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May Lee/Tigerlily

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Contest May Lee/Tigerlily

Post by Nate6595 May 30th 2020, 6:12 pm

May Lee

"The greater circumference of a foe the greater impact they shall endure."

The Bio

Real Name: May Lee
Hero Name: Tigerlily
Title: Psychic Breaker
Alignment:Lawful Good
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Long, raven black, almost blue in color
Eyes: Orange
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 132 lbs
Blood type: O negative

The Looks

May, at least on the day to day, is an average looking girl. She’s a bit on the paler side, though nowhere near looking sickly or in need of the sun. Her cheeks have a few freckles, nothing over the top or all covering, but a few that might be considered by some “cute”. Her hair is long, a raven black color to it, almost blueish? Perhaps a dark purple? A strange color, but it was natural. Her eyes, oddly enough, are an orangish color which carry a faint glow when using her abilities. Of course, before her eyes many would notice the simple pair of glasses on her face, square rims.

For height and weight, she’s about average. She’s not particularly strong looking, though she does some exercise to keep in shape. Besides her freckles there doesn’t seem to be much in terms of distinguishing marks. Many would assume she’s just a pretty, unassuming college student, at least first glance.

When it comes to being a hero, however, her appearance and attire are altered. Her hero attire is rather simple, but what she considers stylish, especially for a hero. Her outfit is composed of a dark orange unitard with a white trim, two large (some would say oversized) white gloves with padded knuckles, white and orange boots, and an orange visor which covers her eyes. Additionally, her hair and eyes switch colors, her hair becoming a vibrant glowing orange and her eyes a dark blue which carry a faint glow to them.

The Personality

There are plenty of ways people could describe May. The most common trait would have to be, though, hardworking. Ever since she was adopted May has been determined to make a place for herself in the world. She has worked hard to cultivate a knowledge of the sciences, earning scholarships at many high ranking colleges. She tries to act fair and reasonably, knowing that because she has been blessed with powers that she has a reasonability to use them for the good of the world and help whoever she can. She is a kind person, though she can have a short patience for people who are particularly dumb or rude.

Despite being a hero she is still determined to pursue her studies, wanting a proper education. Eventually her goal is to be a benefit to the human race, both with and without the mask.

The Story

May’s early childhood was…rough for a turn of phrase. Her father was never in the picture and her mother had died before she could form any sort of memory of her. Her mother had been an avid user of, well, illegal substances and while giving birth suffered some complications. If there was one light of May’s life it was her twin sister, June. Both were raised in an orphanage and spent a great deal of time together. They had an amazingly positive relationship. May came to rely on her, she considered June to be her best friend. At least in the early days.

Their paths, at least for a time, were not meant to be the same. June was solely adopted into one family while May was adopted into another. In the early years with her foster family May struggled, but came to accept it. Her foster family, while poor, was quite kind and did what they could for May. She loved them and followed their values of working hard to make a place for themselves in the world. Of course, she did her best to keep in touch with her beloved sister, sending her letters whenever she could.

In school she began to accel, spending many sleepless nights studying and doing different jobs to help support her family. It was a struggle, but a struggle she was happy to embark upon. She liked to think it built character and she still found ways to have fun and relax, usually with reading or gardening.

Despite her hard work and devotedness her life would be thrown a curve ball. On the night of her sixteenth birthday she felt a strange tingling sensation course through her body. A strange ability manifested inside of her and with a wave of her hand she sent everything in her room flying back.

It took some time for her to properly understand what had rightly happened. She didn’t quite consider herself a meta, rather someone with a unique set of abilities. It didn’t seem genetic as in something inside of her DNA, but something mental? Psychic force? She couldn’t be sure. Its capabilities, at least in the early stages of training and testing, seemed to be more offensive in nature. It wasn’t traditional psychic ability like what someone would expect from the movies, she couldn’t read minds or control people. Instead, she could do damage to things, send pulses of force out, or lock them in place for a few moments.

The question was, what to do with these powers? Her parents didn’t know of her powers, but growing up they taught her about responsibility. She had these powers and that in itself meant that she had to be responsible with them. Use them for the good of people.

Determined, at the age of eighteen, May embarked upon becoming a hero, one who would stand up for what was right and upholding the laws of the land. She, being young, has a lot of work to do and has had many struggles on her path. Constantly, or so it seems, she is pursued by a villain who is set on making her heroing career as hard as it can be. The Indigo Rose. Another psychic who’s powers seemed more defensive in nature, but has twisted it for villainy. Time and time again the two seem to be at ends, always facing off of each other, yet neither outdoing the other. May has spent years trying to find out who this strange villain is, trying to thwart them. In all this time she has yet to understand Rose’s motives and what drives this villain to assault her.

Despite her work as a hero, May is still determined to pursue a college education, wanting to be improve the world both while wearing and not wearing a mask.

