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A tragedy family

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INV ONLY A tragedy family

Post by Cerek on July 19th 2020, 4:41 pm

A woman in a gold dress runs down a hallway decorated with the art of an elegant European mansion, the lights are out as the rain pours down in thick waves. Tears stream down her face as she moves with a desperate pace leaving her stiletto heels far behind. She turns down one corner and another fleeing something she cant see right now. She's a young girl no more than twenty five with pixie cut back hair, Korean as well. She makes it to the massive front doors of the mansion and pulls hard at the doors, but they dont budge. Tap... tap... tap... The sound of the footsteps slowly descending the stairway behind her, the accompanying sound to the deep drum beat of her heart. A gentle Scottish male voice pierces the darkness as a silhouette of a tall man in a suit becomes visible. "Don't run, there's no where to go where you'll be safe from him... It'll be fast, I'm sorry." The womans eyes go wide as two whispers escape the tiniest muzzle flash from the silhouette of the tall man. Her head hits the wall as her eyes roll back and two holes stream blood. The tall man seemingly melts into the shadows on the ground, one shadow stretches out from below to grab the spent casings.


Cebra is on his farm tending to the chicken coop as a bunch of hens cluck and peck around very comfortable and familiar with the cyborg. He collects some eggs and heads back inside after he's finished choring to have a quick shower and change of clothing from his work stuff. He makes his rounds pretty early dropping off deliveries of farm fresh goods as well as helping out like the handy man he is. It was around twelve before he got to return home and have some time for himself, time usually reserved for monitoring police communications or the news. He had his own network of bugs, informants and other means to monitor crime especially Orion. He was about to turn on the news when his phone rang "Hello?" A man with a heavy French accent and broken English responds with clear stress and urgency "Cebra mon ami ces't toi?(Cebra my friend is that you?) Thank God I reach you. Je besoin ton aide, ces't une grave situation si vous plait vien chez moi (I need your help, it's a serious situation please come see me) I'm in deep shit! L'avion est en route (the plane is en route) please go to the private air strip in Wesely field!" Cebra was kinda stunned at first but new that voice all to well.

Bertrand de Lachamp was a considerably wealthy individual and inventor who retired at the age of 40. Cebra first encountered him when Orion tried to have him assassinated over the release of some tech they had no paten on yet. Cebra ended up saving his life and was rewarded with a few upgrades to his S.E.M target tracking program. He helped Bertrand gain a false identity and escape from Marrakesh to France. Needless to say this man was worth helping despite his douche bag personality. "Ferme ta guel J'arrive, ca parle de quoi? (Shut your mouth I'm coming, what the fuck is this about?) Bertrand fumbles for a second "Pas sur telephone, quand tu arrive on va parle (Not on the phone, when you arrive we will talk). See you soon friend." Click! "I'm not your... sigh." Well time to go to the French countryside it seemed, fortunately Cebra always travelled light and was ready to go quickly. A few tools secreted away and of course his weapon of choice the silenced HAM-r7 a big hand gun with almost no noise. He brought one change of clothing and chose to wear a professional business suit, black tie and all.


The arrival at the Lachamp manor was as gaudy as Cebra expected, apparently laying low didn't compute with this moron. Cebra arrived via Bertrands personal driver in his limo... Cebra was not into this at all, couldn't wait to get out. He was guided around the back entrance past the flower garden and seven layer pool area. Past statues and some real try hard modern art. The guards escorted Cebra up to the top floor where Bertrands office was, the halls looked like they had been decorated by some New York hipster artist. The doors opened and there stood the 43 year old man child with blonde streaks in his thinning hair and jewelry that demanded to be looked at as needy as the owner. "AH! Cebra! merveilleux! Vien ici mon ami (Marvelous! Come here my friend!)" He says before approaching with open arms for a hug. Cebra puts his arm out and stops him right quick with a shake of the head as well. "Eh right I forget you American men are too macho to hug." Cebra deadpans him "You said this was serious, I... Before we go on, you didn't say there would be other company." Cebra says as he spots someone sitting in a large chair with their back turned to him. Bertrand frowns a bit coming to the realization Cebra isn't that friendly with him, but quickly that smirk returns. "Ah yes well I need all the help I can get including this lovely woman who I have hired. The chair turns and Cebra instantly tenses up going from zero to red alert, his fingers already near his weapon are spring loaded like a gunslinger... It was Granger's assassin.
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INV ONLY Re: A tragedy family

Post by Nate6595 on July 27th 2020, 2:36 am

Days before Nine had gotten her new assignment she was in the Northern Mountains of Canada. She was there with a “companion”. A coworker who she had grown fond in her years working for Chimera. He was a bit younger than her, but neither party seemed to mind. He was never much of a flirt which did bother her some, though, but he more than made up for it in a natural charm and intellect that she admired. He knew things about people and the way they acted like no other, and he could provide insight that she’d never even dream of.

