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Illyanaaca Derthia, little miss Sunshine

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Illyanaaca Derthia, little miss Sunshine  Empty Illyanaaca Derthia, little miss Sunshine

Post by Cerek May 6th 2020, 11:25 pm


"So what? I've fucked outer dimensional entities you aint shit"

The Bio

Real Name: Illyanaaca Derthia
Renegade Name: Sunshine
Title: "That" girl
Alignment: True neutral
Age: 2301 1/2
Hair: Long brunette
Height: 5'2"
Blood type:Black ichor

The Looks


The Personality

Nihilistic, cynical and the bane of the morbidly happy people in the world. Illyanaaca is not your typical succubus by any means, her disposition is decidedly less bubbly and bimbo-esque than others of her kind. She delights in the mundane or less than truths of life and bringing down people from undeserved high places with her dry wit. Her sexual side is more casual than a handshake though, more than once being cited for lude acts in public. Often afterwards denouncing people as "The clothed prudes."
The Story

"Hmm ok so there's not much to tell about me. I was born in the infernal desert to Joan and Frank... My parents sorta, they kinda did their own thing while I raised myself. Common among demons or so I was told, sounds like bullshit to me to excuse poor parenting. 'Oh Illy no demons bother taking after their young, we're EEEEVIL.' Unhuh right ok but what does that have to do with making a five year old breakfast? Anywho yeah went to Black ram high and that was a trip. You know they say human teens have it bad but Demon schools are sixty percent jocks and forty percent Succu-sluts. The last ten is for the rest of us who didn't fit in the mold quite right. Being bullied usually meant having your limbs ripped off and shoved in... Places, Though I suppose it was some form of training for my future lifestyle slash career.

Cut to a couple hundred years after I was free from that mess and the humans are finally building cities I'd actually want to hang out in. The last time I was up here before that they burned one of the only good libraries... You know you have a history of burning books. But yeah it was cool hanging in Sodom for a while, kinda felt like being home... The good parts of being home I mean, not family. The Romans were a mixed bag of rape, good food and murder. It was a hedonist wet nightmare. Well then some holy chode decided to eighty six the city so I had to bail on that, went around for a while doing my Succubus thing and then shit hit the fan in the coolest way. These Norse dudes just made Rome look like punks and even made me their War Godess for a while, I'm not sure that I cared for the name Skadi but whatevs.

So that whole thing happened and then the world just stopped kinda, humans actually regressed kinda. That whole dark ages shit was boring as all fuck, everyone just wanted to fight all the time like some Role play website. But even that passed and we came to my favorite hell the middle ages. You couldn't walk around a FUCKING corner without seeing that stupid carpenters grave, you know the T shaped thingy? Also... More wars. BIGGER wars. Like little boys playing in the dirt with their toys. I thought to myself 'Hey why not stir up a little more fun?' So I'm all like blah blah Saracens suck and we gotta swipe the holy land Jeru-whatever to the Pope guy, he was under my spell but also just kinda full of himself. So we're off to war and that was fun killing sand humans for a while, I snuck off for a bit to another town to kinda let my wings stretch and... Well masturbate. Not like there's a lot of fucking in war time and corpses just dont do it for me. So there I be two fingers deep when I hear someone coming... Who isn't me. Some knight dude caught me go figure, and he didn't look like the type to keep his mouth shut if I just fucked him. SOOOOOOOO we fight, the guy was kinda strong though for a human. I dont know how but that asshole got me good, how fucking embarrassing a human could hurt me. So I was like 'Fuck it' and kinda left... The fight and the crusade, got boring.

Yada yada yada the Victorian era. That's when being a good fuck started to pay off in cash. You wouldn't believe how much a wealthy gentleman pays to keep my mouth shut... Or open I guess. That's where I made my fortune, mostly in Prussia and Sweden. I felt kind of bored after the first decade and decided to open my own bordello, actually got some Suc girls to help out... Well the one's who didn't want to rip my guts out.  Was a pretty good thing for a while and really went smooth for a long time. You know it had gotten pretty boring in Europe what with the overcrowding and persecution, also apparently these primitive screw heads finally found a new continent. Well there was no way I was gonna sit on my ass rotting away with the rest of those bougie assholes drinking and fucking their life away. Hopped a boat with some other folks and sailed to the new world, also ended up killing the rest of the passengers along the way... One of the children called me names. When I more or less ran aground I came upon some interesting folks, clearly not Euro trash. A lotta dark skin and loin cloth nahmean? Sooooo they made me some kind of sacred spirit and I 'blessed' their people with vitality hmhm. Well it wasn't long before the Euro trash were starting wars in the new world, more or less destroyed the people that were already here despite my intervention... Oh well time to move on.

Ugh this is taking for ever, I'm just gonna sum up the rest. Uhhhh America was made, I opened a whore house or two. Umm Civil war thing and more dark skinned people. At some point I burned down a city but it was like mostly wood not my fault. Big war one then other big war, oh at some point electricity caught on that was nice. I kinda just bummed around a lot and did my demon thing here and there fucking with peoples lives and such. And then we come to our modern time where I'm currently late for my shift at Foxy's hole... Ciao."
The Priority

1. Agility2
2. Endurance4
3. Reaction3
4. Strength1

The Powers

"Desire?": The power of any of her kind to manipulate the mind of other susceptible beings into a lustful and highly suggestible state (Permission based)
"Strong I guess.": Capable of lifting a dump truck and throwing it with ease.
"Pretty fast.": She can reach speeds of mach 2 in flight and mach 1 on ground
"Wings are cool.": A pair of wings as strong as dragon scale
"Big dickin energy.": The energy she gets from an orgasm with a partner empowers her for roughly 6 hours. Giving her the power to regenerate damage quickly and spit up poison spines
"Telepop!": She can teleport short distances in an instant. (limited to 25 meters)

The Weaknesses

"No! I dont love you idiot.": Any earnest display of love to her renders her abilities useless against that person.
"Oh... great, rain.": Rain has a somewhat hypnotic effect of Illyanaaca, if not occupied with a task she will stare into the rain until disturbed
"Pomegranate is disgusting.": More than a disgusting taste it is toxic. Causing muscle weakness and internal bleeding.
"Dont… Touch... The horns.": The horns she reveals when her wings and tail emerge are quite sensitive and prone to breaking when hit hard enough. They will harden when she grows up
"Sleeeeeeeep.": She sleeps for 16 hours a day normally, whether it's required or not is unknown but "unavoidable."
"Furs are fuckin hot.": Cant bring herself to hurt anthropomorphic folks, has a crippling attraction to furs.
"Holy crap.": Has a particular weakness to holy water
"They make me sick in many ways.": People, pets or anything made to be cute gives Illy very real nausea
"Ok no seriously that hurts stop." Ultraviolet lighting burns her flesh.

The Items

Jean D'arc's sword: Claimed from her dead body and replaced with another less prestigious one during the hundreds year war.
The Minions

The Fluff

-She is able to slightly modify her physical appearance to be more pleasing to an individual... Or group if need be.
-When her wings emerge she also grows a serpent like tail and ram style horns, even the hooves.
The RP Sample

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