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Klaudius and Tesla

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Klaudius and Tesla Empty Klaudius and Tesla

Post by FantasyBound March 15th 2020, 5:29 pm

Klaudius and Tesla Camera-icon-by-thegoldenbox-on-deviantart-9


Klaudius and Tesla Z0fykj6uiz141
Both twins are physically a bit lanky, and both have long fluffy tails akin to the animals they have so happened to physically mimicked.

Real Names: Klaudius 'Klaus' Krause | Tesla 'Tess' Krause
Hero Names: Claws | Teeth
(For each other: Blockhead and Butterfly brains)
Title: Half and half
Alignments: Neutral Neutral | Neutral Good
Ages: Both 17
Genders:  Male | Female
Race: Meta-Human
Hairs: Grey | Brown
Eyes: Brown | Grey
Heights: 6' 01" | 5' 06"
Weights: 170 lbs. | 121 lbs.
Blood type's: Both B-


Klaudius is often regarded by the people around him as a quiet person with a solid but simple mindset. Klaudius is never really open about how he feels about things, he's blunt in a way where he still hides how he views the situation. Klaudius has an underlying motive, which is to learn how to be an influential leader and if not that, a supporter of someone who will accomplish just that. Klaudius has a real problem with understanding people's emotions and often seems very emotionally drained. He sees being overly emotional weak, and that if he uses enough willpower he can seem like a beacon of stability to his sister, in which she can support her emotionally unstable self upon. He aims to be a bastion for the people around him, he won't tolerate people talk down to his friends, but he won't mind if the same is done to him. He pretends to ignore things done or said to him and tries to act like he isn't hurt when he is.

Tesla is energetic and enthusiastic about life, quite contrast to the glumness of her 'dull' brother. Tesla wants to experience the fullness life can provide, the largest up's most preferably, but she is sure she can survive the lowest downs. Not true to her personality, Tesla is very emotionally unstable and flips between emotions like a DnD player casting fireball with only a 1d6, but she can combat her greatest downs by hoping things will turn out for the better soon. She relies heavily on Klaudius to provide her with some common sense in emotionally charged situations or to get her out of absolutely terrible situations. She knows her brother is just there to help her, but she also understands that his factoring of always being with her to help her is near-obsessive and that one day they may have to separate and go there own ways. But for now, she is going to enjoy his company and the experiences they share.

The reason both act as heroes is for Klaudius, he can prove and learn how to be a great leader, while Tesla sees it as a way to experience the most intense thrills in life.

Klaudius and Tesla were born in the United States, their father was American and their mother was German. It's very hard to tell they have any german in them as they speak with an American accent with the occasional german slang word thrown in from there bi-annual travels to there. It's not possible to determine their ethnicity or cultural origin by there appearance, as they frankly share more physical traits to dogs than people. Their father was born with a meta-gene that influenced his appearance heavily, looking more dog than a boy when he was little, and it didn't get any better as he got older, with puberty hitting him hard with enhanced senses. He easily got oversensitized and would require special equipment to deal with most environments, and had a problem with getting aggressive at the scent of blood. It was when he bit another kid at sixteen that his parents decided they needed to find someone to deal with him.

They searched, and after some time came across a young lady who offered to take teach him how to manage his own odd physiology and how to make something of his life. He was scared of her and what she would do to him, so he tried running away, he made it four days before police found him at a bus station and promptly brought him to the facility he would be learning at. And what horrific, mind-boggling terrible things did they do to him, what SHE did to him?

It was a slow start, but the lady would ask their father questions and would help him understand who he was. She was kind to him, and so he responded back by being an attentive and willing student. She even found a way to get him into college. He had a super keen mind for law, and so studied law, becoming one of the pioneer's in meta-human lawyers. He passed a law several years after graduating that enabled people with similar conditions to his own to be able to go to a facility similar to the one he went to, where they can learn how to deal with there unique appearances.

The twins themselves grew up in a wealthier home. They grew up around other kids, at the younger ages it was very hard to get friends, but as they got older it became easier, as their odd appearance was considered 'cool' by some of there classmates. As they grew up it was clear the children were very different, Tesla always aimed to be a good kid, and would try her hardest to do what was asked of her, while Klaudius intentionally tried to annoy people and was one to hang out with the delinquents of his neighborhood and school. Growing into puberty the both of them experienced an alteration in their personality, temporarily becoming much more violent akin to there father, in which he too sent them to the same institute he was at, now a sprawling complex building where there were many others. In addition to this came one of the twin's meta-human abilities, manipulation of pheromones. When they where in close proximity to one another, they were capable of asking people for just about anything and they would comply. They convinced the caretakers to allow them to share a room, and whenever people came to investigate the strange happenings at the facility, they left often saying that it wasn't that big of a deal and they can make an exception for them. As they got older, there bodies lost a majority of its pheromone potency, and slowly people reverted them back to a normal schedule, and soon enough, people caught on something strange was happening and reported it.

It was only a day after the report of there existence and some assumptions on how they influenced a whole facility of people before they just disappeared, in fact, their family disappeared, everyone that knew them personally just stopped existing from all records. One year later, they both woke up in a strange apartment, discovering over a few weeks that they have been renting that apartment for several years, but only have moved in physically for a year, they lived there, with Klaudius and Tesla being a very popular ghostwriters young(documented 20 years old, physically 17) for a newspaper, both working as journalists and interviewers. Neither of them knew what the heck was going on, and so moved out, trying to distance themselves from that while trying to understand what the hell was going on. Living on the street for a time as they tried to comprehend what went on, as neither could deal with a life that wasn't there own. They tried to piece together the ideas of what it could be, and it all leads to the facility...

