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Hysteria Empty Hysteria

Post by RoyalAurelius May 11th 2020, 3:18 pm


"Piss off, I'm drinking alone."

The Bio

Real Name: Lauren
Renegade Name: Hysteria (Unofficial)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: Ageless
Gender: Female
Race: Old World Porcupine (Hystricidae)
Hair: Chocolate brown spines
Eyes: Crimson
Height: 3’4”
Weight: 84lbs
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks

The Personality
Lauren is a bit rough around the edges. She's full of as much attitude as she is with alcohol. An introvert through and through; someone who would rather spend time alone than interact with others. She prefers the solitude and simplicity of a bottle, metal music in her headphones, and a night of self reflection..... basically just getting drunk with music.

The Story

Lauren's story begins in Ireland, far from where any porcupines naturally live or inhabit. Deep in the meadows of the Irish country side resides a hermit scientist, one that prefers experimentation and unorthodox methods. These methods and experiments were what possibly drove the man deep into the country side for solitude and sanctuary. There were many rumors and stories floating around the supposed mad scientist, however nobody knew the true nature of his madness.

It was a freezing morning when Doctor Kilburn received his package. The box was fairly large, stamped with  a fragile sticker as well as a print that said "live animal". The box was hoisted up on his work bench, lightly thudding and rustling before popping open one side. Out from the side emerged an adorable, chocolate brown quill covered porcupine. The Doctors reaction was odd, to say the least, as he clapped his hands together and chuckled somewhat joyfully. The sight of the prickly little animal caused him to giggle with excitement as he gently grazed his hands across her spikey exterior, making sure not to prick himself in the process.

"Goodness, aren't you a beautiful creature. So dangerous, yet so adorably cuddly. I have such wonderful plans for you, little prickly rodent."

The Doctor spoke the truth, feeling the spines beneath his gloved hands as he stroked the foreign animal. Around his modest, yet suspiciously high tech laboratory, were various tools and vials. The scientist did seem to possess alien technology, and he fully intended to use said tools on the poor porcupine. Before he did so, however, he seemed to treat the creature with love and care by feeding and caressing her gently.

As the porcupine finished up her nibbling on the snacks, she looked up to her new owner, none the wiser to his misdeeds as she was but a simple creature. The Doctor then suddenly grasped her fragile little ankles and hoisted her upside down before chaining her up. She began to squirm and squeal lightly, now distressed at the sudden change in tone. The Doctor then grabbed his tools and began to work on the flailing creature, remorselessly taking her apart piece by piece.

The sparks flew, blood splattered, and drills whined as the Doctor tore apart and reassembled the poor creature over and over again. Every time he would add something, he would find clarity in his madness, and tear her apart to add something else. The screams were horrific, the experimentation ceaseless in its cruelty, and yet the Doctor remained dissatisfied with his work. Another round of tearing and reassembly, and the Doctor seemed to stop for a moment as he gazed over his work.

His gloves and coat were saturated with blood, his fingers lightly twitching as he looks over his new creation with both love and adoration. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever created, and even got a bit weepy. As he gazed over her, she began to open her eyes and look up to him. Her reaction was slightly confused, but this was also the first time she had used her newfound cognitive capacity. Her crimson eyes were large as she gazed up to her creator.

"Hello there, little one. Welcome to the world."

She sat up slowly, bringing her hand up to her head and then gasped as she looked at her new hands, then her new body and.... she was different. What was going on with her brain, her body.... she was unsure of what was happening, and possessed the capacity to react to the situation, which was new. It was all so strange, as if her original brain had been not just replaced, but merged with another. She retained her animal instincts, but now had the intelligence to recognize that she still possesses an animals brain.

For the next 2 years the Doctor spent time teaching her how to walk, talk, interact, and behave as a human would. He began to call her Lauren, the reason still unknown as to why he licked that name, and treated her as if she were his daughter. Deep in the countryside there were no people to interact with for miles, so one day the Doctor decided to bring her to a small village. The moment she was spotted outside, the local peasant began to cry out, calling her an abomination, and the Devil's handy work.

Lauren was still unsure why, but she felt saddened by their reaction, and found comfort in the arms if her Father. She looked up to him with her large crimson eyes, glossed over with sadness as she questioned who or what she was, and why she was alone.

"Father..... am I a monster?"

"No no no, my dear young Lauren. You're not a monster, the people just don't understand you. You're very special....."

Once they were back in their home in the countryside, Doctor Kilburn seemed to fall into a deep depression. He lied in bed all day and night, eating almost nothing and barely speaking any words. Lauren feared for him, having spent the next year tending to him in solitude. His depression only got worse, and Lauren couldn't understand why. Then one morning..... he took his own life, leaving a note scrawled on a piece of paper that she found the next day.

"I'm sorry Lauren..... I am so saddened by your company. I love you very much. You are my greatest creation, and I don't know if I can make you happy or accepted.... I'm sorry I couldn't be better for you....."

