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Lightningtron Empty Lightningtron

Post by Rorking March 13th 2020, 2:23 am


"You ever gotten a static shock before? you're going to wish for that feeling in about two minutes."

The Bio

Real Name: James "Korr" Ashford
Hero Name: Lightningtron
Title: The Electrifying gadget guy
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Chestnut Brown
Height: 5'10
Weight: 200 lbs

The Looks

James has an average build alongside a very nerdy appearance which allows him to blend in during the day which allows him to blend in and look like a normal young adult, he tends to walk around in very casual attire of a T-shirt and jeans with glasses that hide the electro-scar under his right eye. When called into action he dons an electro-lined black and yellow outfit consisting of a jacket with a metal lightning decor, boots with wooden soles, and the gear he uses to fight crime.
The Personality

When it comes to personality, James is certainly not lacking in the smiles category. He is the type of guy to crack jokes and go out of his way to make everyone laugh no matter how edgy think they are or try to be, this, of course, makes him either your best friend or the guy you avoid at the water cooler.
The Story

Being born into the family of tech pioneers in the motor city, James learned from an early age the art of the tech world and the joy of taking things apart. By the age of 6, he had already shown signs of inheriting his family's tech skills and abilities, many of which go back to the industrial revolution. Seeing his potential his father started training him in preparations of one day taking over his company, much of this training was putting tech in front of the boy and seeing how he takes it apart and improves on it. His intelligence and training allowed him to become very familiar with technology, so much so that he was able to figure out how to fix most devices by just taking a glance at them.

When he turned 15 James accepted into an internship for his family's' company using his Childhood nickname to avoid those who would see him differently because of his family and the fact they owned the company, quickly showing his talents he was quickly promoted to an on the payroll manufacturing engineer. By the time his 18th birthday was right around the corner, he had shown himself to be ready to be at his dad's side running the company. that was before his father mysteriously died in the middle of the night and James was quickly pushed under the rug with a permanent low-level job with higher-ups keeping a close eye on him. Even in his dire situation, James was able to keep a grin on his face and soldier on.

On the night of July 23, James was working late in his workshop trying to crack the code of the infinite battery, a battery that would hold an infinite charge for lifetimes. Just as he hit the switch and started the device was the moment he realized he had made a mistake as the blue battery turned red and exploded, the force sending him across the room into one of his work tables. awakening 3 hours later James felt a burning sensation under his right eye, the pain quickly sending him to his feet and searching for his phone to call for help. after a moment of searching, he spotted it but as he reached out to grab it he witnessed as the black square exploded in a giant ball of fire, rushing outside he was only barely able to notice his workshop gone up in flames behind him. Branded as a "traitor to the company" and as an arson, he was forced out by the same board that did his father in.  From that day forward James made a vow to learn to control his powers and use them for good to help humanity the only way he could, one gadget at a time.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

1. Mechanical Intuition: With years of tech work under his belt, James has gained the power to be able to recognize most tech-based systems and how to improve/worsen them.
2. Mechanical Constructs: James can use his tech knowledge to construct any mechanical device he sees fit, it also allows him to construct his gear.
3. Electricity Manipulation: After an experiment gone wrong, James acquired the power to manipulate the energy of electricity within the air around him, his abilities allow him to use the energy in many different ways

  • defensive maneuvers: stopping small projectiles in the air (like a thrown object or a bullet if time right), shocking enemies who land a hit if he wasn't caught off-guard,

  • offense maneuvers: throwing a streak of lightning across the sky like a football, temporally paralyze a foe (for no longer then 20 seconds but only if he can get a good grip of them),

4. His electro powers have a range of strength going as low as being able to charge a device just by touching it or just enough to shock someone as a prank and it goes high enough on the strength meter to attack muscle tissue directly or active some of the muscles and nerves.

The Weaknesses


  • While his power to recognize systems allow him faster recalibration time than most, it's not instantaneous and requires some time if he wants to have everything right. this time depends on complexity, less-complex items (like a security system and most non-combat machinery) maybe take no more than 10-15 seconds to figure while more advance tech (like mech suits and war machine-like machines/technology) could take up to 30 seconds to a minute to figure it out in its entirety.

  • His intuition power also requires concentration, if for whatever reason (may it be combat or may it just be a stressful situation) he can't seem to concentration fully he might get info wrong or take way longer to be certain.

