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Contest Sinew

Post by Vorik April 29th 2020, 4:52 pm


"The Red Contortionist"

The Bio

Real Name: Jacob Corb
Villain Name: Sinew
Title: The Red Contortionist
Alignment: NE
Age: 152 Years
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: None
Eyes: Grey
Height: 7,4
Weight: 165
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Decades of being locked in a storage room with no access to the sun has permanently lightened his skin to such a degree that many would consider him albino. There is also not a trace of hair on his body as the aliens had removed it long ago. He stands at an imposing 7,4' looming over most everyone. Despite his stature, he is horribly thin. Ribs and cartilage are clearly visible through skin that seems almost stretch over him. His wiry frame is further enhanced by his unnaturally long limbs that dangle by his side and drag on the ground. Sinew's face is a void of emotion. No light or warmth shine through his pale sunken eyes, nor is there any trace of emotion on his stone-like face. Due to his performance act he seldom wears anything more than dark grey half-shorts.

His costume is only a costume in the barest terms. He wears no mask to hide his face because he has none.  Sinew resembles that of a cadaver. Skin split apart revealing torn muscle and broken bone.  Every movement is unnatural, like a puppet on strings as he tries to move around in a body far too damaged to continue. Strips of flesh cling to his narrow, pale frame, and blood seeps through his wounds, occasionally dripping on the floor. No matter what he is doing there is a faint ragged breathing betraying the image that despite all odd...He is still alive.
The Personality

A lifetime of entrapment, isolation, and torture has changed the once normal man. Before being kidnapped, he was a loving husband, father, and friend. He valued those around him, and would not hesitate to help others in need. The creature he is today is but a husk of his former self. Gone is the spark of life that once drove the man, and in its place is a void of numbness to a world.  Sinew no longer has hope that things will get better. Fully expecting everyone and everything to betray and use him for their own gain. There is no hobbies, dreams, or goals he has left. The only reason he is still existing is to spite a world he considers cruel and unforgiving. He doesn't expect any kindness from anyone and will not give any in return.
The Story

Jacob Corb was a simple man living in the 1900s. A promising job as a dock worker and a loving wife with a baby on the way. Most people were intimidated by his size, but Sarah...She loved him and he loved her. He wouldn't of changed anything, and would of enjoyed his quite like had it not been for the aliens. They came from the sky in shining light and before Jacob realized what was going on he found himself trapped, gagged, alone in the dark with an unnatural feeling inside him. The aliens, misshaped orbs of various colors never said a word to him as they came time and time again, sawing of limbs and flaying flesh from bone. Wit h dawning horror Jacob realized he was being used as cattle for some sick kind of all you can eat buffet, and whatever they did to him, made him unable to die. No matter how much they took from him he would regrow it all back. He pleaded, threatened, and screamed for months, but all that got him was the loss of his voice so the aliens cut into him in peace. There was no hero, no savior, no one came to save him from the nightmare and as the decades passed, his heart grew as dark as the room he was kept in.

It was almost a century before he saw the light again. The restaurant that had used him went bankrupt and without a single word he found himself once more back on Earth, in the middle of nowhere.  Penniless, jobless, no skills to speak of, and a lifetime of trauma left Jacob without any idea of what to do. There was no one left who remembered him...He was alone. He wandered the seemingly endless valley he found himself in, occasionally meeting  someone, only for them to run in fear at his ghoul-like appearance. Jacob had all but given up on finding anyone to help him by the time he heard the whimsical music of the carnival. The strange man found refuge among equally strange people as the ringmaster of the troop, Oliver Crow. It was thanks to Oliver that Jacob was able to piece himself back together, or rather, just enough to function again. Joining the circus as a opening act, Jacob played himself off as the creepy contortionist, Sinew, who could bend his body in ways not humanly possibly. Bones would snap, and blood would spurt as Sinew would  assume various forms. Outside his day job as The Red Contortionist he served The Shadowmaster in furthering his plans, or being sold out for his services to various villains.
The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

Never Ending Feast: Sinew has control over the regeneration of his body. Unless something is specifically made to counteract cellular regeneration it will not leave any lasting harm. Even from a bloody puddle he will come back. Over the decades Jacob has learned a variety of ways to weaponize his regeneration. Tearing out shards of bone to wield as weapons, lengthening strips of flesh to ensnare, sprays of blood to cloud the area, these are some of the many uses he has discovered.
The Weaknesses

How Do You Want Your Meat?: Intense heat and flames slow down the rate at which he regenerates. Normally, Sinew is able to regrow entire limbs in seconds, but when set ablaze, it will take him upwards of a minute depending on the intensity of the flame.

The Items

Sinew does not have items except for an earpiece when on a mission.
The Minions

Sinew does not have minions of any kind.
The Fluff

Over the decades Jacob has tried to correct the permanent damage to his vocal cords to mixed success. His voice comes out in grunts, moans, wheezing, overall he sounds raspy and broken.

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