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Announcement: 06/07/2020

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Announcement: 06/07/2020 Empty Announcement: 06/07/2020

Post by Chellizard June 7th 2020, 10:48 am

Good morning everyone!

Today is a beautiful Sunday morning, and I'm here to tell you a few things!

First off, our monthly character contest is wrapping up from the month of May. The theme revolved around creating a set of rivals with another partner, thus creating two character applications to submit for review. Good luck to those participants!!

Moving on, we also held a short double XP event during the same month, between the dates of May 20th, 2020 until May 31st 2020. This means any posts made during these set dates are considered worth double XP. Staff will double check your threads if your XP sheets suddenly have high amounts of XP.

Lastly, most of the staff on SHRP are very busy irl - not to mention the fact that the world is facing a Pandemic - numbers have gone down in the press, but we are seeing more and more positive tests where I live - and I highly encourage those that can, please stay home. Don't go out unless you have to. Please practice optimal hygiene. Shower, wash hands, brush teeth, yadda yadda. I'm not your mother, but I'm happy to be your internet mom.

SHRP is a community lead site that would be nowhere without it's member base. We are a collective group of nerds that just like to write stories, and talk about video games. If only the whole world were as laid back and put their frustrations into writing like we did.

Either way, I'd like to mention that SHRP stands with the movements of our world in the year 2020. Yes, I'm talking in real life - not in canon.

To be blunt, Black Lives Matter. That's that. End it. Be anti-racist. I don't wanna hear anyone hating on it, and if you feel you cannot be a part of our community because of that - ha! good riddance!!!

It is also Pride month, and to honor both in the same light, our banner will remain in grayscale with supportive rainbow text to silently show our support of both movements.

Basic human rights shouldn't have to be fought for - but here we are.


Moving on!

If your character application has been sitting, collecting dust, waiting for approval from a staff member we definitely recommend that you join our discord server! It's located on the left hand side of the forum as a widget. You can click "connect" to join and speak with other members of the forum in with a much faster response time.

Especially staff. We respond to you much faster if you tag us on discord.

Happy RPing. (:

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Announcement: 06/07/2020 JiLqjv0
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