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(WIP) Kinman Ormari

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(WIP) Kinman Ormari Empty (WIP) Kinman Ormari

Post by ghost on June 24th 2020, 6:21 pm


"Fly high, fly low, the bird follows the pray."

The Bio

Real Name: Kinman Ormari
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: The Hand, Magistrate
Title: Cardinal, His eminence, Grand Master of the Low Sparrow, Grand Magician Kinmen.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 200 years +
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 170lbs
Blood type: O pos
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

The Looks

When in character of the Cardinal he usually wears his normal priest clothing, this may be a robe or a suit comprised of all black with his normal white collar.

When taking on his role as The Hand, he wears an all black robe, white gloves, around his neck hangs the sparrow's medallion (though, you cant see it), and his eyes begin to glow a hue of gold and red.


The Personality

The Story

The Powers

The Weaknesses

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

A Wheel of Magic:
A delicate balance is needed to practice the magical arts.
The blending of realities, the ability to move and flux energies within realities, the ability to change how things work in the natural world by forcing one's will on the subject matter.
Skill and finesse are needed to operate such things, some can go their whole life without achieving the most simple of magical rights.

High Sparrow:
A group of magicians that started to gather over two hundred years ago. They decided power must stay in check and used their abilities to even the playing field between ordinary folk and the people high in government. Some strode to the top of the government themselves, others put limitations into place, being sure they didn't fall into temptation and greed. Soon, the majority of the group found themselves in a seat of power, CEOs, businessmen, leaders, priests, and governors. The leaders now find themselves conducting magicical rite that will grant them long life and increase their power. Corruption is a weed not easily killed. After they realized they had became what they were fighting many left the group, never to practice magic again, others began groups of their own, the most notable of which would be the Low Sparrow.

Low Sparrow:
One of the many splinter groups from the High Sparrow the Low Sparrow sought to look after the people ordinary people of the world. Claiming the mantel the High Sparrow had dropped, today the group is on the brank of war. Factions have formed against one another. Some wanting to use their power for themselves, others adhering to a strict code of conduct. The corruption is minimal, but still present. Much of what the Low Sparrow does is for humanities sake, creating wells in Africa, feeding the hungry, protecting people from the evil of the High Sparrow and other magical forces. Some think the war within is too great, that they can't hold a front against evil itself and war inside themselves.

The Seals:
A seal is can be given or taken. Given by one that holds the seal, or taken by killing the one that holds it. If the death happens, the seal can not be rejected. If it were to be 'rejected' in mysterious magical way, it could cause a nexus to form in space time, summoning the elemental of the seal itself. Some have sought to kill such things for a prize, but few have achieved. If one were to achieve this feat, another creature would take its place. The Wardens watch over us

Heat, Cold, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth

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