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William Cassidy

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William Cassidy Empty William Cassidy

Post by Siege June 16th 2020, 6:28 am

William Cassidy

"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: William Cassidy
Hero Name: N/A
Title: Master of the Demon Fist
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Short cut, Dark brown,
Eyes: Light brown, almost hazel eyes
Height: 6'0
Weight: 205 lbs.
Blood type: o+

The Looks

William is at first glance not a physically intimidating person by any means, choosing to wear baggy plain hoodies and pants to conceal his otherwise impressive physique. His kind hazel eyes, young features, and his constant smile paint an entirely different picture from the reality of what William is capable of.

By choice he has no real hero attire, simply whatever he is wearing at the time he runs into a fight is his attire. His face and body is almost always covered in some type of bandages or wraps from fights he has been in, and his arms and legs are permanently etched with scars from his brutal training.

The Personality

William is a headstrong, stubborn who almost never change his mind once it is set on a goal or idea. This was instilled in him from a very young age by his martial artist father who taught him that good people have to believe they are right, or else they can be corrupted. When his father died This lesson stuck with him into adulthood, creating the ruthlessly unwavering martial arts hero he is today.  Beyond this , William is extremely immature with a dark sense of humor he carries with him in battle. Often mocking opponents into going all out against him or attacking them psychologically with his jokes. But don't let his laid back attitude fool you, the worst thing for enemy of his is when he stops joking and becomes terrifyingly driven and focused on destroying anyone in his way.

The Story

William was born to his American father and Irish mother who raised him in Texas for most of his young life. His father was an accomplished, world famous martial artist who made a fortune around the world demonstrating his impressive techniques and skills to stadiums of people. His mother on the other hand, stayed home and raised William while his father traveled. Because of his father never being home, William grew distant from him and bonded closely to his mother. From the earliest age he can remember William trained in martial arts to imitate his famous father, which caused him to stick out among his friends for being extremely muscular and athletic for his age. When William graduated from high school, he took to the road with his father to become apart of his martial arts show. For two years they traveled the world together developing a bond they missed while William was a child. Until one day while performing a show overseas, residents of a small village found and pleaded for William and his father to help protect their people from raiders that had terrorized them for months. Knowing there was very little he could likely due to help protect the village William's father went anyways, ordering William to stay behind in case anything happened to him. William's father successfully defended the village from the raiders but was soon after hunted down by a larger party and killed outside of the hotel where him and William were staying. Completely devastated by this, William abandoned his father's show he was intended to inherit and left his mother with all of his father's fortune. It was after watching his father be gunned down for protecting the innocent he realized there was no repercussions for being truly evil, only good people suffered. But he was determined to change that...... So with nothing to his name he traveled the world in search of the one true greatest martial artist who would teach him the way of strength. Eventually after a long grueling year William ended up in China where he was turned away by every temple and dojo who saw nothing but revenge in his heart. That was until he met Yang Ling, a man very similar to himself who had been banished from his own temple for practicing thy're ways out of hatred. Yang Ling saw much of himself in William and agreed to take him under his wing and train him in the martial art he had created himself to utilize the true strength within a person, The art of the Demon Fist. So William trained under Yang Ling for 5 long grueling years, where he learned that Yang Ling had been enacting justice by his own hand across China for years  and had accrued an insurmountable wealth within his own temple from his accolades. After training for five years and acceding even Yang Ling in the way of the Demon Fist, it can time for the ceremony of remembrance. Yang Ling believed that there should only ever be one master of the demon fist alive at a time due to how powerful one could become with it, so he created the ceremony of remembrance where the current master and his disciple fight to the death to determine who will continue on as the master. William defeated his master in combat and vowed in yang Ling and his father's name that he would dedicate his life to destroying evil wherever in the world he found it.  With the inherited wealth of Yang Ling's temple and true power at his disposal, William traveled back to the states where he landed in Los Angeles to begin his crusade.
The Powers

Chi Control: The fundamental purpose of Demon Fist is to learn to control the natural energy of the body and use one's own anger to strengthen and manipulate it for a variety of purposes.

Demon Striking: Chi is focused into either the arms of legs of the user to enhance the strength and durability of their strikes to the point of being able to destroy concrete with ease. This requires concentration but can be done almost instantaneously.

