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Kunoichi Empty Kunoichi

Post by The Nekromonga June 19th 2020, 11:13 pm


"Smoke and Mirrors."

The Bio

Real Name: Arashi Inagaki Sugimoto
Renegade Name: Kunoichi
Title: The Storm of Shadows
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 25
Gender: F
Race: Japanese-American
Hair: gray white
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Arashi is a tall and robust asian american woman with pale gray eyes and ashen white hair. But How Arashi looks in day-to-day depends on who she is being- perhaps she's the newest IG socialite, perhaps she's a street performer, or perhaps a simple worker at a local coffee shop or diner. As Kunoichi, she wears mundane street clothes- as her Mask of Many faces allows her to change her appearance at will.

The Personality

Arashi looks out for herself and keeps a low profile. Being a master illusionist helps. Arashi was raised a princess and likes her finery, but exposure to pop culture, especially Jpop and later Kpop means she has that side to her as well. Arashi is wary of her clan’s agents trying to find her, and thus has a few alternative personas to hide in plain sight. These personalities essentially let her explore the lives she could only look at from her studies or her computer.

Arashi feels immense guilt over having done nothing to save Date (Dah – teh) during their wedding. It was her duty to obey her family, but it was also her great shame. She wants to set things right, but knows she is now a renegade from all Clans- for disloyalty is a terrible crime.

The Story

Arashi is a shadow master from the Spider Ninja Clan based in New Jersey, one of the hidden ninja clans now based in America. Arashi Kage to her clan, or “The Storm of Shadows”.

The American Ninja clans moved to America from Japan when the geo-political and metahuman climate began to favor America as the global power. Thus, in the decades after the Second World War, the clans slowly migrated their operations to the west, creating secret enclaves where they would become the thieves, spies, saboteurs and assassins of a new world order. As each of the clans followed their own agendas rather than act as a unified force, clan warfare was not uncommon when rival agents encountered each other in the field.

Thus treaties, alliances, ceasefires, pacts and a myriad of agreements are constantly forged, and marriage is one of the accepted methods of achieving them. Arashi was the eldest daughter of the Spider Clan, and was arranged to marry the prince of the east coast clan, the Wasp Clan. She had many reservations, in part due to her western upbringing, but Arashi found the prince of the Wasp to be a pleasant and agreeable fellow, and found the prospect of marrying into the Wasp Clan tolerable. But what she did not predict was that her Clan used her own wedding as a ploy to launch a surprise attack on the Wasp, killing everyone at the wedding and seizing power of the East Coast.

Unable or unwilling to obey her Clan’s wish to have Arashi execute her fiancé, she fled the wedding and vanished, using her mastery of the Clan’s arts to evade capture and blend into the metahuman community – resurfacing as the mysterious mercenary and thief, ‘Shinobi’.

The Powers

Shadow shuriken – the wizard conjures a magical shuriken that, when thrown, is capable of cutting through steel and flesh alike.

Betrayal of Shadow – The wizard entangles a person or object by having shadowy arms emerge from their own shadow, immobilizing them for a moment. If it is a person, it is as if their own shadow was now trying to restrain them.

Smoke and mirrors – Teleports a short distance within line of sight.

(Concentration) Vanish – The wizard seemingly dissolves into black smoke, but in fact has become invisible.

(Concentration) Shadow clone – harnessing the very shadows themselves, this spell creates up an illusory copy of the wizard or a person that can be mentally directed to perform anything she can think of.

(Concentration) Hallucination – creates a static illusion of an object or a place, the details the wizard can change at a whim.

The Weaknesses

Concentration – some spells that are ongoing effects require concentration and thus the wizard cannot use other concentration spells.

Verbal – magical spells require incantations and thus the wizard must be able to speak.

Somatic – magical spells require at least one free hand to perform intricate hand movements.

Weaknesses per spell:

Shadow shuriken – aside from supernatural cutting power, the shuriken follow the same limits of thrown projectiles – generally straight trajectory, limited range, area of cutting, and can be intercepted or deflected. They dissolve into nothing after striking one object or person.

Betrayal by shadow – The shadow conjuration is only as strong as the original but for only a few seconds, quickly weakening and fading away. Direct light source burns away the entanglement immediately. Will not work on creatures that have no shadow.

Invisibility – the wizard is only invisible, but can be heard, smelt, leaves tracks. This requires concentration.
Smoke and mirrors – teleportation is not instantaneous. It requires a couple of seconds; so a speedster or an armed opponent can react. Shadows envelope the wizard and shadows materialize at the destination, giving away the wizard’s intent.

Shadow Clone – the decoy has no physical properties (intangible, no weight, no sound, and no smell) and is an entirely visual construct. The shadow clone winks out of existence if the wizard loses line of sight to it. This requires concentration.

Hallucination – the object or place can be no larger than a large room or a city bus. The shadow illusion is partly solid but, if interacted with intently, it dissolves into a puff of smoke, requiring magic to repair. Changing any details of the illusion requires some shadowy smoke that coalesces into the new object or detail. This requires concentration.

The Items

Cyber ninja gear – this high tech hand and foot wear look like stylish modern accessories, but they facilitate the ability to adhere to vertical surfaces or even upside down.
Weakness – due to concerns of weight distribution, the user must use both hands and feet to move. Once can hang upside down with two hands or two feet, but if only one appendage is adhering to a surface then the gear fails... and the user falls.

Mask of many faces – this rather mundane looking bandana mask with a grinning teeth pattern has been enchanted to allow the wearer to assume a totally new appearance.
Weakness – the disguise, being magical in nature, does not hold up to physical scrutiny. Touching the illusion causes it to ‘peel away’, like some goop that vaporizes after a few seconds. The disguise does not come with any objects of props.

The Minions

Kage– a raven familiar made of magical shadow. From afar looks like any other raven, but is capable of understanding and speaking English. Arashi can transfer her senses to see and hear what Kage can see.

Sense transference: when seeing through Kage, Arashi cannot use her own senses, rendering her defenseless.
Takes a while to come back: the ritual to create Kage takes a while to perform, and if destroyed Arashi cannot summon him again unless the story takes a day long break.

The Fluff

Martial arts - has some rudimentary training in traditional martial arts - Tai Jutsu, Aiki Jutsu, weapons training -  above normal humans, but will lose out to dedicated fighters.

Ninja Training - training in deception, infiltration, stealth, forgery and theatrics and other mundane arts to mislead and deceive others.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Kunoichi Empty Re: Kunoichi

Post by inquisitor June 21st 2020, 12:03 am

Approved and moved.
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Kunoichi Empty Re: Kunoichi

Post by Chellizard February 12th 2022, 7:58 pm

Trashed upon request.

All pending threads with XP forfeited.

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Kunoichi Empty Re: Kunoichi

Post by Sponsored content

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