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Crinkles, The Living Clown Doll (contest)

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Crinkles, The Living Clown Doll (contest) Empty Crinkles, The Living Clown Doll (contest)

Post by RoyalAurelius on March 20th 2020, 3:35 am


"I can't help it, I was built this way."

The Bio

Real Name: Charlie Pratt
Villain Name: Crinkles
Title: The Living Clown Doll
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Unknown/Formerly 34
Gender: Living Doll/Formerly Male
Race: Unknown/Formerly Causasian
Hair: Crimson Red/Formerly Brown
Eyes: Bright Purple/Formerly Hazel
Height: 6' 3"/Formerly 5' 10"
Weight: 431 lbs/Formerly 184 lbs
Blood type: Mechanical oil/Formerly O negative

The Looks

Crinkles the Clown got his name for the various amounts of crinkles that form and shift all around his body, at least where his pale white skin is exposed. This is due to his heavy, iron automaton skeleton. Despite the various stitches and scars that paint his pale skin, the crinkles are what most people see, and find the most uncomfortable. Crinkles also has eerily mystical glow to his midnight purple eyes, and his hair looks like it could be made out of fresh, crimson blood. Apart from the unsettling colour of his eyes and hair, he has typical clown face; dark blue lips, black diamonds under his eyes, and a bright red tipped nose. Crinkles also has his skin stretched over his internal skeleton, to the point where it looks rather painful, and prominently displays some of the working mechanisms of his automaton skeleton.

The Personality

Crinkles personality is hard to place, as he almost always has a smile on his face, regardless of the situation. Ever since the experimentation, his brain has never quite recovered... and some would say even drove him insane. He cries when people want to laugh, laughs when people want to cry; pretends to not understand what people want, and denies them what they need. In a nutshell, Crinkles like chaos because it's easy to understand and delightful to play around in.

The Story

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

-Super Strength: He possesses the strength of an average automaton, which varies between 2-4 tonnes. This also provides him with the strength to perform various acrobatics and stunts with ease, provided he has learned them ahead of time.

-Super durability: His automaton skeleton provides him significant durability to physical based attacks, small to medium firearms, knives, swords, and even minor explosions like grenades and mines.

-Insanity: Due to his insanity, brought on by the experimentation that turned him into a living doll, he has significant resistant to mental and psychological attacks. This is simply because whatever attempt to penetrate his shattered psyche would fail due to the overly jumbled thoughts and memories that are swirling in there.

-Carney recall: His insanity also provides him with what people can only call Carney recall, which gives him the ability to perform whatever dangerous or outstanding carnival/circus act after seeing it only once. He has to observe the feat from start to finish without interruption, and even missing one brief moment would nullify this ability, and he would have to start all over.

The Weaknesses

-Electricity: Due to his automaton skeleton he is significantly vulnerable to electric shock. A proper amount of voltage could even disable his machinery, leaving him fried and useless.

-Damage: Even though he is resistant to physical damage, this doesn't mean he is invincible. Proper damage could easily destroy his parts, leaving him broken and dismantled. Crinkles would be able to rebuild himself with enough time, however due to the type of technology that he has beneath his skin, he requires much older parts that are far more difficult to find or even create.

-Insanity: Even though his insanity provides proper resistance to mental and psychological attacks, it also lives up to its name. With his brain as insane as it is, he is able to commit to a chaotic persona, but it also causes him trouble. He sees things that don't exist, hears many voices, and often perceives people as various large animals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and sometimes even living food. This insanity is pretty much a constant state, however if he were to hear the name of his late brother, Constantine, he would most likely lose control of his mental state and thoughts, sending him into a potentially lethal rage or state of severe depression and anxiety.

-Traditionalist: Despite the insanity brought on by the experimentation, one thing his brain retained and is always forced to do, is follow the rules of the Carney's.

The Items

-Pie: These pies aren't traditional pies. Depending on his mood, the pie may contain nitroglycerin, razor blades, or even human remains.

-Acidic seltzer: Pretty much what it says, seltzer that will melt nearly anything. The seltzer is often carried in a glass jar, so if he were to have it shattered, he would lose it... or even take damage from it himself.

-Meat tenderizer: This particular item is his favourite prop. It's pretty much an over-sized mallet that he prefers to use on meat products, hence the name.

-Horn: A typical, harmless looking horn that also emits a sharp sound that disorientates and deafens a victim temporarily. The horn requires an intake of air, and only allows one burst per intake, so if he were to miss his target, they could knock it away or even destroy the horn.

The Fluff

-Noisy skeleton: Crinkles possesses an automaton skeleton, machinery based on older mechanisms, so the cogs and gears make consistent but not overwhelming noise whenever he moves. This only makes his title as the living doll even more appropriate, and makes him creepier.

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