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It's not a ship

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INV ONLY It's not a ship

Post by Cerek on April 23rd 2020, 11:37 pm

A tall lanky man with wavy blond receeding hair, wearing tacky vacation wear relaxes on the deck of his rather expensive yacht. The Sun is brilliant and the waves are smooth on this fine day, the songs and screeches of nature playing vocal to the backround of the waves lapping on shore. The yacht was anchored close to the shore of a small island no lager than nine kilometers in ares, where there was build a large estate nestled among the well kept palm trees and exotic plants. To the east of the estate lay a vast untamed jungle that was gatted off with iron fences. On the waters edge a young boy and girl play in the sand building castles one moment and throwing sand at each other the next. A woman who one might mistake for their mother (because she was) utterly ignored the fighting leaving the help to deal with them.

The man on the boat Dean Kayne II had a fishing pole in one hand and his phone in the other along with a lit joint scrolling through monotonous business related information and uttering things to himself. Between the puffs of intoxicating fumes he'd smirk and say something no one but he and whoever he was assosiated with would care for. The hours whiled on and children being children grew bored and wandered around after playing on their phones and in the sand and in the numerous other things spoiled kids have. Leaving the esatate was dangerous as there were some pretty hostile creatures in the jungle. It was nothing like tigers or bears but some wild cats and dangerous ants. The children stayed by the fence and liked to try spotting new things if they could. As nature would have it there was a new sight to see. Huddled in the bushes just out of reach of the fence were some bipedal reptiles. They stood no more than a foot tall with pale aqua green scales and the snout of a predator.

The creatures snapped playfully at the children from their bushes and turned around while still keeping an eye on the children. They were almost playful and leading, like they were curious and wanted to examine the human children closer. Regardless of the passive and less than sternly given warnings about the dangers utside the children gleefully snuck out of the gate. The creatures were shy taking to staying low under the plant and bush barriers while pitter pattering around. The children pusued and called out to them in hushed and comforting tones. "Come on come here little raptor, oh I'm gonna name mine something cool and make it eat yours." The young boy taunted his sister, which seemed to work as her brow furrowed. "Dont!" "shh! Leanne will hear you dumb ass." "Dont call me that." "Stop being dumb then." "I'm not dumb, you're dumb." "Wait..." The young boy stopped to look around, and could quite possibly have gotten lost.

Beyond that the rustling of the small reptiles had stopped, but beneath the lush green they could still be heard making strange clicking noises. "What's going on Bradley? What are they doing?" "I dont know, hey come here little guh AHHHH!" From under the cover of the green was spat out a putrid and viscous blue slime. The slime caught on to the boys face like an appendage. He struggled as his eyes were covered and the rustling soon shifted in coming towards the children. The slime came out of the reptile like from something inside casting a net and it burned and ate flesh. There wasn't even time to scream...

A week later Fylia turns up on the island having heard wind of hauntings and jungle demons. Not that gossip hasn't led Fylia to ill ends but it was a rather strange one. A whle family and the hired help that lived on the island seemed to have vanished but not completely. There were bones and some property damage, bones that were stark white and picked clean. The feds were still investigating but had very minimal manpower avaiable, One investigator in fact. Fylia swam up the sandy warm beach and leaped from the water in a dolphinesque manner. She landed with a powerful thud before rising back up before the investigator who'd been pondering over things whle waiting for her. "Fylia I presume? Didn't tell me you were... uh." Fylia towers over the young investigator holding a hand on her hip "A Nereid?" "... Yeah, yeah I wasn't expecting. Well um anyways welcome to the Kayne estate." Fylia smiled and shook his hand, the man was young and had a bit of a skinny build taking the handshake a little rough. "Right so let me get to the meat of it then." He says taking out some electronic pad.

"There was a family of four living here with their eight servants if that's the correct term. The family vanished amidst a struggle it looks like, must have been violent as the place is a mess but no bood. No suspects, no leads and extended family is nowhere near this country." Fylia thought about it a moment then looked towards the jungle. "Well there's a whole jungle to drag them through and we're only two people, that's going to be problem."
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INV ONLY It's a digital fairy

Post by Shatter on July 17th 2020, 10:59 am

Shatter had caught wind of something that might interest her, while she was no fan of rich people by any means. The loss of the children and workers on the island were upsetting plus the unknown nature of what happened, was quite intriguing to her even though it wasn't her usual wheelhouse. She felt that branching her wings outside of cyber-related crimes and other things that she comes across, would help her diversify in the long run.

She'd made it to the island and was flying above the whole conversation going on with the one from the water and the investigator who claimed that they didn't have the manpower. Shatter had also changed her hero attire slightly, changing out the puffy skirt that looks like something out of a primary schoolers play.

She now rocked tight long aquamarine leather pants with black and silver stripes down the sides, she had shoes that matched her black and gold mask as well. Her wings were still the same teal coloured pixilated ones, she smirked slightly to herself and slowly lowered to the ground from the sky.

"I hope the lady here wouldn't mind an extra hand in this investigation, the name's Shatter" introduced Shatter to those present. With a slight bow to the investigator and then Fylia, after which she rose back to her standing position.

Lets get our Shatter on

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