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Leonie the Godbuster

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Leonie the Godbuster Empty Leonie the Godbuster

Post by Nate6595 July 18th 2020, 3:35 am


"Villains, heretics, and even gods! I’ll take you all on!"

The Bio

Real Name: Leonie the Godbuster
Hero Name: Leonie
Title: Leader of the Tribuster Gang
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: Somewhere in her mid-hundreds
Gender: Female
Race: Trinistarian
Hair: Fiery Red, Loose French Braid
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’6
Weight: 122lbs
Blood type: Soul Essence

The Looks

Like all Trinistarian her appearance has been slightly altered by the wild beast she has linked with, hers being the wild cat. Her hair is a fiery red color with white tips. It’s a bit wild, but it is done in a loose French braid, occasionally slung over her shoulder. Towards the upper side of her head she has two, long feline-type ears extending upward, which bare the same color as her hair. Her eyes are a light brown color, which usually carry an air of smugness in them. She is slender and lightweight, though not without fair proportions. Extending from the area right above her rear is a slender and usually swaying tail, also carrying that fiery red color.

When it comes the attire some more prudish people would say that she dresses far from appropriately. She wears a pair of loose and breezy black short shorts, which is held up by belt. Her boots are brown in color and stretch above her knees, offering good protection should she need to crouch for long periods of time. She wears a black tank top that leaves her stomach exposed, and over a brown vest with the sleeves cut off. On her hands she wears two brown gloves which stretch up to her elbows. Finally, around her neck is a white scarf that she will occasionally pull up to cover her mouth.

The Personality

Overconfidence and smugness are two attributes constantly ascribed the Leonie. She has a zeal for a combat and proving her might. There is almost an addiction to winning and to glory, though she doesn’t always care how she comes by those attributes. She is, of course, not without compassion and the heart of a hero, wanting to do what’s right for the greater good and, more importantly, her friends. She isn’t someone you’d call…considerate of collateral damage and aware of her words might affect other people. Many would also call her disrespectful and seemingly unbothered by disaster and atrocity. The way she sees it, she’d rather put down the person or thing that caused those outcomes that spend time mourning over something that can’t be saved. Some say, mainly her close friends, that her uncaring nature and demeanor, and her “somewhat” offensive behavior to those afflicted by these disasters is just an act to cover up how she actually feels. While she is a competitive person, enjoying a good contest, she doesn’t care too much about being the best, just someone that gets acknowledgement is good enough for her. She is far from a sore loser. Of course, she is still charismatic in her own way and cunning person, good with improvised plans both for the short and long term.

Her best quality, though, is her loyalty. She will always remain true to those she swears to and would never even think of betraying them. She holds loyalty above everything else.

The Story

Trinistar is, or rather was, a strange planet, one that was connected to Earth and its inhabitants. The life and energy of planets were similar and through a work of early engineering on the Trinistarian behalf they managed to create a device that connected these two worlds and their energies. The Trinistarians found their own internal energy resonating the beasts of Earth, able to connect and bond with their souls, giving this shared energy more defined attributes. Outside of bonding, however, the Trinistarians left Earth and its inhabitants alone, wanting them to grow and develop on their own. Trinistarians were advanced people and influencing the growth of a planet, they felt, would ruin the natural order of things. They could bond with the energies from this planet and observe it from a distance, but that is all.

But where does this leave the story of the Tribuster Gang? Well, in their early years they were what you’d call punks, scoundrels, gangsters.  In the slums of their mighty city they ruled with a strong fist, declaring themselves kings of the backstreets, and the leader of these lords and ladies was the ever-popular Leonie. A sniper who avoided capture at every turn and regardless of how hard the authorities chased they never found purchase. She had a…unique power, even among her other empowered kind. She could use it to break through the strongest of foes and blockades, nothing seemed too powerful for her to take down.

They reigned their minor chaos and instilled their rule (which was actually pretty beneficial to the common folk of the slums as they received food and supplies from her gang) and were unchallenged.

This was, of course, until a war. A war with a god that they, the Trinistarians, had unknowingly wronged. The energy they took and used was a power that could rival that of the God’s, who would later be dubbed as the Trickster God. The planet was swarmed by the Trickster God’s abyssal forces, city after city falling to their dark ways until only one bastion of hope remained. The Prime City, where, of course, Tribuster Gang had always dwelled in. Even while the guards of the city fled back into the upper districts, the Tribuster Gang fought against the abyssal forces and even managed to stem the tide of them.

On the final day, the Trickster God joined the battlefield and there he and Leonie engaged in battle on some nameless street. The Trickster God was thought to be invulnerable, but yet…Leonie never met a foe she couldn’t take down and using her strange power she managed to wound and weaken the God, leaving a permanent scar on his perfect form. Enraged, he was ready to strike her down, but fortune was ever on her side as another unknown faction had finally sprung their plan. The Trickster God was fooled and trapped.

