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Sprocket Empty Sprocket

Post by Nate6595 July 3rd 2020, 3:58 am

Lyra Rosary

"Don’t worry, I have a cunning plan!"

The Bio

Real Name: Lyra Grace Rosary
Hero Name: Sprocket
Title: The Number One, World’s Greatest, Smartest, and Most Brilliant Inventor, the Bringer of Mechanized Life, The Mighty Zapper, Pummeler of the Greatest of Evils, Surely the Best Daughter of the Rosary Family, and The McBurger Burger Challenge Three Time Winner.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human, British
Hair: Blonde, Single Braid
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’4
Weight: 120 lbs
Blood type: Ab Positive

The Looks

This short and slender girl is one that is hard to miss, despite her size. She always seems to have a sort of energic expression, her blue eyes almost always shining with curiosity. She’s got a fair complexion though it is usually stained with dust and soot, ash, oil smudges, burns, and other mechanical fluids. She keeps her hair back, a single bang swept left and a short braid that stretches down her shoulder blades. She doesn’t really have any discerning marking or scarring (outside of the few burn marks she has). She doesn’t have the strongest physique, though she’s got a fair bit of muscle, mainly from lifting different materials and so forth.

In terms of attire she is a very basic person, wearing baggy cargo pants, a tank top, big workshop gloves, and some easy to slip on boots. She also wears a specialized pair of goggles or smelter’s mask (depending on the kind of work she’s doing). Finally, she has a small ear piece which acts as a communicator between her and her mechanized champions. This also acts as her hero gear as she doesn’t care enough about keeping a secret identity. She very much wants to show the world of how brilliant she is.

The Personality

In many ways, Lyra is a brilliant young woman. She has no sort of gene or mutation which increases her intellect, rather she is just naturally innovative. She is very passionate about inventing and showing the world that she is truly incredible. She has a sort of need for praise, wanting to be someone people consider incredible (this is secretly due to a great deal of self-doubt and criticism). She is always motivated to do better, to improve her skills and ability, trying her best to be someone incredible.

There is an energetic nature to her, excitable, and maybe a bit childish. Many would call her wild and, honestly, a bit of a degenerate.

The Story

The Rosary family is one of great regard and Lyra is only one of seven children. Her brothers and sisters have all gone off and done something incredible, from sports, to scientific innovation, to running businesses, and even a famed musician. They’ve been known in higher society as one of the most renown families. Even the extended family has a good deal of sway and regard, though not as much as the main household.

Lyra, however, is what they call a black sheep. Her wild nature and inventive nature were always a source of embarrassment to her family. She often crashed parties as she tried to demonstrate her inventions. She was often pushed into other areas but she always managed to invent something to try and make whatever they pushed onto her a great deal of easier. The only support she ever had was from her estranged uncle, who the family also labeled as a black sheep.

Through her uncle’s influence did her love of invention grow and flourish. When she learned of her abilities she broke out of her family’s house (at the age of fifteen) and ran to her uncle’s workshop in a small town in upstate Maine. There, she learned how to better use her ability and going as far implementing into her machines and inventions. She earned the praise of her uncle, claiming that she was brilliant, that she was going to be the world’s best inventor, even compared to the metas who had their enhanced intelligence. She believed that her creativity was unmatched and that one day her inventions would change the world.

She craved to do more though. Her inventions only did so much in the small town so…she embarked to a new horizon. She would a hero, despite her family’s further protests (honestly that only drove her more). Using her mechanized champions, she has earned a decent bit of regard, though still has a long way to go until she is a fully fledged hero!

The Powers

Zap!: Lyra can produce a low level shock, about on par to that of a static shock. While it isn’t very powerful in terms of damage output, it contains a great deal of energy which can be used to charge and power any sort of battery or device that can hold a charge. The device not only becomes charged to its maximum, but if she holds the zap the device will have a greater efficiency output. Her Zap can also work in reverse and take the charge out of any object (while draining she cannot be shocked by the object she is draining). She can only use her Zap to drain energy from a limited number of machines. (AKA: Using Zap to drain energy from robotic PCs is permission based).

The Weaknesses

Recharge: Lyra’s Zap doesn’t naturally recharge, no amount of rest of consumption will replenish her energy. In order to regain the ability to use her zap she has to absorb the charge from other devices. Despite the energy can release being more potent in order for her to fully recharge she would only need to take in full charge of a car battery.

The Items

Minor Device: Lyra can craft a great deal of small devices which can hold a bunch of different functions such as flashlights, radios, communicators, trackers, alarms/alarm clocks, clocks, recorders, etc. Combative devices are rare. (To craft a device like one of these is permission based, anything deemed by the other party as not a small device will not be crafted).

Power Gloves: She uses specially designed gloves, each one being able to use a specific gadget (which will be determined at the beginning of threads and cannot be changed mid thread). The enhancements include power zapper, which can emit a powerful electrical shock which at its height can at least knock someone out, a grappling hook which can shoot out to a maximum of fifty feet and be used as a conductor for her Zap (allowing her Zap targets at a range), hacker tool which allows her to hack into computers (still needs to spend time to hack things), or a humanity repair kit which is a small robotic spider device that can pop off of the gauntlet and perform minor to medium medical care to people (broken bones, blood loss, severe cuts or lacerations, cannot perform advanced surgery).
Weaknesses for each include: Power Zapper consumes her own energy and will cause her to run out quicker, grappling hook has limited control and she cannot perform advanced maneuvers with it, hacker tool still requires time to be put into hacking into something and her own hacking skills, and the HRK cannot heal advanced injuries.

Drop Drones: Four drones which carry her three mechanized champions and herself! The drones can only reach a maximum height of eighty feet, a max speed of 70mph, and offer no combative capabilities other than lightly ramming into things (they are lightweight so they would receive more damage than they would deal).

The Minions

The Fluff

Lyra looks up to Rabbit Punch and actually based Pummel’s design off of her.

Lyra has a workshop in Maine and on Vigil Point where she several smaller bots doing maintenance, a charging station for the mechanized champions, and personal batteries for herself to drain to recharge herself.

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Sprocket Empty Re: Sprocket

Post by Silus July 3rd 2020, 1:36 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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