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Imdor Grovoton

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Imdor Grovoton  Empty Imdor Grovoton

Post by ghost on June 26th 2020, 6:26 pm

Imdor Grovoton

"The most disturbing thing I can think of? Well, that has to be humanity..."

The Bio

Real Name: Imdor Grovoton
Villain Name: Mr. Madness
Title: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 400 +
Gender: Varies / Usually Male
Race: Alien
Hair: Varies
Eyes: Varies
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Blood type: Alien

The Looks

Other Phases:
Phase I
A monstrosity.  When he first came into reality he appeared as a blob, a clump of flesh, then he gathered himself into many globs. Soon, he was a large bulbus creature of human stuffs. As he absorbed the people around him he repurposed the flesh he took in, most of it clung to him in odd ways, whole arms and legs sticking out from the sides, hair growing in patches all over his huge body, eyes floating around in different places. It was a mess. Blood pumped through thick veins in his body, they had high ridges every few centimeters like windpipes. He moved around the ground, using his body like a snake or forcing the hands of his pray to work for him. He couldn't help but use tentacles for arms, they were so useful in the environment. He had a large opening in part of his body full of the teeth of his pray, all repurposed for his own use, they made up the sides of the large circular hole.

Phase II
He learned how to use his body slowly, maybe 5 days or so, hiding out in the sewer or the dark allies of the city. Watching the humans move around, he tried to learn to balance, it was one of the most difficult things. Talking was a whole different ball game for him, sure he had a larynx and a windpipe, but to make intelligible things come out? Some of his bulbous flesh had started to make an actual humanoid body, but his limbs were still longer than they should be, and some of them weren't even made of arms, instead he had a large tentacle. This tentacle isn't like an octopus, more like a bunch of fingers, legs, heads, and hair all bunched into pieces of large veins or hollowed out bones. He had to really pay attention to make sure he didn't make noise when he moved, all of the bones seemed to click when they hit each other.

Phase III
Finally, he started to look mostly human. About 8 days into the transformation he was getting the hang of placing his skin and bones in the right places. He had to condense his bones even more to keep the shape, but it was working for him. He was also learning that keeping his bones condensed made him stronger than the normal person. Anyway, he liked green eyes, so he used them. His teeth were the most perfect of the ones he had gathered. His hair was long and black, but he kept it up in a pony tail; he just saw someone and thought it looked cool. His height was a reasonable 6 foot. His weight... well, that was the problem still. He kept having to drag around a large bag of flesh on his back, and his head was still too big. One of his arms had to be fixed, he mistakenly used a femur instead of a humorous bone, common mistake, he assured himself.  

Phase IV
Ahhh.. finally perfection. His hair, and height are the same in his phase II, but he was finally able to absorb all of the flesh he had consumed. His weight didn't correspond to how he looked, he had to weigh over 400lbs, but he didn't look over 190. He had to watch his figure now, didn't wanna start looking like a monster or anything. He had a slim muscular figure. No balls of flesh hanging off him, you know, other than the ones in-between his legs.. and those. His hands and feet were normal sizes and he put the femur with the others. He had two glorious green eyes in-between his normally sized, though maybe a little thin, nose. His ears were a normal size, about 2.5 inches long, perfectly average. His shoulders were broad, whoever he stole them from was sure to be missing em.

The Personality

Narcissistic, angry, and profoundly ambitious. These were the three major personality traits that floated to the surface of his creation, they were the strongest emotions at the time. He would have thought fear was in there somewhere, but the drive to survive greatly outweighed it. Though he has many forms, he mostly enjoys the male form of humanity, this tends to be the more dominant of the species. He has an urge to be at the top of the things he does. He doesn't like to look monstrous, in fact he appalls it, so nasty and unpolite. His species prior to humanity was very neat and tidy, very specific in what they did, he tries to uphold those ideals, why? He couldn't really tell you. He enjoyed things that were clean, smooth, elegant, or symmetric. But he had to admit, asymmetry has its fair share of beauty.  

Imdor can be violent at times. If people stand between him and his goal he will cut down the people like a pile of weeds. But he isn't openly hostile all the time. He puts up with them. He understands it's their social structure he will have to climb, one way or anther, to rid the planet of the species. Maybe he will find someone he actually cares for, maybe not. Though, he could just absorb them and spew them out later, but will they still be them? Eh, he is more of the, act now, deal with the consequences later kind of person. But in the same breath, he tries to plan the more important things out. Though, these things usually aren't years in advance, more like months or weeks.