As she stood over her father's corpse, she began to feel a strange sensation. Her emotions were overwhelming her. She felt hatred, and grief, and sadness, and frustration all in one. Her father had left her all alone. She was alone in the world, and the world obviously hated her..... so what was she to do? She left.... walking nowhere until she reached another village. The first villager to see her was freaked out, and kept their distance. Perhaps she resembled a mythical creature they feared..... but nobody seemed to want to get too close.

The small creature would make her way into a pub nearby, pushing the door open and making her way to a quiet corner. Shortly after taking her seat, a waitress would approach her and give her a smile.

"Hey there little one, what can I get you?"

"Are.... aren't you afraid of me?"

The waitress would chuckle softly and shake her head. "Sweetheart, you're not the only weird thing in the world. I have a cousin in America, and he's always telling me about the crazy super heroes out their, and the villains they are fighting. So, what'll it be?"

Lauren sighs softly, feeling both relief and sadness at the waitresses calm and accepting attitude. "Gin.... and leave the bottle....."

The waitress chuckles and nods, knowing that she couldn't possibly get in trouble for serving a sentient animal alcohol. She brings the bottle to her, setting it down gently as she looks to her cautiously. She didn't speak any words, but Lauren did get the feeling she was warning her against the drink. She ignored the red flag, and grasped the bottle. The first gulp was harsh, but Lauren kept at it and took another, and another, and then another. She could feel the hurt and sadness receding as the alcohol overtook her..... the bottle provided her comfort in a cruel and lonely world.....

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Agility
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

-Hysteria aura: Lauren possesses an aura about 3 feet around her person. Anyone within this aura is put into a minor state of hysteria. This state varies between people, depending on their emotional state, and only intensifies the longer they remain in the aura. The state remains effective about 5 minutes after leaving the aura, returning the person to their normal emotional state once it wears off.
Sad=Depression, Happy=Manic, Fear=Terror, etcetera etcetera.
(Permission based)

-Keen intelligence: Lauren is no super genius, by any means, but she is far smarter than most humans considered above average. She possesses a keen eye for electronics and tools, often fashioning things together on the shoe string budget that she has.

-Natural defense: Due to Lauren's natural porcupine physiology, she possessed sharp pointed quills that adorn her head and back. Due to her somewhat human like form, it appears as hair, but are actually extremely sharp and prickly.

-Genetically enhanced physiology:
1) Enhanced strength: Able to lift and throw just over a ton.
2) Enhanced agility: Extremely agile and physically adept to many terrains.
3) Enhanced endurance: Able to sustain physical activity 5 times longer than the average human at peak physical condition.
4) Enhanced durability: Able to withstand damage most humans in peak physical condition would consider fatal. Small arms, melee weapons, small explosives such as grenades and pipe bombs, and minor physical force up to being hit by a fast moving car.

The Weaknesses

-Yellow belly: Due to Lauren's porcupine physiology, she possesses sharp developed quills on her head and back for natural defense, however her belly and chest are extremely vulnerable and actually more soft and tender than the rest of her physical being.

-Size matters: Due to Lauren's short stature, regardless of her strength, she can be easily caught and chained if she were to be overpowered by someone fairly larger than herself..... which is pretty much everyone.

-Sharp, but brittle: Even though Lauren's natural quills are sharp and solid, they are also fairly brittle and easy to break off with enough force. This poses two issues; the first being that anything solid can break and deflect them from harming anything, and the second being that they could potentially be used against her and her soft belly and torso.

-That smarts: Lauren is a small, genetically enhanced porcupine, and it is due to these genetic enhancements that makes her even more susceptible to electrical attacks, magic or traditional. These shocks can vary from stunning to fatal, given the proper amount of voltage.

The Items

-Iron Maiden: This is just a simple mask that Lauren fashioned together with spare parts and junk. It provides her protection from gaseous or biological attack, and helps her to filter water through, allowing her to swim for an extended period of time.
The water filter is primitive, however, and will only allow her to dive down for about an hour, before needed to flush out and reset the filtration system.

-Iron Maiden weakness: The mask is not only easily removed, but can also be used to suffocate her if she were to wear it too long, or be forced to wear it longer than needed.

-Hello and Goodbye: These are yet another primitive design by Lauren. She wears these gloves as not only protection, but to allow her to channel a small amount of electricity into any strike she deals, giving it an extra "OOMPH".

-Hello and Goodbye weakness: The downside to these gloves, is that if the current were to be reversed or misdirected somehow, it could result in a serious backfire to Lauren, causing potential damage to both her and her gloves.

-Dirty Deeds: These are Lauren's most favourite thing in the world. They are basic combat boots that she rigged with blades in the thick leathery soles, allowing her to kick and potentially fatally wound anyone she was attacking. These blades are on a spring loaded mechanism in the soles, allowing her to release and retract them as she sees fit.

-Dirty Deeds weakness: The boots are securely strapped to her with an intricate pattern of laces and bindings, ensuring that they can never fall off, or be pulled off. However, they are still just combat boots, and can be torn and cut off with any basic knife or blade with a sufficiently sharp edge.
She also needs to firmly stomp her foot in order to activate the mechanism for the blades.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Hysteria Empty Re: Hysteria

Post by Zonkes May 13th 2020, 12:54 am


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