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Dragon Girl 3.0

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Dragon Girl 3.0 Empty Dragon Girl 3.0

Post by The Nekromonga on June 28th 2020, 4:24 am

Dragon Girl

"The Tallest Hero in Asia"

The Bio

Real Name: Ja-eun Yong (westernized as June Yong)
Hero Name: Dragon Girl
Title: The Girl who is also a Dragon
Alignment: NG
Age: 23
Gender: F
Race: Half-Korean Half-Frost Dragon
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray
Height: 7'2" human / 40 ft tip to tail, 90 ft. wingspan as a dragon
Weight: 350 lbs. / 20 tons as a dragon
Blood type: O+

The Looks

It's hard to ignore June. She's a striking, seven feet tall Korean lady. Her career success means she can now wear tailor made designer clothes or whatever else is in fashion. She also wears a red/black out dress article (her etheric cloak of levitation, see below) either a coat or a hoodie.

As Dragon Girl, she wears a sleek shark skin diving suit with some armor pieces. She also has a nice red cloak that glows with gold lattice energy, though the cloak tends to sit out the fights and the water.

June turns into a frost dragon with a coloration similar to great white sharks- dark grey scales and a lighter grey underbelly.

The Personality

June’s earliest memories are of farm collectives and small fisher folk, of playing with other children and catching fish while swimming. As such, June had a fairly normal upbringing, with a Buddhist mother who believed in peace but also self-defense. The period of time where she was Dragon Girl allowed her to become self-aware of her inner rage, and through counseling and meditation soon got things under control.

June is the optimistic hero who fights not to punish evildoers but to protect the innocent. She believes in giving and taking chances, in talking things out, and in having a life outside being a superhero. Indeed she sees herself as a psychologist first and always seeks to understand. This lends well to her role as a protector and team player in human form, and why she utilizes the barrier generator rather than any of the advanced alien weapons.

Of course, her dragon nature simmers just below the surface, and once a fight is joined she finds the fastest way to end it – usually by punching the right face or the right McGuffin. She can sometimes get carried away and can honestly enjoy smashing things that belong to the bad guys. She feels her powers come with a responsibility to use them for the benefit of others. This is only amplified further in her dragon form in the role of destroyer - a whirlwind of destruction that seeks to utterly annihilate the enemy with force the likes of which they will likely never see again.

The Story

Ja-eun Yong was born to North Korean eugenics experiments but as an infant her mother spirited her away to South Korea to be raised as a refugee. June Yong grew up rather poor but loved, eventually becoming the renowned and feared hero Dragon Girl. Renowned for her commitment to good, feared for her dragon rages. But, as time passed and her priorities matured, June would eventually accomplish her studies in the States, becoming a psychologist. She Retired from the hero gig for a scant few years, working with friends to counsel many young metahumans.

Eventually she would come to blows with a massive alien incursion that threatened much of South East Asia; leading some local heroes onto their underwater base. Accounts are muddled as to exactly what they fought, but Dragon Girl and her team was able to escape the collapsing underwater “temple” in an alien craft that only she knew how to operate.  

The aliens were a subversive invading force who used their hyper-advanced technology to appear as benevolent “gods” or “angels” to a civilization and slowly took over by indoctrination. As such, they tend to adapt the aesthetics of their technology to their target planet’s culture.

Upon hearing she became active, Dragon Girl received a call from a special group of heroes, dedicated to the defense of earth from other major threats. She felt it was timely, because of the exchange she had with the "Deep One".

"Subversion has Failed. Earth resistance absolute."

"Damn right it did, and damn right it is."

"Earth is now designated for: Harvesting."

"(Korean Cursing)"

The Powers

Super strength: Dragon Girl is super strong; flipping over tanks, choking out dragons, punching giant mechs in half, ripping off a demon’s arm and beating him to death with the soggy end. A battleship would struggle to pull away from Dragon Girl holding the anchor. In her hands, almost anything is a weapon, as she can penetrate through a concrete wall with a fastball. Even her finger nails could cut through steel.

Dragon scales: Dragon Girl’s skin is super tough, and she’s a reputation for being even tougher than being strong. Bottom of the Ocean? A pleasant dip. A shark tried to bite her once; it lost all its teeth. Superheated plasma to the face? A Mild sunburn. Minigun firing depleted uranium shells? Metal shower. Pickle jars? She can open them with two fingers! A giant purple alien hitting her with a cosmic gauntlet? Okay, that one hurt a lot.

Scent Dragon Girl has enhanced scent, capable of tracking a week old trail or even a drop of blood in an Olympic sized pool. You can run, but you can’t hide!

Aquatic: Dragon Girl is perfectly adapted to aquatic environments, having gills.

Flying (Dragon Form only):Dragon Girl has natural winged flight.

Dragon’s breath (Dragon Form only): Dragon Girl has a freezing breath.

(1st Advancement) Voluntary Transformation: Having mastered her draconic nature, Dragon Girl can transform into a dragon at will.

