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Shining Armor

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Shining Armor  Empty Shining Armor

Post by The Nekromonga May 15th 2020, 11:23 am

Shining Armor

"Wow. you're like, a knight in shining armor." - bystander

The Bio

Real Name: Alejandra Gabriela Reyes
Hero Name: Shining Armor
Title: Initiate
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 19
Gender: F
Race: Human, South American
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Alejandra is a young South American woman of lean athletic build, fairer-than-average complexion, with cheek length chestnut brown hair.

Alejandra dresses simply and comfortably in her downtime, having developed a modest and frugal dress sense due to her upbringing. The Keepers' Armor is all black, military grade combat armor that protects them in the close confines of their facilities. Later on, as Shining Armor, she modifies her Keeper Armor with chrome chestplate, pauldrons and helmet, as well as a cream cloak, the better to live up to her super identity and to project the image of a knight.

The Personality

Alejandra had humble but harsh beginnings, being one of countless illegitimate children sired and forgotten in the Favelas; little creatures left to fend for themselves the moment they could walk. The church was a sanctuary for her, as the church’s high walls kept out the drugs, the gangs and the beatings. As a result, Alejandra had a deep empathy for the downtrodden. She feels it her responsibility, her burden, to make a difference in the world, be it by example, by faith or by steel.

The Story

The knightly order of the Keepers of St. George, or simply, the Keepers, is a knightly order formed specifically to act as wardens and gaolers of metahuman and supernatural enemies of the Vatican. Over the years they’ve held dangerous artefacts and dangerous beings, while the Vatican mobilizes the appropriate powers to determine their ultimate fate. The Keepers were once an egalitarian and meritocratic order, but their thankless duties mean they can no longer recruit from educated or well off parts of society. Instead they recruit from those desperate yet capable enough to take on their difficult mission – usually from remote villages from third world countries, but also, from those down on their luck and facing life or death sentences. As a result, the line membership has fallen far from the grace of its heyday, with most members only marginally better than the prisoners they guard.

Alejandra Gabriela Reyes was a young girl born out of wedlock from the Rocinha Favelas within the slums of Rio Di Janeiro. Here the Church sheltered, fed and raised many orphans, and Alejandra was among them. Thanks to the presence of a library, she grew up on the Arthurian myths- she dreamt of knighthood but alas, Knights were a European invention; they were male children of nobility, and a poor church orphan from South America could never be a knight. To the Keepers though, this was the perfect recruit. Alejandra wasted no time to jump at the chance of joining the Militant Orders.

5 years to the day, a 13 year old Alejandra was brought to the international barracks in California to train with members from around the world. Here she was brought under the tutelage of the LA Order’s master at arms, Diana Mendoza, a young adult who had retired from the street heroics and was now a trainer of warriors. Alejandra trained religiously and rose to be a prominent hand to hand combatant; her weapon of choice the longsword. Diana also showed Alejandra the more mundane aspects of life, balancing the strict dogma of the Order, and its grim mission.

Alejandra would soon become an initiate- the lowest rank of the Order, and assigned to her first posting, a holding facility beneath the ruins of New York. There in the facility, Alejandra was assigned to one inmate alone- Dabbler, one called a witch, a diabolist- a tempter of mortals.  They say the ones who guard this witch eventually go mad- but all Alejandra found was a lonely, lost little girl. Alejandra went about her duties but showed compassion to her charge, over the weeks developing a rapport with her and earning her a token of appreciation – a small screw capped vial containing what she claimed, the water of life. How the girl managed to hide this from the other jailers, Alejandra did not know, but she somehow felt she had to keep it to herself.

Alejandra’s break period would soon come up, as was the arrival of a new inmate. As she ascended to the upper levels for her break, she saw the prisoner descending- a strange man in clown make up, who returned her stare with a sinister smile.  

The Priority

1. Agility 3
2. Endurance 2
3. Reaction 1
4. Strength 4

The Powers

None. At present, aside from consuming Agua Vitae to undergo rapid regeneration, Alejandra has no innate supernatural or metahuman abilities. She is a young adult human woman with intensive training in athletics and modern firearms. She has studied hand to hand combat - staff and swordsmanship - under a master instructor, and is also adept at grappling and subduing enemies.  

She is also trained in lockpicks, escapology, and penology. She is also exposed to supernatural knowledge, and is aware of the existence and lore on such things as vampires, werewolves, wraiths, supernatural artifacts and so on. She also possesses basic tactical training in dealing with common metahuman varieties.

The Weaknesses

The hero: Alejandra has a tendency to jump at the chance to aid others, to be part of a higher cause, even at a detriment to herself. Against stronger and more numerous bullies, she protected the other orphans. Without asking what the Order of Keepers was, she joined the militant training. To test their initates, she would throw herself on a dud grenade to ensure others survived even as they ran; and when the Facility asked for volunteers to watch over one of their most dangerous inmates and no one answered, Alejandra volunteered. If she has to face down the Juggernaut to save someone, she probably will. Alejandra wants to be a hero- and that means putting herself in danger even when it would be wiser to hang back.

Good before Law, Honor before Reason: Alejandra follows the chivalric moral code, and as her superiors note, even more stringently than even older members. She always honors surrender, will always protect the innocent over punishing the guilty, never strikes first, and always assumes the good in others.

The Items

Dragon Sword: A longsword of origin, with a golden crossguard and draconic motifs. It is extremely sharp and far more durable than steel but still breakable, and is empowered by magic. It is insulated against heat and electricity.

The sword was a gift from her mentor, and it is said that this blade was once carried by a vampire knight Diana slew in single combat.

Weaknesses: The sword itself may be supernaturally sharp and durable, but the wielder’s strength is still a limiting factor. In Alejandra’s hands, it might scratch concrete or metal, but only superficially. Identifying runes along the blade glow bright when it is used in battle, making no secret of its magical nature. Finally, there may be parties interested in getting the sword back…  

Agua Vitae: A small glass vial, attached to a silver chain, worn as a necklace. This enchanted vial contains one dose of the Living Water, which will rapidly heal all the wounds of the drinker and completely reinvigorate them. It can even revive a very recently deceased person (usually within a minute of death, and this requires assistance.) The vial possesses the ability to replenish at dawn each day.

Weaknesses: Agua Vitae is usable once a day.  It requires the user be able to manipulate the vial – preferably two hands and able to drink it. It can be damaged, rendering the dose useless until the following dawn, when it repairs itself. Another may also benefit from Agua Vitae, but Alejandra must forgo her does for that day. Finally, the sensation of Agua Vitae healing its drinking is akin to a hundred white hot needles sewing the body back together, and defending oneself or even moving while regenerating is impossible.

Magical Tube : A magical art tube that conceals its contents, namely the sword. Also defeats metal detectors.

Weakness: the weight of the tube corresponds to its contents, making anyone who checks it rather suspicious.

Mundane Items:
Keepers’ Staff – These are the Keepers’ default weapon, a telescopic quarterstaff made of a lightweight alloy. It is light, fast and hard hitting… and otherwise completely mundane.

Keepers’ Armor – The Keepers’ armor is modern combat armor comparable to that worn by military forces, stopping small arms fire, shrapnel, with added protection from close quarters fighting.

Flashbang and Smoke Grenade – one each, standard issue

Firearms – Everyone gets cool guns as part of guard duty: the SIG Sauer MPX submachine gun, and the TTI STI Combat Master 2011. Mostly there for the cool factor.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Shining Armor  Empty Re: Shining Armor

Post by Arcana May 16th 2020, 9:24 pm

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