Demon Rush: Chi is circulated through the muscles of the body rapidly, granting the user to move at speeds most humans are incapable of.

Demon Iron Body: Chi is concentrated in the body like an iron wall allowing the user to take blunt attacks that would otherwise incapacitate any normal person.
The Weaknesses

1. Despite all of his training William is still only human and can be hurt by anything that would otherwise hurt a normal person. (Bullets, bladed weapons, explosions, etc...)

2.When William's concentration is broken or he becomes overwhelmed, his Chi control becomes almost useless until he is able to refocus himself.

3. Accessing the demon fist chi control takes 10 years off of the lifespan of the user as part of a blood contract in exchange for it's powerful abilities.

4. William is deathly afraid of heights due to his father forcing him to climb tall trees and sleep in as part of his training as a child. This left him with a crippling fear of heights he carries with him today.

The RP Sample

William had waited for this day for 5 long years, but it had finally arrived. He stood within the temple's training room from which all of the equipment had been removed, across from him stood his master." I want you to know I take no pride in what is about to happen my boy."

"I know Master..... Please let's begin.".

Yang Ling removed his robe revealing a lean muscular physique, one far too impressive for a man of Yang Ling's age. William removed his own robe and began bouncing through a series of stretches all while never breaking eye contact with his master. William then took his stance, a wide base with two fists readied at mid level. Ying Lang took a similar stance in a much lower crouched position, the air between the two fighters grew calm and still. William blinked for a fraction of a moment but in that time Ying Lang closed the gap between them and unleashed a barrage of kicks and punches all with precise targets. William was caught off guard but his master had gotten slower in their years together and William had only gotten all that much quicker.  He checked and deflected every attack with relative ease, only receiving one well placed strike to the chest that reverberated throughout his body.

William stepped back to regather distance from the deceptively powerful old man. In that span of mere seconds , hundreds of strikes were thrown and blocked by the two of them. A cold wind blew through the open door of the training room and in that moment William took his turn to attack. He charged his master with ferocious speed and feinted a leg kick while delivering a bone shattering uppercut to his opponent's jaw. Ying Lang rattled from the blow but recovered almost instantly and pressed William with a series of consecutive high kicks. William ducked and dodged each kick perfectly and countered with a head kick of his own that sent his master flying across the floor. Ying Lang jumped to his feet with the speed of a man much younger than himself, the two centered themselves on each other and again charged in for another clash.....

How Long has it been? My mind feels as though we've been fighting for hours but my body feels like we been at this for days......

The master and student had been locked in battle for fourteen hours of uninterrupted violence. This a level of endurance only two masters of demon fist were capable of, any ordinary fighter would have collapsed or more likely died hours ago. William was covered head to toe in both his and his master's blood, he had several bruises across his body and face that ached from the cold night air. Ying Lang however was in far worse shape....... He had broken his arm and most likely fractured his leg long ago. The old man could hardly stand but still held his own yet. The concrete beneath them was cracked and shattered from where their attacks had missed their marks, and an entire wall of the training room had been collapsed in from one of them being launched through it.

They both knew this was the end for one of them....... Ying Lang raised his fists and again charged William with a diminished effort. I am sorry my friend......"DEMON PALM!!!". With one palm strike to the chest William felt his master's sternum shatter under the blow. Yin Lang collapsed to the ground for the final time.

William knelled by his dying master."My boy..... The world is full of evils that go unchallenged. I made the mistake of not doing more in my time, I spent too much of my youth greedy and selfish. Don't make the same mistake. You can save them........". Ying Lang drew his final breath as the life left his eyes.

"Yes master.... I will purge the world of those that would harm the innocent. For you, for my father, for everyone. I'll carry the title of Demon Fist Master as you would have wanted."........

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William Cassidy Empty Re: William Cassidy

Post by Chellizard June 16th 2020, 4:40 pm

All your weaknesses are almost the exact same, minus the base fact of "normal means can harm him."

I'm unsure if this is done, however, and won't review further until you've stated it's finished.

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William Cassidy Empty Re: William Cassidy

Post by Siege June 17th 2020, 4:48 am

Hi! hopefully my changes fixed the issue with the weaknesses if not I can change them again. But it is finished now.

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