(2nd Advancement) Dragon Fear: In human form, Dragon Girl projects this fear more subtly onto a few she interacts with, looming large and cowing a small gathering by herself, like prey that had been discovered by a predator. This makes strangers uncomfortable around her and weaker enemies more likely to flee.

In her transformed form, the roar of a dragon is the roar of an apex predator that instills fear in all lesser living things. This primordial psychic ability instantly triggers the flight response in those who hear it, but those who see the dragon instead freeze, overwhelmed by fear.

Does not affect powerful lifeforms such as titans, gods, demi-gods, higher form angels, higher form demons, advanced aliens, higher form giants, undead, robots. All others are permission based.

“It’s an intimidation display. Like a Tiger showing its teeth.”

“Well, I want Dragon Girl to know I am thoroughly intimidated.”

(3th Advancement) Bladescale: In dragon form only, Dragon Girl's scales take on a new level of PAIN. Resembling the dermal denticle of sharks, her scales are swept back miniature blades. Any attacker in melee will cut themselves painfully upon attacking the dragon, likely losing fingers, while solid melee weapons are irreparably damaged (magical weapons are less likely affected but still suffer visible scratches). In addition, June can easily cut through solid objects that try to impede her like cables or debris. On the utility side, the streamline on the scales makes her an even more adept swimmer.

(4th Advancement) Electroreception: The ability to sense the faintest electromagnetic fields. Like a shark, Dragon Girl can now detect the earth's (or any planet's) electromagnetic fields, allowing her to orient herself without special equipment. She can also detect most electronic devices (their presence only), and even the bio-electricity of living things when their muscles move. Thus she can discern basic information about any living thing within 100 feet of her, so long as it is not in a completely enclosed space (she can track someone in a large warehouse or a maze but not through a bunker). Size, weight, gender and how much movement they are engaging in.

(8th Advancement) Technomancy: Due to her exposure to a psychic alien device, June has developed an incredibly instinctive understanding of technological hardware, giving her immense skill in creating, operating, maintaining and developing technologies, including the alien devices she possesses. In addition, she can choose to remotely control and command one machine even where it would have been impossible to do so- make a car start its engine and go, make a turret shoot its allies, even make a blender make some smoothies.

The Weaknesses

Smell Overload: Dragon Girl is susceptible to smell or scent based weapons like tear gas or pepper spray.

Very hard skin Dragon Girl’s skin, nails and hair are impervious to conventional medical instruments or scans. When her epidermal parts get snagged in things, the thing does not usually survive. She has to use liquid nitrogen and diamond cutters to get through a haircut! If she is hurt, her friends better get creative in how to help her.

Walking calamity: With her denticle scales, it is extremely difficult to not damage anything as a dragon. Even being grazed by dragon June is likely to slice up someone's car, house or face.

Not that invulnerable needs food (copious amounts of it), water (for drinking) and air / water (breathing). Dragon Girl requires external assistance in other environments.

Winged Flight Needs an atmosphere and obeys most rules for giant flying reptiles. Basically, this makes her dragon form as graceful as a flying elephant.

Transformation sequence Transforming into a dragon is not instantaneous. The transformation sequence is a small time window where Dragon Girl is unable to defend herself or do anything else.

Indiscriminate Dragon breaththere’s no setting on dragon’s breath. It’s a cataclysmic blast of pressurized subzero temperature liquid that affects everything caught in its path.

Dragon's breath needs water DG gets one use of her breath weapon upon transforming. Subsequent uses requires about... 200 gallons of water, or a small water tank.

The Items

(5th Advancement) Heraldric Armor: This is an alien suit of armor taken from the alien Herald, a public figure of the alien incursion. Less armor and more an adaptive environment suit that uses a regenerating alien alloy and force field technology to create a suit that lets DG operate in environments she normally cannot (vacuum of space, alien planets, the underworld, etc). The suit can even adapt to her dragon form by covering just her head. Also provides telescoping vision, and go from transparent to opaque to deal with intense lighting. Its appearance is customizable, and Dragon Girl programmed it to look like a full body diving suit with her gold dragon logo on her chest.

(6th Advancement) Etheric Cloak of levitation: This rich red cloak is a personal gravity manipulation device that grants personal flight, with a speed limit of atmospheric terminal velocity. The cloak resembles a flexible alien solar panel lattice that can self-repair, change shape (into other clothing articles, like a hoodie) or go stiff. It has a limited A.I. that avoids the problem of cape snagging. It is even capable of flying on its own and can evacuate its wearer or another person to safety. No combat ability.

(7th Advancement) Barrier Device: An energy shield generator that projects a large defensive shield in one direction, about 15 feet wide and 10 feet high. Has a finite capacity, and the localized gravitic effect reduces June to a slow walk. Others who try to use it would be crushed under the weight of gravitic backlash. Deflects attacks from only one direction.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Dragon Girl 3.0 Empty Re: Dragon Girl 3.0

Post by inquisitor on July 4th 2020, 10:43 pm

Re-approved and moved.
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