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Flesh cleavers

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Flesh cleavers  Empty Flesh cleavers

Post by Cerek on April 10th 2020, 5:24 pm

Flesh cleavers

"*Gurgling noises*"

The Bio

Real Name: Flesh cleavers
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name:  Flesh cleavers
Title: Hive vanguard
Alignment: Lawful evil
Age: Variable
Gender: None
Hair: Maybe
Eyes: Maybe
Height:Varies depending on the body part but no more than 1 metre
Weight: No more than 10lbs
Blood type:Necrotic ichor

The Looks

Think John Carpenters "Things:"

The Personality

They are more defensive and agresive than their lesser forms the skiteerings, they will pursue enemies far with no regard for themselves.
The Story

They are slightly more powerful demons that posses Lisse greater wounds, they still display no signs of greater intellect. Pretty much the main line of defence for Lisse.

The Priority

1. Agility3
2. Endurance2
3. Reaction4
4. Strength1

The Powers

Form: Not really a unique power but they come in a variety of random forms, it all depends on the wound.

Bite/sting/burn: Some have stingers, some have rows of teeth and some are acid spewers, The necrotic poison is quite deadly to your common human killing in a matter of half a day. The acid is capable of melting through a three inch steel plate in five minutes. The number of these Lisse can have in only limited by the wounds she suffers.

The Weaknesses

-Holy and fire elements
-Limited range 140 metres
-Strong aversion to garlic

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

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Flesh cleavers  Empty Re: Flesh cleavers

Post by Nate6595 on April 21st 2020, 2:05 am

For minions you need to have two weaknesses for every power, so it looks like you just need one more, though I will say the form seems more like something that belongs in physical description so if you move it there and not really label it as a power, unless you want to argue that it is/has some other capabilities, you should be fine.
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