2. His knowledge might let him build anything mechanical, there is no guarantee it will work the way he plans or at all. his build time also depends on complexity, a tiny robot or a one-use gadget can be crafted in 20 seconds tops (30 if he's having a bad day) while a more complex item like a new weapon (that isn't just a blunt object) or something bigger then a Stephen King novel will require times ranging from a minute to a couple of days.


  • While his Electro powers are mostly controllable, if James were to get to a point where he gets emotionally or physically over his head his powers will go out of control and possibly fry not only whatever equipment he has on him at the time but his own body can be hurt in the process.

  • His top strength abilities require him to either be extremely angry (to damage muscle tissue but he would have lost control long before then) or be close enough to tough the foe to active muscles and nerves (still takes about 10 seconds of contact before the effects would happen or he might not pick the right spot).

The Items

1.A pair of goggles he invented that allows him to scan his surroundings and record objects and names to its built-in database. the scanning does take time before it gives a full report, most objects and people take about 15 seconds while his surroundings and never before seen objects might take 30 seconds to about two minutes.
2. A modified silver bat that he has learned to pump his electricity through to gain a more powerful hit. since it's just an ordinary bat it does dent and will eventually break which will require time to fix.
3. A black and gray suit and jacket with a lightning decor on the back.
The Fluff

It is very common to feel a static shock when standing near James, just enough to make you jump. It is also very common for James to kill tech he's working on when he gets angry.
The RP Sample

Lightning flew through the air as the robber tried to get away, just as he's about to turn the corner and get out of the projectiles way he suddenly felt a burning sensation flow throughout his body as all his muscles suddenly lock up and he crashes to the pavement. He finds his strength return and his muscles start to relax just as his attacker finally caught up with him.
"You had enough yet Criminal Scum?" the lightning thrower asks as he bends down to hoist the man back to his jelly feet.

"Just give me a minute and I'll be ready for round two, ya freak" the robber replied as the feeling returned to his hands "With your lot running around these days, no man can live an honest life yous know?"

The Black and Yellow looked at him with a shocked look on his face "You still consider what you were doing honest work?" he asks while slamming the crook up against a nearby wall "You tried to rob a kind, old lady." with the question asked the hero takes a glance around "say where is that purse you stole? I swear it was here somewhere."

the bandit looked at his opponent with a look of 'not sure' before he realized he felt dust in his hand, "I think I found it" he says as he lifted his hand to show the hero his discovery.

The Electrifying Lightningtron just looked at the dust with a disappointed look at his face "If she asks" he quickly shoots back as he pulls the crook away from the wall and starts dragging him out of the alleyway "You're the one who disintegrated it."

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Lightningtron Empty Re: Lightningtron

Post by FantasyBound March 15th 2020, 5:49 pm

Hello Rorking! Unsure if you have joined us on discord or not, but fantastic to meet you.
Assuming that without a WIP in the title your looking to get this character approved.

Most of this character is good, history is fine, bio is fine. I am just having some issues with the powers and items on your guy here. Going through them...
1. Mechanical intuition is cool, but I would like some kind of solid time on his weakness, like X seconds to read an object of X size and X complexity, that way there's no confusion when your using this ability, and it will have to be permission-based on its utilization, that way you are not fighting someone with there only power being an exo-suit and you somehow find a way to one-shot them instantly without them consenting to this, but it can work that way for some NPCs for sure.

2. It would be also helpful to have a time limit on his building thing, and I can't promise he will be able to keep everything he builds after a thread. But he could use this as reasoning for getting some cool new advancements.

3. I would like an example how your electricity can be used, multiple if you can. How strong is it? What can it be used to do? How fine of control does your character have? Can they charge a phone by touching it? Can they fly? Manipulate electromagnetic fields to gain pseudo telekinesis? This needs clarification, not all my questions, but a generalization would help a lot.

Finally, the goggles and the bat need a weakness, as they have abilities that function like powers and are not mundane equipment.

If these changes can be dealt with properly, I would gladly do another review and hopefully we can get this character approved soon so you can start some RP on this site. Hope you have a great day and if not already done, reach out on discord, it will enable you to better work with this character with a large community of mostly friendly writers and also let you seek out some cool threads once the character is approved.
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Lightningtron Empty Re: Lightningtron

Post by FantasyBound March 15th 2020, 10:58 pm

Approved until stated otherwise
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Forum Moderator

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Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 107
Location : Alberta, Canada
Age : 19
Job : Gofer
Humor : Eh, I just make a lot of comments and see which one kicks.
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