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Erum of pack Wallenstein

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Erum of pack Wallenstein Empty Erum of pack Wallenstein

Post by Cerek March 16th 2020, 12:13 am

Erum Wallenstein

"The warrior seeks not death nor wounds, to fight is to feel life"

The Bio

Real Name: Erum Wallenstein
Renegade Name: Bad Wolf
Title: Erum Wallenstein, son of Yjoren Wallenstein the hundreds slayer, bane of the hill trolls, hewer of the dark crag orcs. Leader of the great hunt, prince of Fenris-Ulfr and first in line for pack Alpha.
Alignment: True neutral
Age: 147
Race:Fenris-Ulfr wolf
Hair:Onyx fur
Blood type:Fei infused blood.

The Looks

The Personality

Erum is a seasoned warrior well into his maturity as a Fenris-Ulfr wolf, a lifetime of warfare and fighting has carved his mind like stone. He's subtle in many ways people do not expect and quite clever. He typically comes off like a gruff and cold shouldered old brute but for the people who have come to know him. Being royalty he always attempts to carry himself with dignity and pride, coupled with the burdens of his position Erum is a hard nut to crack. Deep in the last holds of his citadel of a heart he struggles against the feeling of loneliness.
The Story

Erum grew up the eldest son of Yjoren and Aeyrie Wallenstein, the Wallensteins being the lead pack of all Fenris-Ulfr wolves in the world. It was no life of luxury being a prince of Wallenstein, his fathers training was paramount to murder attempts if not torture. From the day he could walk and bear a blade he was hammered by his father like a piece of iron into a hunter and warrior. He bore no ill will to his father as such brutality prepared him for the harsh world around him, though their relationship isn't so close. His younger brother Ulthane was not as talented a warrior but a great tracker and could cover many leagues at a great pace with his near boundless energy. His older sister Cerga is a trained healer and priest of Fenrir, both faithfully serve their father and the pack like Erum. Erum earned true respect among his folk during a raid from migrating hill trolls that nearly overran their village. He slew the captain Gurzra the skin flayer in one on one combat, biting his thick skull in two.

At present Erum is pushed by his ageing father into more diplomatic roles and culture, fearing that the pack may be falling behind the worlds events too much. This is also grooming him for leader, something Yjoren does with reluctance. Yjoren knows his time draws near and every breath is precious, he uses what wisdom he has to guide his son to be a better ruler. Erum is reluctant to accept his future role, he relishes the freedom he has now and has little confidence in his ability to lead all wolves of his kind. Having a kingdom on his shoulders is the one thing that always hangs over his head and keeps him distant and pensive. But as this is a brand new age and world for Erum outside his homeland, and he is finding out the world is crazed and wonderous. So dangerous that journey to become who he needs to be may lead to strange and backwards places.
The Priority

1. Agility2
2. Endurance3
3. Reaction4
4. Strength1

The Powers

The hunting woods: A gift given by Fenris-ulfr to all his children, the ability when in thick enough forest to vanish from all senses, When in the woods Erum can completely hide his scent, movement and increases his speed to 100kph. The very forest around him goes out of it's way to be silent; leaves do not rustle, sticks do not crack and the very air that his massive body would cause to rush past you stays still.

Avatar of war: Battle fervor in only the highest trained wolves can call out to the skies for the father Fenrir. This unique event between God and child rarely ever succeeds as Fenrir rarely deems a cause worthy of his blessing. But on that rare occasion when vengeance is hot and stoked the chill winds blow and gnaw the bones of lesser beings. The blessing of Fenrir gives 40 seconds of Godly wrath as Fenrir possesses the body of his follower. His strength can lift 10 tons and his body endure that kind of impact with only minor damage.

The Weaknesses

-The full moon long stereotyped as a beacon of strength for wolves is not so for Fenris-Ulfr wolves. They become forcibly docile and incapable of combat. All of their powers vanish until the sun rise.

-Magic is a completely foreign and mysterious force that wolves fear to fight. They have no protection from even the most basic of spells... Besides killing the caster.

-Mistletoe is deadly toxic and even a fraction of a leaf can induce nausea, fluid build up in the lungs and heart attacks.

-Pretty much anything to do with real dragons sends chills through Fenris-Ulfr wolves. Even Erum is stopped dead in his tracks when facing anything with draconic origins.

-Cranberries are not toxic but have a hallucinogenic effect on wolves that cause the mind to see psychedelic visions and also force him into a more easily suggestible state where he can be controlled.

-Grimstrike is a vicious weapon that would turn on it's master if not sated of combat. Erum has to use the weapon once a day less Grimstrike grow bored and lash out at Erum burning him like a hungered dog.

-High pitched noises of a certain frequency render the sensitive eared wolf practically immobile, it can come to the point of internal bleeding in his skull.

The Items

Grimstrike: The axe Grimstrike the fire biter imbued with the flame of the  wicked drake Saldgurn, the heat when it strikes can hack through metal 5 inches thick in little time with Erums strength accompanying it.
The Minions

The Fluff

-Does familiar canine like things (head tilt, panting, wagging tail ect…)
The RP Sample

The shadows of the woods stretched and embraced Erum as their own, melting the great lumbering wolf into nothingness. The brush was thick and the trees low to the earth. Cebra half naked and panicked ran haphazardly past battering and stinging branches that showed malice to him where they showed Erum friendship. Cebra's chest and face was marked with scars and bruises, behind him some leagues were the trampling paws of some feral creatures similar but of different breed than Erum. Cebra ducked down into some trees that were on a ledge below. He waited on baited breath listening for the pursuers to pass. "... They're gone, shit that was awful... Why is the tree behind me breathing?"

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Erum of pack Wallenstein Empty Re: Erum of pack Wallenstein

Post by Zonkes March 16th 2020, 1:05 am


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