Though the Trickster God was imprisoned, the damage was done. Trinistar was dying, the planet on the verge of collapse. The Prime City, being the last bastion of the Trinistarians, detached from the world and rocketed into space, a floating citadel where their people search for a new planet to call their own. After the war, the Tribuster Gang was forgiven for it’s crimes (not that they cared) and each received their own title Leonie was granted with the title of Godbuster, as the only person who dared to stand against the Trickster God.

A flying city wasn’t for Leonie though. She, and her close friends of the Tribuster Gang, decided to leave their old home and search for a new place to set up shop. Soaring through space they eventually found a place, place that should’ve been, well, obvious from the start. Earth. And there…there, their story will continue on as heroes, as champions, and as scoundrels.

The Powers

Feline Attributes: Leonie, having bonded with a wild cat, has enhanced senses including hearing, balance, keen eyes, night vision, and has high dexterity. She is sly and quiet, able to move quickly without a sound and can even fall about twenty stories without a single broken bone. These senses also make her a quick dodge, even able to dodge bullet fire (provided it’s not too much bullet fire).

Weak Point: Like all Trinistarians when bonding with an animal one’s internal energy changes and refines. Some would call it magic, but it is actually unknown what kind of force it is. Leonie’s energy can be channeled in two ways. She can output a steady stream of energy in her hands, feet, or tail, which, when contact is made with an object, regardless of any kind of resistances, strengths, enhancements, protections, or so forth it will gain what she calls a “weak point”. These weak points can be harmed by any tool or weaponry as if it was being used against a normal person and disable any enhanced healing (the wound will heal at a normal human’s rate). Inanimate objects affiliated with a weak point will be as weak and brittle as drywall.  

Alternatively, the energy she can channel the energy into smaller, more concise shells, which she can then fire from her pistol or rifle. If the bullet hits its mark it won’t do damage to a target, but shot area will gain a weak point.

Areas that afflicted by a weak point, regardless of how small the original attack was, will expand and cover a foot by foot area (if the target is smaller than five inches the afflicted area is smaller).

The Weaknesses

Catnip: Like normal cats, Leonie will be pacified if she gets a whiff of that sweet sweet catnip and while she can still fight her moves will be lethargic and easy enough to dodge.

Cats Hate Water: When completely drenched in water not only do her movements get slower but her feline like balance is thrown off, feats of dexterity becoming all the harder to perform.

Energy Limits: Using her energy for attacks that create weak points is exhausting and draining, while resting does restore her energy, she only can hold enough energy to keep up a constant flow for about twenty-one minutes before she can no longer make weak points. With these energy limits, additionally, she can only make about seven shells that can be fired off (Each shell eating up about three minutes of that twenty-one).

Weak Point Effects: A weak point only remains on a target for about a minute (probably give a few seconds) before it disappears completely. The afflicted area will also glow red, giving those afflicted a good idea of where to keep protected. If a person with enhanced healing is afflicted the damaged area must heal at a rate comparable to a human’s, although, the healing factor can still combat infections and diseases that might afflict the damaged area. (Permission based)

Armored Targets: If a target is wearing armor (natural armor like scales or hardened skin do not apply here) the armor will get afflicted, not the wearer. If she wanted to afflict the wearer with a weak point she’d have to hit an unarmored area or break through the armor then apply the weak point.  

Knife Battery: When her blade is active it consumes battery life, which, upon depletion will just be as strong as a regular combat knife. It has enough battery to last a good two hours. The batteries must be left inactive in the sun for them to recharge.

Ammo: Her rifle and pistol use energy cartridges and they must be switched out when the energy on them is eaten up. The pistol is single shot and must be reloaded after every shot while her rifle can fire off fifteen shots before needing to be reloaded. The energy cells, like her knife, must be left inactive in the sun for them to recharge. Further, because her guns use Trinistarian ammo, there is little to no chance she’ll find ammo for her guns lying around which means when she is out, she is out.

The Items

Plasma Caster: Her beloved rifle which has been with her since her earliest days on the streets. She has put constant work into it, and it showed. The rifle is on par with an earth Sniper, able to hit a target about 800-1000 meters away. The plasma it fires is only a bit stronger than a normal bullet fired from a sniper rifle.

Plasma Pistol: A single shot, heavy damage pistol able to pierce through the armor of a tank. Its meant to be lightweight, but heavy duty, effective at close ranges unlike her sniper rifle.

Searing Knife: A combat knife, or at least similar in design to one. When gripped correctly and the button is held down the blade of the knife will glow a bright blue color and increase in hotness, able to sear through metals as durable as steel as if they were butter.

The Minions

Her best friends Kit and Key!

The Fluff

She is an experienced fighter, both long and short range.
Her overconfidence often leads to her losing fights because she is so sure that it is impossible for her to lose!
She has many catlike tendencies, often which she tries to hide or is embarrassed by.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Leonie the Godbuster Empty Re: Leonie the Godbuster

Post by Nate6595 July 18th 2020, 3:37 am

Kit and Key are gonna be separate heroes that I make in the near future, gonna use apps for them!
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Leonie the Godbuster Empty Re: Leonie the Godbuster

Post by inquisitor July 18th 2020, 9:51 pm

Approved, and moved.
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