The Powers

Mind Flay-Focusing her psychic abilities she can mentally assault up to five people, afflicting them with what starts as a headache and proceeds to get worse. Over the course of a few minutes it becomes a migraine, then after a few more minutes the pain is further increased. After thirty minutes of continued assault those without resistances to psychic abilities will usually subscome and fall unconscious. She can only target people within a sixty foot radius.

Emit Force-By far May’s favorite and most utilized ability. May is able to emit a powerful force which can knock back targets and propel things away from her. So far, the heaviest thing she has been able to knock was an entire eighteen wheeler which was thrown a good thirty feet away from her. Further, emitting force through her feet, and balancing herself by emitting force through different sections of her body, May can make herself float and actually fly up in the air. The highest she has managed to ascend is about...a hundred and fifty feet or so. She can propel herself at speeds up to forty mph (she can go, at max, sixty mph, but at that speed she has trouble navigating and controlling herself).

Stasis Shock-Through a physical touch May is able to “freeze” something in place, putting the target in a form of stasis where they are unable to move for brief period of time. The initial touch feels similar to a taser’s shock. Objects can be frozen midair and be held there for a short duration of time. The target afflicted by this stasis effect can still breath and use their other senses, rather they are just physically restrained.

Telekinesis-A basic power, one of the first she learned. Within a thirty foot radius around her May is able to levitate objects and move them about that space. While she doesn’t need to move things particularly fast, the fastest her ability allows her to move objects is about the average speed of a baseball pitch. Further, she can only levitate things equal to how much she could physically lift something (150 lbs). She can levitate any number of objects so long as the weight doesn’t surpass 150 lbs, give or take.

Gemini-An ability she does not yet know she possess. Little does she know, but with her rival, with Rose, she can fuse forms and create a new being, Gemini. Gemini possesses all of the abilities that May and Rose possess and their power is doubled. The mind becomes a shared space which can be...complicated to control, but should be able to work together surely they would be force to be reckoned with.

The Weaknesses

Good for the Soul, Bad for the Brain-Alcohol, while a fun drink it is often problematic to May. When she is drunk her power is significantly weakened, her abilities have a shorter range, they become erratic, and the time she can perform them is greatly shortened.

Time Locked-Locking something in stasis is a straining task and she can only manage to lock three objects at a time. If she locks one object she can keep it frozen for fifteen seconds, two objects for ten seconds, and three for five seconds. When objects are frozen they lose any momentum they had.

Physically and Mentally Taxing-All of her psychic abilities tax her to some degree. Overuse of abilities like mind flay and stasis shock cause her to mentally tired and will eventually cause her to lose focus and potentially pass out. Use of emitting force and telekinesis causes her to physically tire which eventually can cause her body to give out on her, collapsing to the ground. Excessive use of both will cause her to lose consciousness.

Mental Force-For telekinesis May can only lift things up to 150lbs. Further weight is too much and at most she can only barely shake it. If weight is added to an object and it exceeds 150lbs the object will descend downward. Further excessive lifting at the max weight will cause her to tire out quicker, it’d be like weightlifting your maximum consistently over a course of time. For force emission, lifting herself is quite taxing, especially if she is consistently going 40mph. She can manage flight at this speed for about two hours before needing a good thirty to forty minute break without risking physical overexertion.

Gemini-For May, at least, fusing with Rose is an incredibly straining job. To maintain Gemini takes all of May’s concentration and at most she can only keep it together for about ten minutes (give or take a few seconds). After this five minutes she is forced out and for an entire twenty-four hour period she is barely able to use any of her abilities, only at their very weakest state. (Can’t fly, can only barely push over some lightweight loose material like a mug, her mind flay only slightly irritates, can only levitate things up to twenty lbs, and only lock one thing for one second).

The Items

Custom Suit-May’s suit was custom made by her and usually has it somewhere tightly folded or hidden, the suit can be compressed into a tube that snuggle fit inside of a handbag. The suit isn’t made of any protective material, it is solely for aesthetic and to keep her real identity secret.

Visor Interface-Her orange visor is essentially a cellphone. It can check the web, get phone calls, and take pictures! It needs service to make calls and check the web, so protected areas and areas with low coverage make it difficult to access such things.

Medkit-A basic medkit that has the essentials for treating wounds as severe as a broken bone. Includes disinfectant. She would not be able to perform a surgery with the material in here (and she wouldn’t even know where to begin).

The Fluff

Above all of her abilities May considers her smarts to be her strongest feature.

Despite their distance May considers June to be her best friend and person she can rely on. Despite this, May has not told June of her abilities.

May has not told a single person of her abilities or of her identity.

May believes through consistent work that her abilities will improve and by extension her reputation as a hero.

May, despite the stress of it, does quite enjoy being a hero and could herself doing it for the long term, she doesn’t consider her powers to be a burden, rather a gift.

May has strong values in hardwork and in family.

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