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Post by Nate6595 July 3rd 2020, 3:56 am


"…one shot is all I’ll need for you."

The Bio

Real Name: Flux
Hero: Blast
Title: Mechanized Champion: Smelter
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Robot
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Purple
Height: 6’2
Weight: 180lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Blast’s skin is much like the other mechanized champion’s. It is a light steely color, though sections feel softer, similar to another person’s. She has a more slender and sleek design compared to her companions, thinner arms and legs. Further, unlike her companions, she is decorated in a few tattoos, black bands and triangles along her arms. Her eyes are a deep purple color and glow with life. Her hair is short and unkempt, barely stretching to her neck.

She wears a pair of dark green pants, and a pair of dark brown boots. She wears a slightly lighter (though still dark) green half-cape/military cape which stretches down to her elbows. Under that, she wears a black padded shirt, not that she needs the extra protection. Around her neck she dons a dark red and gold bandana. On her head she wears a green beret with wrench insignia on the left side of it.

The Personality

A quiet and serious one, believing herself to be the most responsible of the three mechanized champions. She understands the importance of her job as a hero and often acts as the leader (when Lyra is giving out commands). She’s analytical, clever, and all around an expert at strategy. Of course, with that said, she’s still capable of taking it easy, enjoying putting her feet up after a long day and just recharging. Of the mechanized champions she is the one who struggles making positive social connections and appealing to people on a personal side. She doesn’t have good charisma to bolster any sort of great popularity.

The Story

Flux was originally built with the intention of giving Lyra’s team some ranged combat. Diesel was strong, but against air-based enemies, speedsters, and enemies at a greater range she struggled. Even Tamper’s shield blast had a limited range and took too much time to charge up. Further…there was some…positioning and approach methods that weren’t all that clever. Lyra could direct to some degree, but nowhere as efficiently as she could.

She’s the only mechanized champion who hasn’t tried to escape in search of some sort of leisure activity. Rather, she has put in forms to request such periods of time, which Lyra only skimmed over and approved. She doesn’t mind her champions embarking upon fun and personality building. If anything, she believes it will only improve their abilities as heroes.

The Powers

Hotshot: From a nozzle that extends from her palm Flux is able to fire off fire powered shots of hot, burning energy. She can control the temperature and power of the shots, making it as powerful as a shot from a railgun or as weak as a shot from a slingshot. She can also fire off a rapid machine gun rate of fire of her energy (at its strongest somewhere in the middle between slingshot and railgun). Usually, if she’s trying to take something down (permanently) she’ll make her shots as powerful as a sniper shot.

Hawk Eye: Unlike her companions Flux was built with enhanced vision, able to see up to 900 meters away (her shots can go about same distance). She also has thermal vision, able to pick up on heat signatures.

High Durability: Flux’s body, like all of the other mechanized champions is made of a highly durable metal, stronger than steel. She is able to take heavy blows, bullet fire, heat, cold, water, and mediumly powerfully explosive attacks. She’s not completely immune to any of the above and continual damage will wear her down eventually.

The Weaknesses

Weak Points: The joints of Flux would be considered her weak points and while it may not damage her overall ability to operate, attacks focused there would limit movement and prevent/slow attacks. Acid, while her metal is slightly resistant to it, will eventually eat through and damage her internal circuitry.

Lyra’s Command: While she does seem to have a free will, she must do as Lyra commands. If Lyra says stop, even if she wants to keep beating something up, she will have to stop.

Charged: Flux, like all the other mechanized champions, has a battery life. If that runs out she is forced to “go to sleep” during which she will not be able to act. She cannot surpass these limits no matter what until she is recharged. Using Beatdown eats up more energy than her normal functionality.

Immense Power: To use her Hotshot at its height, to make it as powerful as a railgun requires about thirty seconds to charge and she only has enough charge to properly fire off three shots without risking shutting down.

Focused: When using her hawk eye she becomes less aware of things in her peripheral and things behind her, completely focusing on what’s right ahead of her, making it easier to do a sneak attack. She can still hear things behind her, only her sight is limited.

Energy Drain: Out of all of her companions Flux consumes the most power and firing off her shots will drain her all the faster. She can fire off a good deal before shutting down, though she is most likely the first of her companions to shut down.

The Items

Built in communicator.

The Fluff

Flux seems to get the most enjoyment out of just lounging and relaxing, often considered the laziest member of the mechanized champions.
She loves flowers.

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Blast Empty Re: Blast

Post by Silus July 3rd 2020, 1:46 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

Blast Lucife10
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