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A Star Wars Story

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A Star Wars Story Empty A Star Wars Story

Post by ASWS on May 23rd 2020, 2:30 am

A Star Wars Story Logo

Welcome to the wonderful world of Star Wars, set during an alternative time of the Galactic Republic during 15BBY. With multiple factions to join, be apart of the Republic, an outer rim Mandalorian, or reform the Sith Empire. With a simple stat guide system, and skill system this leaves roleplaying largely in the hand of members who can traverse the galaxy meeting new and interesting characters everywhere. Join and start out as a Jedi Master, Sith Lord, or even be your own Jango Fett. With over 20 races and counting each with a different modifier, you can become a world trade star Chiss, a Mirialan Jedi learning the intricacies of the force, a daring Zabrak bounty hunter, and even your own sentient droid.

Ride across the deserts of Tattooine, join the Wookiees and sail the shores of Kashyyyk, or even skulk in the underground at Coruscant. The galaxy is your oyster to explore, learn the history, create history, and alter the course of the galactic order. With an open skill system you can become a master of multiple disciplines from piloting, teras kasi, lightsaber fighting forms, and many other skills. With an ever expanding universe, and the ability to create any type of character, come to A Star Wars Story where you're free to roam the galaxies and craft your own journey.


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