They eventually, after much wandering about, ran into a group that could very well help them out. Alongside the discovery of possible new allies, strange abilities that seem to manifest with color or lack thereof.

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Reaction

1. Awareness
2. Willpower
3. Intelligence
4. Empathy

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

1. Empathy
2. Intelligence
3. Willpower
4. Awareness



Canine senses: Both twins have enhanced senses which allow them to smell, hear, and see with greater accuracy and detail. Both can see while in the dark, hear things from afar and through normal doors, and smell with incredible accuracy, able to tell the separate ingredients in food and figure out details about people through smell. They can detect the gender, diet(Carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian, unhealthy, healthy, etc.) if they are sick and the emotion they are feeling.

Pheromone generation and manipulation[PERMISSION BASED]: The twins are capable of generating an invisible chemical pheromone that is able to slightly manipulate a subject's emotions. When close together they can affect all things within 10 meters, generating a pheromone that influences them to feel an emotion, alternatively, they can use this on lesser targets, and if they are weaker willed, able to more better persuade them, in which the target will usually follow a request that isn't beyond reason(Asking someone to kill themselves is unlikely, asking if you can have their lunch because you haven't eaten since yesterday{not the truth} is reasonable. Letting them in a government base is not reasonable, letting them in a store that's just closing is). Finally, unless threatened directly with violence, animals will not attack either of them.

Pheromone communication: The twins can detect each other's pheromones from 30 meters away, and are able to send super simple messages to one another when they are in the range.

Teeth and claws: Simple enough, both twins possess a sharp set of teeth and claws that act as reasonable cutting and piercing tools.

Protectors: Each twin, when within 5 feet of each other, can produce an incredibly strong pheromone that only affects one another. When this is activated, both of them activate a sort of intense adrenaline rush within one another. When this happens they acquire the goal to protect those they designate as allies and take apart who they designate as foes, while completely ignoring neutral targets. In this form, there senses sharpen further by double, they move on all fours at a speed of 19 mp/h and have enough strength to toss a full-grown adult a couple of feet and bend thin metal. They become somewhat immune to pain during the period of time and appear to be far more resilient. Additionally, their minds cannot be affected by any mind-influencing effects during this time, as they're not exactly using their brains in this stage.


Dull[PERMISSION BASED}: A perfectly spherical aura is projected from Klaudius, stretching out 10 feet away. Everything inside of this aura acquires a more dulled coloration, colors fading slightly within. This allows Klaudius to use his power on all subjects within the field.
- They have there powers, magic, and even technology and the like only work at 75% of there normal power as they are filled with a dulled sensation. So a person who can lift 10 tons when within the field can only lift 7.5 tons.


Vibrant: A perfectly spherical aura is projected from Tesla, stretching out 10 feet away. Everything inside of this aura acquires a more vibrant coloration, colors becoming more vivid within. This allows Tesla to use her power on all subjects within the field.
- They feel a surge of emotional motivation, as mysterious energy causes there power, magic, or technology, and the like function at 125% of its regular output. So a person who can lift 10 tons when in this field can now lift 12.5 tons.



Canine sensitivity: The twins experience issues with over sensitization, and effects that rely on sound and smell are extra effective on them. They cannot smell with as much detail as usual when there is an overbearing scent or if it is windy.

Pheromone weakness: Wind can easily blow away the pheromones. When separated by 10 meters or more, this power is almost completely ineffective, only causing the slightest change, except with animals, it maintains full effect on that aspect.

Breaking up: Being out of range makes communication ineffective. They can't create anything complex(No full battle plans) through there communication. And per usual, wind can disrupt their communication heavily.

Just bone: There teeth and claws are only a bit more durable than a human, and likely will break or lose teeth and claws during a fight with them. They are able to regenerate, but when broken can't be used for the rest of the thread or until healed.

Fury unending: Protectors only works when both twins agree to transform. Allies are designated when the twins place chemical markers on them by physical contact previously. During this time both are unable to use there aura like powers and can't speak or understand language. Neither is capable of leaving an ally designated individual if this is used to run away, they must keep ALL of them safe. This only works if the situation actually calls for such a change in abilities.


Heaviness: Under the unmotivating effects of dull, Klaudius can't run or move quick within it.


Vividness: Anyone within the field is covered in vivid colors, and becomes easier to see and hit with ranged attacks.


Both twins have a single suitcase with belongings they think would happen to be useful, alongside some minor things attributed to things they happen to be good at.
- A small cooking set and a portable stove, often with basic non-perishable cooking ingredients.
- A rather roughed up guitar that seems to work just well enough, will probably need to be replaced soon.
- What appears to be a super old radio that has been tuned to FM stations attached with a strap.

- A well-stocked first-aid kit.
- Another guitar, but much better-taken care of, this one could probably last a whole lifetime.
- A set of walkie-talkies that have a range of one mile.

- Klaudius really likes strawberry flavoring in just about anything, but feels like it's too girly and so when with anyone but his sister he will try and get something else.
- Tesla likes collecting souvenirs from places and stores them in a small box, which is filled with a bunch of bottle caps or random scrap.
- Both twins make enough money to purchase food at often times reduced prices by working as street performers, they rely on random people to allow them to have priority in certain locations.

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Klaudius and Tesla Empty Re: Klaudius and Tesla

Post by Zonkes March 25th 2020, 4:41 pm

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