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Hanna Kariyev

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Hanna Kariyev Empty Hanna Kariyev

Post by Cyan Flower Energy on April 19th 2020, 2:51 pm

Biographical Information

Real Name: Hanna Kariyev
Alignment: Neutral Good
Chronological Age: 2 Months
Physical and Mental Age: 18 Years
Gender: Woman
Race: Human

Physical Information

Height: 4’6”
Weight: 150 Lbs.
Hair Color and Style: White Smoke (Dyed from Brunette), Straight and Braided Ponytail
Skin Color: Fawn
Eye Color: Magenta (Contacts)
Eyebrow Color: Dark Magenta (Dyed and Filled)
Lip Color: Deep Magenta (Lipstick)
Build: Curvaceous Shortstack with Hourglass Body Shape, possesses a large bosom, an ample, protrusive backside, expansive hips, and abundant thighs. Proportionally slender waist with a soft and somewhat paunchy, yet not protrusive belly. Overweight and thickly-built, she is much heavier than her diminutive height would imply. However, she retains narrow shoulders and small feet, along with the general smallness of form typical of a woman of her height. Curiously, her exceptionally long legs (~⅔ of her height in length) lend her more footspeed than her corpulent build would suggest.
Facial Features and Profile: Heart-Shaped Facial Profile, featuring a pointed chin, narrow jaw, high cheekbones, and a wide forehead. Her eyes are exceptionally large and doe-like, lending her appearance a doll-like characteristic. She also has plump lips, which she tends to paint with red, purple, or magenta lipstick.

Psychological Description: Although she is physically and mentally mature, Hanna possesses little in the way of intellect and worldly wisdom. As such, she is very emotionally immature, often falling into temper tantrums when things do not go her way. Hanna also has a fragile ego which lends itself to excessive vanity. She presents herself as sweet-mannered and playful, but this tendency masks the less-pleasing aspects of her personality. However, she has a great deal of affection and respect for Park Hyun-ah, since the technician is the closest thing she has to a family that is actively present in her life. In addition, she has a strong sense of intuition and a seemingly limitless reservoir of energy. Her ability to work for long periods of time on dreary tasks has made her one of her bosses’ favorite employees, but she hopes to one day apply her energies towards a more lofty and fantastic pursuit...

Pre-RP History: An engineered, genetically optimized, and flash-matured clone of Daria Kariyev, Hanna Kariyev was created on January 1, 20XX in New York City by a blackmarket cloning company, on direct commission from Ivan and Jazmine Kariyev. Her progenitor, Daria Kariyev, was the only child of Ivan and Jazmine Kariyev before disappearing after being disowned by her parents. However, upon her creation, Hanna Kariyev was never delivered to her “parents” due to an error which resulted in her possessing an inactive (mundane) Meta-Gene. Since Ivan and Jazmine specified that their cloned daughter possess an active Meta-Gene, Hanna was rejected and scheduled to be euthanized. However, due to the intervention of a compassionate laboratory technician, Hanna was secretly adopted.

From there, Hanna was sent to live with Park Hyun-ah, the technician who rescued her, in a small, two-bedroom apartment. A week later, Hanna got her first job as a waitress at a local Chinese restaurant, accepting her meager pay under the table in order to conceal her undocumented status.

In spite of the “failure” of her creation, another clone of Daria Kariyev, Anastasia Kariyev, was created two days after Hanna was adopted by Park Hyun-ah.

Trait Priority

1. Reaction
2. Strength
3. Agility
4. Endurance




Mundane: Hanna Kariyev is completely mundane, possessing no superpowers, augmentations, enhancements, latent psionic gifts, or magical talent. Although her “parents” specified that she possess an active Meta-Gene, due to a clerical error, she was created with an inactive one. Nevertheless, her genome is optimized to the healthiest possible extent for an otherwise mundane individual, making her free of genetic disorders and her chances of contracting or developing many types of diseases far lower than average.


Cosmetics and Hairstyling: Due in large part to assistance and tutoring from Park Hyun-ah, Hanna Kariyev learned how to apply her own makeup and to style her hair. However, beauty treatment also serves as a bonding activity between Hyun-ah and Hanna because they each find mutual enjoyment in tending to each other's hair and practicing the application of makeup during their spare time together. In addition, one of Hanna's many aspirations is to obtain her GED so that she can get into cosmetology school.

RP Sample

“Hanna, I wanted to tell you something.”

Up until that moment, it had been an evening of seemingly mindless fun. As the two women did almost every weekend night, they had been practicing their makeup, watching tutorials together, and gossiping about the perpetual drama in the online beauty guru community. Initially, the night was no different from the others. However, as the rain began to fall outside the apartment, Hanna sensed that something was weighing down on Hyuna, like a backpack that inexplicably seemed heavier than it was before. She had not bothered to ask, in part because she did not trust the efficacy of her own judgement. As such, the tension in the apartment had gradually increased, until Hanna told Hyuna that she was going into the kitchen in order to grab a snack.

That was when Hyuna grabbed her hand and told Hanna that she had something to tell her.

“Your creation wasn’t exactly a...mistake or an experiment.” Hyuna blurted the words out, her voice slicing the tension in the room like a hot knife slicing through butter. “There were other people involved, that I...couldn’t summon the will to tell you, until now.” She added.

Hanna blinked.

She looked at Hyuna with a wide, yet unsettled stare, sensing that the technician was about to tell her something that would have deep implications on her life. Although she did not know whether the thing that Hyuna was about to tell her was good or bad, she sensed that it was important. Nevertheless, she could only manage a stuttered sentence, in response.

“W-what do you mean?” Hanna replied softly, suddenly feeling oddly exposed in her white crop top.

“Someone-I mean a couple, there were two people, Hanna. They...commissioned you, but the lab made a mistake.” Hyuna paused, taking a deep breath as she contemplated what she was about to tell the woman that she had given half-truths regarding her creation for the last two months. “These people, they’re technically your biological parents. You’re actually a clone of their daughter, Daria Kariyev, but she disappeared after her parents-”

“I have parents?!” Hanna interrupted, anxiously batting her lashes as the truth was finally revealed to her. “Where are they? Who are they? What are they-”

“Hanna, they won’t accept you.” Hyuna said. “There was a mistake.” She continued. “You were supposed to have superpowers, an active Meta-Gene, but the lab made a mistake and that...didn’t happen.” The technician paused. “I’m sorry that I waited so long to tell you this, Hanna.”

“D-do my parents know that I exist?” Hanna replied softly, tears welling up in her eyes as her voice broke beneath the implications of the revelation.

“I’m sorry, Hanna. They don’t. They live far away, in a different country.” Hyuna said. “If they did know...they could try to have you killed.”

Over the next few minutes, Hyuna told her the rest, including the fact that the lab had created a third clone of Daria Kariyev, one who possessed a Meta-Gene, unlike Hanna. When she was finished, the technician hugged Hanna and assured her that she would do everything in her power to keep her alive in the event that her existence was discovered. In the midst of all the emotion that hazed her thoughts, Hanna realized that if she wanted to live a full and happy life, she would need superpowers in order to protect herself from the wrath of her parents.
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Hanna Kariyev Empty Re: Hanna Kariyev

Post by Zonkes on April 19th 2020, 11:37 pm

Approved and moved.

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