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The Beast Master

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Contest The Beast Master

Post by Rorking April 29th 2020, 3:11 pm

The Beast Master

"Animal Controller"

The Bio

Real Name: Callum Bogus
Villain Name: The Beast Master
Title: Animal Controller
Alignment: Choatic Evil
Age: real age unknown, looks 35
Race: unknown
Hair: orange
Eyes: orange
Height: 6'2
Weight: unknown
Blood type: unknown

The Looks

Legend has it Callum can be seen roaming the streets while donning a long overcoat over an old tattered animal tamer Uniform, along with a ripped up top hat and old leather boots. On his belt hangs a whip stained with dried blood, just as ratty as the rest of his attire but still looks like it would do some damage.
The Personality

While many don't believe him to exist, those that have claimed to have interacted with him describe him as a very dark individual with a horrifying laugh.
The Story

Not much is known of the origins of the legend of The Beast Master, Not many can even agree on the country of origin. His tale has been told so many times over the years with several revisions, so many in fact that there are those that debate on the existence of the mortal it is based on. Even with the retellings over the years, a cohesive legend still emerges from the ashes. A legend that finds it's core in the pool of blood that still flows every year, a legend that refuses to die.

If one were to research the name connected to the tale they would be led to a small sideshow attraction lead by one Callum Bogus, a man who was fondly remembered at the time for his skills with the animals he cared for. legend has it he would spend much of his free time training animals, not just for his act but so he could learn their secrets. His story would seem to end as abruptly as it began as ten years after he started making a name for himself he up and vanishes without a trace, a mystery that still baffles scholars today. It wasn't until some time later when the first body was discovered covered in animal scratches and rope burns around the neck and arms of the body that the seeds were planted, an event that would only fuel the fire for which the legend would be formed. Although historians debate on whether it was Callum who committed this crime, and the many more to follow, none could have imagined the spirt they would create in the midst of their arguing.

Though the tradition of parents telling the story to their kids to teach them a lesson has faded into obscurity, the story itself hasn't been affected one bit and seems to be stronger ever. Even though many have forgotten the name and only know the title given to him, His name never seems to slip completely away and always finds its way back as if a dark force is making sure of it. With the creation and rise of the urban legend came a brand new influx in slayings and crimes that fit the original pattern, a feat that many still deem as impossible. Even with all this speculation and debate, there is something everyone can agree on, that being the fear he brings to those who hear his story and the bodies he leaves behind.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

1. Animal Telepathy: Callum has the ability to communicate with animals telepathically, allowing him to command the more effectively.
2. Animal Manipulation: His powers allow him to control animals to do his bidding, from collecting an item for him or scaring people to give himself more power.
3. Animal Imitation: This allows him to gain the abilities of his furry followers,  from the strength of a bear to the speed of a cheetah.
4. Fear empowerment: The more fearful he makes those around him the more powerful he gets, one person=being scared makes him 5% stronger.
5. Animal possession: allows him to see through the eyes of nearby enemies, allowing any animal to be his spy.
The Weaknesses

1a. While he can talk to them, he can't use his manipulation power with it meaning that the animal won't listen to him every time he tries to command them
1b. His telepath power also doesn't make the animal smarter, dumb animals will say dumb things.
2. His manipulation power drains his strength the longer he uses it the more enemies he controls, this leaves him open to being taken down.
3. His imitation power only allows him to copy the powers of those he knows about already, any new or foreign creature would require study before he could copy them.
4. While fear is something easy to come across, fear that is aimed at him is the only thing that powers him.
5. While he is using his possession power, not only is his physical form still around but he can't command said animal or any around them until he returns to his body
The Items

Whip with dried blood stains and the markings of use.
A notebook possibly filled with information about animals he's interacted with.
The Fluff

If one were to encounter him they would find him almost hard to look at, he seems to have become more animal then man.
The RP Sample

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