The Story

When the Object was found:

"We just caught it. Bringing it in." Astronaut Neel said as he worked the controls on the American space craft.
"Good." The other man said, "We get both of them?"
"It looks like it. One screwdriver and another unidentified item. It could be a piece of that old chines satellite that blew up a while ago." Neel said as he finished the job. The long arm of the shuttle pulled in the items caught in their net, folding in on each other. The top of the ship closed up as soon as they were locked down. After the room was pressurized the astronauts were able to retrieve the items and began to examine them.
"What is that?" Neel held the unknown object. It was about the size of a football. "Those look like electrical nodes." he pointed at two large metal tubes that protrude from either end of the thing. "Think we can uh, hook it up?" The man had a sly look on his face.
"No. We take it back to earth and let them do it." The other said sternly.
"But, come one. Who knows what this thing is!"
"Exactly! Let them find out."
"After we give it to them... you know we'll never see it again." The other man let out an audible sigh. "Please. what's the worst that can happen?"
Taking the piece to the lab part of the ship he set the item down on a metallic table that folded out of the wall. After they looked at it more closely they could see intricate detail in the metal. Some of it looked sheered or broken off, as if what he was looking at was only a smaller bit of a whole. The two prongs were an inch in length and not much wider than the man's thumb. He took two clamps that looked like they belonged in a car shop and clamped them on.
As soon as electricity pulsed through the object green lights shown behind its metal exterior, they shined right through it as if the chrome was glass, it cast odd shadows on the wall even though there was nothing in the lights way, it had to be by design.
"Ahh" Neel said as he grabbed his head. "I just got a real bad."
"hmmah… yeah.. headache." The other astronaut reached to unplug the object but before he could Neel lashed out at him. Pushing him and bashing yelling at him in a gibberish kind of language. The other started to answer in gibberish, as if he could understand everything Neel had said and disagreed strongly. Pushing led to punching, and soon the other astronaut was sprawled out the floor head caved in. It didn't seem to solve Neel's anger issue. He continued to punch the objects around him, smashed monitor screens then he planted his head into the wall of the ship. Continuing to hit the wall till he was passed out on the ground.
The lights of the item still flashed about the room. If there were ears to hear they would have picked up a dull hum that got louder and louder as time went on. Soon, large arches of lighting shot out of it, at first they were random, hitting the walls, the ground, and ceiling. But once the lighting struck one of the bodies, they began to focus on them. The bodies began to be torn apart by the strikes. Blood, bone, and other fluids began to cover the floor. As time went on everything started to move, as if on its own, piling upon each other. Squishing and condensing into one, a large pile of flesh was starting to grow, tentacles even emerged. It started to move around the ship grabbing onto things randomly and pulling, punching, or slamming into everything. Eventually the humming noise from the object stopped. The lights stopped to flash. And there was a calm.

Years before life on Earth sprang up, Vectin III was at their peak technologically. Hologram technology had just been invented and they were working on their first integrated mind system. One of the scientist had a dream, that one day every Vectian would be able to use the program for recreation or learning, or even to live there, in a simulated reality. The world would be perfect, a place in which the mind could be free to explore without death and without war. It took many years till it was perfected but they did it. They created an artificial world. Soon, it was mandated that every new born child must be uploaded into the matrix. By this time, Vectin III was undergoing major atmospheric changes, winters were growing longer and colder, summers were the hottest in history, fires burned down entire cities. They had to leave their planet before nature tore them apart. So, everyone left their physical bodies, and uploaded into a digital matrix the called Vectin IV. Then launched this matrix into space aboard an arch, a large spacecraft able to sustain their new world indefinitely.

All good things must come to an end. After millions of years of safety, a rouge asteroid struck the arch, braking it into thousands of pieces. Power went out and life ended for all on board. A single shard of that world was gathered by astronauts and, after being hooked up to power once more, the emergency systems activated; they were set into place so that if anything bad happened the people would be ejected from the world, placed into hollow bodies within the arch, where they would live till the matrix was fixed. But when activated inside a spacecraft, with a broken system... When the people in the matrix were ejected, all of them were spewed out together, it was like a Vectian blender with the lid off. Each of their thoughts and personalities shot out of the matrix in arches of electricity. With no bodies to enter it grasped at any biological material around and poured the lifeforce of the Vectian's into it.

Supercharged, the blob of biological material began to grow. It would undergo several phases before it took on a humanoid form and think clear and concise thoughts. Why the machine caused the astronauts to go crazy and kill one another still puzzles Imdor. Sometimes he shrugs and thinks it is because of the weak human mind. He tries to focus his mind on how to gain power, how to further his race, after all, he is the last of his spices. He likes to call himself, 'the ambassador'. He has big plans for Earth, after resurrecting his people, he plans to terraform her to look more like Vectin III. With his new found powers he would be able to spearhead the entire process. He liked that... He liked that a lot.

The Powers

Biological Absorption: It has the ability to absorb any biological substance, he ticks them away into parts of his body, uses other bones to strengthen himself, and other things he just takes the proteins and vitamins for sustenance. He can absorb almost anything biological, though if it's bigger than a human he will start to clump up and look like a monster, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. After he absorbs something he learns how to form that thing; for example, if I absorb bob, he could look exactly like bob later. If he absorbed a Ficus he would be able to recreate the same thing, and make it look exactly the same, if he had the right materials that is. This also goes for memories, because he absorbs the entirety of the brain, its chemical and physical make up, he can remember what they knew prior to their death.

Biological manipulation: He can manipulate and repurpose the things that he absorbs and even make things that live. In this way he is able to create all types of plants, and even bugs or animals. He can repurpose insects he absorbs to carry a toxin specific to what he wants (To Be Apped). He is also able to shift and rearrange his body at will, almost like shapeshifting, though it has to be something he has absorbed before. This can be from a specific persons eyes, to a great Oak tree.

