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The Indigo Rose (Contest)

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Contest The Indigo Rose (Contest)

Post by Chellizard May 30th 2020, 6:10 pm

June Lee

"The Indigo Rose"

The Bio

Real Name: June Lee
Villain Name: The Indigo Rose
Title: Psionic Siren
Alignment:Lawful Evil
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Long, raven black, almost blue in color
Eyes: Indigo
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Blood type: O negative

The Looks

With sharp features and an alluring atmosphere around of her, June definitely turns heads. She has strong features, accompanied by exceptionally well placed freckles dancing across the bridge of her nose. Taking a closer look, some would say that June is average for her appearance, but her air of confidence completely changes that.

Sable hair cascades down her back, stopping just shy where her hips begin to curve into her thighs. As the sun hits her hair, some would even say it appears blue. She has long, powerful legs that make her seem taller, especially in photos. Her choice of dress style is usually modest at best. She's typically seen wearing long, skin tight pants, and long sleeved shirts to match. Nothing too over the top.

Behind the literal mask, June is a totally different person. She wears a blank, full face mask with only cut outs for her eyes. The mask is forever smiling, it's porcelain features ghostly in comparison to her own complexion. A cat suit makes up her attire, giving her plenty of lee-way to move around freely. While appearing as The Indigo Rose, June's eyes will become a shocking orange, her hair becoming an even brighter shade of cerulean.
The Personality

June is akin to a chameleon. Her personality shifts and changes like the breeze on a summer day. It shifts so easily to appease the crowd she is faced with, her ultimate goal being to blend in as much as possible. Normal society has no clue that such a woman would exist among them. With a broken psyche, only her personal, amoral code of ethics is what keeps her from committing homicide on a daily basis.

Deep down behind it all is a scared girl that craves acceptance and recognition for the good she does. However, her version of good doesn't necessarily line up with other folk's version.

The Story

Many tales intertwine, but some are destined to come crashing into one another.

Born on an early winter morning was a girl and her twin, to a mother that made bad choices, and a father that had exited the picture before they were even a flutter in their mother's womb. Annamarie Lee was her name, and she was a beaten and abused woman that craved one thing: spark. The drug of choice on the streets at the time, meant to enhance a meta-humans powers, and a total rush to those without a gift. It was most definitely not FDA approved for legal consumption.

Adoption was easy, but the two girls would be split at a crucial times in their lives. Both were young, adolescent and full of hope and wonder. They had begged to be adopted to the same house, but the family that picked May had only wanted one daughter. They didn't want June. May was prettier, by far, her eyes so exotic in comparison to June's boring, blue eyes.

The circumstances for June were not the same as May, adoption falling through with multiple families, but it was her fault. She was a brat, and she did it to herself. She was just stubborn and wanted nothing more than to be with her sister again. So, she decided to make the best option that she could. Hunker down, live quietly, and accept that life isn't going to give her the means to make lemonade - at least not yet.

Her adolescent years were spent in and out of differing clubs and extracurricular activities. Her favorite was kick boxing. Anything to do with her legs, she was good at it. She was lithe, and because she wasn't too tall, her center of gravity was lower, settling around her hips, making her legs that much more powerful.

It was a gorgeous autumn day, the leaves turning all shades of orange. This time of year made her think of May most of all, the orange leaves bringing a smile to June's face. She was seventeen with no real purpose or direction, and that meant she was a target for another man's aggressions. No one could have a normal walk in the park anymore.

She felt him grab her, a hand snaking up her shirt, the other clasping around of her mouth. She remembered trying to scream, but nothing came out. She felt the air rush out of her lungs as she was slammed into the ground, small gravel cutting her arms to shreds as she skidded against the path. It had all happened so fast. She heard the sound of a belt being undone, the buckle clanging together, followed by the rumpled sound of pants hitting the ground in a tangle around weak ankles.

She was crawling away, dazed with blood dripping down from her hairline. She wept, tears welling in her ocean eyes. She felt his hands around of her ankles, yanking her, ripping her shirt. And then it happened. It felt like a cup of water that was too full and threatening to spill over at any moment. Her rage bubbled inside of her, all the pent of anxiety and emotions pouring out of her.

She kicked, hard, sending the man backward. He must have flown thirty feet away from her. His grunt of frustration added a level of comfort to her mood. He was still alive, so that meant she could have more fun. She stood up, dizzy, but focused on him. His face was a blur, but she didn't care who he was. She was going to kill him.

