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White Fire

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White Fire  Empty White Fire

Post by The Nekromonga June 7th 2020, 1:23 am


"The fire... girl"

The Bio

Real Name: Soo-yeon Choi, later Stephanie Choi
Renegade Name: White Fire
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 19
Gender: F
Race: Asian; mix of North Korean and Polynesian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown but illuminates yellow before and while using her power
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 101 lbs.
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Stephanie Choi is an unassuming Asian girl of below average height and build, having been malnourished growing up. She appears weak and vulnerable  but this is an act; she can instantly shift into a terrifying and confident creature with grace and poise, or perhaps a mild mannered student, or a ditzy valley girl who has no idea what's going on.

As White Fire, Stephanie wears a pure white ensemble robe with dark brown leather accents, and a bodyarmor chest piece painted white. A stylized golden flame is emblazoned on the center, while her face is covered by a smooth featureless white mask with eye slits and breathing holes. "Something that just screams self-righteousness."

The Personality

Her father, Major Gas was a man who admired the ancient Spartan civilization, especially its darker aspects, and as such reared Stephanie according to their lifestyle. She was taken from her mother and began military training at 7, her power over fire manifesting roughly at the same time. Her training came at the courtesy of former Soviet Spy masters, imported to mold this cream of the crop.

Every class – be it combat, technology or social manipulation, had rewards for the top student, and she fought tooth and nail for every perfect grade. It didn’t matter how to get it, as long as one didn’t get caught.  As a result of being underfed, beaten, constantly fighting, having to steal clothes and food, Stephanie quickly became a ruthless survivor. The result was a perfect soldier for the secret police, but a terrible sociopath in the rest of the world.

Now outside of North Korea, Stephanie is poor to trust, slow to earn friends or allies, and sees laws as a challenge. “It’s not illegal if you’re not caught.” She sees non metahumans as 'helots', as lesser creatures fit to perform menial labor or serve her whims. While she grew up in Spartan conditions, she has always desired the opulent taste of the Dear leader, seeking to enrich herself “as compensation” for her awful upbringing.

The Story

In highly controlled authoritarian regimes, metahumans may be seen as freaks, outcasts, or weapons. North Korea has a prodigious metahuman military program, to the point of breeding the bloodlines. And the director of their program is the infamous Major Kim Yon “Gas” Choi. Major Gas as he is known is a sadistic scientific genius, having artificially granted himself regenerative abilities to better withstand the chemical gases that were his namesake.

Gas is also infamous for kidnapping metahumans from vulnerable parts around the porous and unpoliced islands of Southeast Asia. At some point in his career he came across a tribe of natural Pyromancers – and promptly had significant numbers of the population seized. The adults were experimented on, while the children indoctrinated. Gas also took a “wife” from the tribals, Busarkham; the daughter of the tribal chief publicly showing how she had become “civilized” thanks to the generosity of North Korea. Privately, she was more a broodmare and a favored experiment, and her submission to Gas allowed her tribe a relatively humane treatment under the regime.

From this union Soo-yeoun Choi, was born. Soo was raised by her father as any deranged megalomaniacal authoritarian state scientist would- to be ruthless and ambitious. Soo had her father’s mind and her mother’s pyromancy, and from there was raised to become a member of the state’s secret police, becoming a full-fledged officer by the age of 15. Her youth and immense deceptive skills made her an excellent spy and watcher, manipulating and rooting out enemies within and outside the country. The daughter of Major Gas, the White Fire of Agonizing Death, was feared by everyone.

It was only when she was told to turn on her fellow secret police – her friends no less – that she realized just how little she was valued. Her friend had defected to the South and the punishment was the death of her entire family that tried to escape. She had expected resistance, but found only her friend’s parents, frail grandparents, and their infant sibling. Soo hesitated; how would their leader be glorified at the death of this infant? Her fellow officers sensed this moment of weakness in Soo, and quickly seized the opportunity to slay the babe. That was when Soo realized something was very, very wrong.

