours, or fully for an hour.

Transformation-While transformed into a human she is unable to use her Foxfire or Burst Blaze and cannot until she shifts back into her normal form (she can cast these while in her fox form). Further, while in these human forms she has three lines on each cheek, like she does in her normal form, which may be a giveaway to it being her. While in her fox form she also only has the durability of fox which means heavy hits can hurt a lot.

Burned Out- With Burst Blaze, she can only turn into fire for a maximum of five seconds, then must wait ten seconds before she casts it again. While she can split and go around objects she cannot go through objects like a wall or a car door. She can compress it to fit through vents, but so long as there is a steady airflow to keep her flames ablaze.

Water- Water can snuff out of Foxfire and even dispel the magical capabilities of it if the flames are extinguished. (Water cannot be used on Burst Blaze).

Psychic Abilities- Blaise’s mind is an open and curious one. This leaves her vulnerable to physic attacks and influence. Psychic attacks can also affect her while she is Burst Blaze.

Ammo and Reloading- Buster Brigade’s guns require heavy shell ammunition which takes time to craft and the ship can only hold about hundred shots at a time. Further, it can only fire off one shot every fifteen seconds, which leaves the enemy ample time to fire back at it. The shells can only be made at specialized shops who have the schematics or in the Prime City.

Lightspeed- While the Buster Brigade can go lightspeed in needs five minutes to build up and charge to that, during this time its cannon cannot fire which leaves them unable to attack back at targets. Lightspeed will also eat up most of the ships power and afterwards can only cruise at half-speed while it recharges.

Forward Shields- Buster Brigade’s shields do instantly restore and will degrade after a series of attacks. Normally it could missile fire, though enough firepower or ammo will break through it, at which point the hull can only take a few shots from a missile.

The Items

Buster Brigade- The beloved ship of Tribuster Gang. It contains twelve rooms including cockpit, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen/dining, gunning station, recreation room (has pool table, pinball machine, and Televsion), escape pod bay, and a storage hanger. The cannon on the ship can fire short range missiles meant for space combat, can travel at a cruising speed of 30,000 mph, and even go lightspeed for distant travels, has defensive shielding, is solar powered, and has wifi. The ship also has four dispatch pods which are used to pick up members of the Tribuster Gang. (To use the ship in a thread is permission based).

Combat Sickle-Blaise carries two sickles that were designed for combat and to withstand her high temperature flames. They can be coated in her Foxfire and used for melee combat.

Kunai-Blaise carries with her twelve Kunai which can also be coated in her Foxfire and thrown at targets. She can normally use her Foxfire to fire off balls of itself, but with the Kunai she can be a bit more precise and can reach further distances.

The Minions

Leonie and Asheli

The Fluff
Her tail is very fluffy.
She is by no means a master with her melee weapons, but she can hold her own with them.
She loves her sisters, but often gets into stupid contests with her.
She goes by the nickname Kit, short Kitsune which some locals have come to know her as.
She’s an ace pilot capable of complicated maneuvers.

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Blaise the Flamebuster Empty Re: Blaise the Flamebuster

Post by Zonkes July 27th 2020, 11:51 pm


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