She let out a scream of anger, and in doing so, unleashed something that had been laying dormant inside of her for a long time. Bands of bright blue energy came off of her in waves, tearing apart the man's clothes and leaving little cuts all over his torso. He tried to run, but she wasn't finished yet. As she let out another scream, she raised her hand. In doing so, a large, blue hand of energy appeared and pushed the man down, starting at his head. As it pushed, his body would crumble and fall, blood washing over the trail.

He lay motionless, and in a heap, his body contorted and twisted in ways that should not have been possible. She sat still for a few moments, breathing hard, sweat pouring down her face. She had... survived.

And she would make sure other women would survive. She would make anyone suffer that sought out to do anything close to what she had to suffer through today.


June had chosen to never tell anyone of her secrets, not even her sister. She couldn't risk telling her about it. They had stayed as close as they could, letters being their main form of communication. It wasn't ideal, but May always had a steady address, and June had a PO box she visited once a week. It kept them from becoming strangers. June would always protect her sister, but she couldn't tell her what she was capable of. It wouldn't be fair to her. Especially given the fact that May was leading a double life as well. June had found out by accident, her curiosity growing as May's letters took longer and longer to get to her. Sitting atop May's roof, June witnessed a figure bounding front roof to roof, bursts of orange energy projecting them between the gaps. Sinking into the shadows, June lay waiting, curiosity getting the better of her. She was only going to check on May, and make sure she was alright. She had no idea she would find her sister, using powers similar to her own.

Even knowing this, she couldn't share her secret. So June started to prepare May for greatness, showing up and causing chaos during bank heists, or car chases. Or really any heroic act that May pursued. June would find a way to be there, and always be one step ahead.

Even with her sister ultimately being her total opposite, June makes it her goal to still stop those that wish to harm others, sending them to early graves.

The Powers

Mind Meld: June is able to infiltrate another user's thoughts if they show weakness. (Plot Mechanic/Permission Based) Using her Psychic ability, June is able to feed her own thoughts at full blast to other users, almost like a radio station that's been turned up too loud, and it's slightly out of focus. If the affected person has an iron will, June's thoughts are filtered and reveal deep secrets about herself that she would otherwise not want another person knowing.

Psionic Blast: June's psychic energy is powerful, and can be harnessed in many ways. The most powerful way is by concentrating it into a ball of energy that she can use to throw at others and expand force, sending them flying upwards of thirty feet. She does this best when using her power as an extension of her physical movements. E.g. throwing a punch, or kicking someone away.

Psionic Barrier: June is capable of creating a barrier with her psychic energy and protect herself. With continued concentration, she has found that she is able to protect up to two additional people.

Telekinesis: June is capable of levitating objects or even herself, giving her short bursts of levitation. E.g. June can lift herself five feet off of the ground for a short period of time, or move herself from one position to another, so long as she can see it and has concentration. The distance is limited to thirty feet. She cannot lift anything that weighs more than three times her own body weight.

Gemini: This ability allows her to fuse with her sister, melding their psychic abilities together. It gives them access to each other's powers, but only one person can be in the driver seat at a time. This poses an issue, seeing as June really likes to be the one in charge. June does not have knowledge of this ability yet.

The Weaknesses

Inebriation Fails Me: Any form of substance that would hinder her cognitive state renders June useless. She's loose lipped when drunk, and tries really hard to avoid the bottle. Plus, it makes her psychic abilities null.

Secret Identity: June has a secret identity, and if any information were to get out, it would ruin her. She has countless homicides on her hands, and if any information were to link back to her, she would be done for - powerful or not.

Not My Mind Palace: Tying into her Mind Meld ability, June's mind can be out smarted with someone possessing a stronger will than her own. If they are able to, June will be rendered useless, her mind becoming overwhelmed with trying to regain control.

Exhausting, isn't it?: Using her psychic abilities to manifest physical energy taxes her body, leaving her physically exhausted. Imagine running a 10k, but then do that ten times. That's usually what it feels like after having to expend her psionic energy, even when using it as a barrier.

Gemini: As stated above, June's desire to have control over the fusion usually leads to more bad than good. It reverses the fusion, leaving June stunned and feeling as if her head is underwater. She feels heavy, and her stomach is usually in knots from undergoing the transformation.

The Items

She owns a full, one piece bodysuit, a blank face mask, and a pair of black thigh high boots that finish her outfit. She has no major technology that assists her. She's a little old fashioned in that sense.

The Fluff

June can be a bit messy sometimes, but her method of madness and use of powers usually leaves no major trail that leads back to herself. However, there are always key elements that would surely undo her if she were to let slip her secret identity.

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