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Zonkes Empty Zonkes

Post by Vorik on April 1st 2020, 4:58 pm


"Dumb as all heck, forgive me if I act like an idiot."

The Bio

Real Name: Lars
Hero Name: Zonkes
Title: The Beautiful One, He who Was Luscious, First Rank,  Omega Deluxe Supreme Ultra
Alignment: Zonkes is far to powerful to be confined by human morality.
Age: Probably older than Dan.
Gender: MANLY
Race: Admin
Hair: Golden Blonde that shines with purity
Eyes: Soft vibrant gold light
Height: 1 inch taller than Pat
Weight: We don't fat shame here
Blood type: Gods do not bleed

The Looks

As I sit here writing about the glory of Zonkes I find myself in tears. His beauty is too grand, too perfect, for my small and feeble mind to comprehend, let alone write about. He is truly, magneficent.

The Personality

Zonkes is a void, a black hole of personality. He is so charismatic that others cannot help themselves as they are drawn towards him, turning over to his beliefs instantly. He is the Glorious One, but has also been known as a trickster god. Occasionally you will hear him crack a poorly timed joke or lame pun. He does this to put people at ease over concerns of his unimaginable power.
The Story

It all started in a time long forgotten (Seriously I can't remember when the site started.).  There were only a handful of beings wandering into this reality with a sense of wanting, a desire to create, to argue thoughts and ideas, to tell stories. Zonkes was one of these primordial beings. Throughout time other beings would enter the realm only to cease to exist mere weeks or months later. The few who stayed grew in power, Their post numbers swelled, and their creations more elaborate. All the while Zonkes acted as the Walmart Greeter for the new-eyed creators because...He was number 1. (Seriously Lars, how the fuck do you have 846 messages, are you a vampire or something?)
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Due to his admin status Zonkes is capable of spectacular feats of power. He is able to warp reality entirely. New parts to preexisting  cities, creating life in heroes and villains of also great power. He is also able to see past the veil of this world and communicate with the other lesser creators to further his plans for "The best story".
The Weaknesses

For all his power, he is still but one of the Admins. Should he strive too far in his goal for glory he will bring down the wrath of the others. Chelle, Queen of the Admins, is far more powerful than him and rumor has it, she created everything. Zonkes weakness is his hubris.
The Items

The Minions

Considers Nate to be his underling.
The Fluff

The RP Sample

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