Of course, this wasn’t a romantic get away in the mountains. There was rarely time for such pleasantries but getting a joined mission with him was just as good. It was an excuse to see each other and, on the way, back to their central base they would have alone time together. The way there they couldn’t get a moment alone as they had to be debriefed of the mission.

The job itself wasn’t anything too difficult, at least for the two of them. A facility that Chimera had funded had gone rogue and decided that it would keep the product it was making to itself, or…maybe they planned to sell it? Nine hadn’t quite looked into the details of their goals. Her concern, as always, was the targets. The facility wasn’t all that well armed and it’s main defense came from the mountains themselves. It was cold and transport up there was tricky. Aircraft could get lost or thrown off course if the pilot didn’t know what they were doing, roads froze over, and approaching by snowmobile? Well, they had EMps for that. Sure, not part of the mountain, but they thought a lot of it through. That would disable all three methods of getting in. They could use it to get out when they were done, but to get up…

Their approach had been the quiet one. A five day hike up the freezing cold mountain (mixed with some natural heating methods they both were happy to employ) and then frontal assault. Two lone figures in the snow would arouse suspicion for sure, but it’d also make them drop their guard. What could two people do against an entire base after all? One of them only had a sword and the other had a rifle. The combined might surely couldn’t amount to much. Two people against twenty-two men, minor artillery, and fortified walls.

At the end of the hour the base didn’t stand much of a chance and Nine made the call back to base that they were done and were awaiting evac. When it arrived however she was surprised to see that it was not one, but two crafts. When questioned she and her companion, her partner, received an answer they were both dreading. They had guessed it at the sight of the two aircrafts, but they both secretly held out hope that they would be returning together.

Nine was assigned a new job. She was hired by a private investor to do some work. Her companion also had work to do, business down in Mexico. An escort job. Nine, however, had received her usual. Assassination. She wasn’t sure how the individual knew of Chimera or what his ties to organized crime were, but a job was a job and she couldn’t say no. Especially not to Isaac, who had personally asked that she do so. He seemed, at least, a bit understanding of her displeasure and promised that she’d have a week off very soon. And that the week would line up with her companion’s week off.

At least it was something to look forward to.

In the meantime, her and her companioned said their quick goodbyes and got to work. The individual who hired her was one Bertrand, a strange name, but she wasn’t one to judge. She hadn’t received much information and would be briefed there. She also discovered that she wouldn’t be working alone, though she didn’t have the name of the person she’d be working with. In addition, she received an…additional job. Something secret that would have to wait until this job was over. She was used to back up jobs and secret jobs. Kill that, steal this, frame them, make sure to leave a calling card to throw the authorities off the trail, blah blah blah…it was all just work to her. Work that she very much wanted to get over with so that she take that promised vacation.

She was lead through an ugly house that she thought was far from impressive and into an office room where she was told to sit down and wait for her assistant to arrive. Only then would she receive the details of the job. Time had passed slowly, but when the door opened and she turned she could only tilt her head at the man. She knew he recognized her, she could see it in his eyes. Part of her thought that he’d draw a weapon and just fire on her there, but she held out on the hope that he would just go along with it as he seemed to be hired as well.

Of course, an idea passed through her head. She wanted to mess with the man. She didn’t like him and was an emotional machine, why not stir him up a bit? She gave a small tilt of her head as she stared at him, a very genuine look. “Ah, do I know you?” She shook her head, “Probably not. I’m Nine. You’ll be my assistant for this mission. And don't draw, you'll just end up damaging our employer's office.” She stated firmly and business like. She kept a proper tone and attitude, not once hinting at the fact that she did know him and that she was just messing with him. The assistant part was a joke as well, but she wanted to see how much he could mess with him. Assassination was hard work, but she had to have her fun here and there too.
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