Metahuman Intelligence: He is made of many brains, over a billion. He is the sum of his alien species, well, a fragment of it anyway. The piece of his home world that broke off only held about two billion, but those minds were those of scientists, biologists, physicist, and psychologists. Many of the greatest minds on his planet were spewed out and condensed into one. Though, only the strongest of personality survived, it is able to remember most, if not all, of the lives that he makes up. Therefor, he is also able to pull from those experiences and use them.

Regeneration: He can regenerate quickly. Normal, life-threatening injures, can be healed within minutes. Normal wounds, if they even be seen, heal up almost as quickly as they appear. This is because of the combination of his ability to control his complete biology and all of the females it has absorbed. Using their life giving organs to rapidly grow the things he needs. He was rather surprised at all of this, his species never had the ability to regrow limbs or heal before. He looked forward to getting his moneys worth out off the skill. He doesn't seem to have to think about it either, regeneration will happen to him, whether he likes it or not.

Durability: Because of the many people he has absorbed, he is able to create and use muscles people would have never thought about. His bones can withstand most metals head on, and when they are repurposed as weapons... well, trucks should watch out. He would be able to cleave through most vault doors if he wanted to, but that just isn't classy. He can take a pretty good beating though. It will take more than a semi truck to flatten this cupcake!

The Weaknesses

The Sound: The same noise that was pulsing off the fragment of his home world during his creation would be able to confuse and disorient him into even loosing his shape and focus. If exposed for prolonged times (more than 3 posts) he would revert back to his Phase I state.

Shifting:  Changing shape is cool and all, but it is when he is at his weakest. If the parts of him that are shifting are targeted and hit it could severally hurt him. This doesn't really count if the thing that is targeted is only bone, such as a sword made of condensed bones.

You ate Fluffy! Pets, rather, any animals, avoid him  actively. He isn't sure what it is, he always thought animals looked up to confident people, but for some reason they don't like him. If he walks in front of a pet store, or tries to hide when there are watch dogs, yeah, good luck!  

Fire: Fire just hurts! It's hot, it makes everything sticky and burns flesh far too fast. When he tries to heal it slows everything down and makes him more vulnerable. He tries to stay way from open flames, or just has someone else work the bunsen burner.

Psychic Attacks: Because of the many minds that he is made of he is extremely vulnerable to psychic attacks. He could become an entirely different person if the specific psychic knew what they were targeting. At the least he would start to lose himself, shifting this way and that... and that could hurt.

Uranium 253: Because of its density and radioactivity if Imdor is exposed to, even small amounts of the material, it could neutralize his healing factor and prevent any shifting from being able to take place.

Pain: Just because he can heal quickly doesn't mean he doesn't feel pain. When he is cut, it still hurts, when he looses a limb, it still hurts like hell, and if he is blown up? Well, I don't think I have to say, its going to hurt. This also goes for memories, if it is soon after absorbing someone and a painful memory is sparked, maybe by something he sees, smells, hears, whatever it is, it will cause Imdor the same pain.

The Items

The Sword: Though, not really an item, it is more so an actual extension of his body. He can form a very sharp and durable sword from the condensed bones that he is made of. It usually forms in his palm and grows outward, but it could appear anywhere on his body. This weapon cant be pried from him, it is imbedded with deep roots. If it were to leave his body it would shrivel up and die, imagine a sword sized dried raisin, but not as yummy. The sword can grow rapidly, in the mater of seconds. It can be from a foot, to six feet long, and is usually only an inch or so wide. The sword can cut through most metals with ease, things that are diamond or diamond plated would be more difficult.
Weapon Weaknesses :

1. If someone were to strike where the sword was being formed fast enough it would prevent the sword from being grown for one post.
2. The presence of uranium makes it impossible for him to grow his sword.
3. If can be cut from his body. If this happens it will prevent him from growing a new one for 3 posts.

The Minions

[To Be Apped]

The Fluff

Class: Imdor considers himself a high-class individual. He can be snotty at times, refuse low quality drinks or gifts.

Animals: He actually loves animals and it saddens him a bit when he can't touch or play with them. For the oddest reason animals just avoid him, bark loudly when he is by, and scratch and bite him when he reaches out to pet them.

A Monster: He knows that he isn't really human, or even Vectian for that matter, he is something else. It's kind of hard for him to embrace that, the thought that he is a monster, he tries not to think about it. But he also can see the advantages of being this monster. He may abhor his existence at times, but it is necessary for the survival of his race.

Character Arch Notes:

1. He wants to recreate Vectin III on earth.
2. Funding the operations by taking the personality of rich individuals. He may find this difficult to sustain and resort to just killing them and taking their money for himself.
3. After creating the first terraforming module he finds that he is still unable to create specific creatures that were on Vectin III. He needs the correct tissues and organics.
4. He begins building a space craft able to reach the destroyed Arch of his home world. Only there will he be able to find Vectin tissues and plants. Hopefully even animals.

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Imdor Grovoton  Empty Re: Imdor Grovoton

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