The ship had been crossing the ocean on its way to America. When it arrived under the cover of midnight at a remote Alaskan post, it was nothing but a burnt out hull, skeletons littering the deck, no survivors to be found. A month later, the large Korean-American community in San Francisco had registered the defectors as political refugees, while a new vigilante was making her mark in the city – Stephanie Choi, aka, White Fire.

The Powers

Pyrokinesis: Generate Fire

This describes the ability to generate high pressure, white hot flame in a variety of forms. It can be a concentrated beam out to 30 feet, or a cone out to 15, or even a fakeout blast at point blank range. The power of her fire allows her to have increased penetration and precision over area damage. This also covers mundane uses, such as thumb lighter. Her preferred outlets are her hands and feet, but fire breathing is not out of the question – it just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Pyrokinesis: Fire Manipulation

The active ability to control existing fires, whether increasing their intensity or putting them out. This also extends to the defensive ability to disperse fire attacks directed at Stephanie, making her immune to fire attacks and environmental fires as long as she is aware of them.

Pyrokinesis: Fire Constructs

Combining Fire generation and manipulation, Steph can generate large controlled conflagrations. Examples include A wall of fire, roughly a foot thick and up to thirty feet wide and ten feet high; or a circular wall of flame roughly twenty feet in diameter, or a flaming tornado that sends out heat and energy. The forms can vary according to Stephanie's imagination, but the affected area is usually roughly the same- about fifty square feet at most.

Thermokinesis: Add/Remove Heat from Object

The ability to add or remove heat from an object, having a variety of applications. A piece of metal could be heated to the point of being used to cauterize wounds. A pot of water could be heated to make a nice jasmine tea. Food could be reheated. Most plastics will just melt. This also allows Stephanie to regulate her internal temperature even around different parts of her body. This has limitations of course; she has no hope of surviving falling into lava.

Thermokinesis: Infrared vision
This is the ability to ‘see’ heat and have an instinctive measurement of a person, object or environment’s temperature. Works when her eyes are closed.

The Weaknesses

No real fire immunity
Stephanie can be hurt or killed by fire as easily as any human being. She just has to be restricted from using her powers.

Power comes from breathing, not from muscle. If unable to inhale and exhale clean air into her lungs, Stephanie cannot utilize pyrokinesis powers. Thus if she walked into a burning building and inhaled smoke, she would find the power to control fire very difficult. If Stephanie is short on breath, she generates weaker fire.

Steph can only maintain one fire 'construct' at a time.

Thermokinesis is touch based.

Ambient Temperature
Thermokinesis can only drain heat until the object reaches the surrounding air temperature. She cannot bring objects to cold or freezing temperatures.

Small frame
Stephanie is quick, but her small frame makes her even more susceptible to physical damage or things that would displace her.

The Fluff

Secret Police: A wide variety of training dedicated to surveillance, computers, tactics and other methods of gathering information. Stephanie is highly skilled at gathering information.

Martial artist: Stephanie Trained in the military versions of Taekwondo, Taekyon and Hapkido. Combined with miniature pyrokinetically assistant boosts, Stephanie is exceptionally quick and agile, though she uses the martial arts mostly for movement and defense. She knows she is at a serious disadvantage due to her weight and small frame.

Ballerina: Those soviet spy instructors love to make ballerinas out of female agents. Stephanie is a fully fledged ballerina.

Acting: Stephanie is a trained actor, capable of subtly changing body language, voice, tone and overall behavior to convince others of somthing.

Lie detector: Minute changes in a person’s internal temperature, combined with years of training, allows Stephanie to tell when a person is lying.

Liar: Control of her own body language and training allows Stephanie to be a consummate liar, able to overcome polygraph tests.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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White Fire  Empty Re: White Fire

Post by inquisitor June 7th 2020, 10:32 am

Approved and moved.
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