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Barret Bloodblade

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Barret Bloodblade Empty Barret Bloodblade

Post by Descendants March 12th 2020, 12:19 am


"An army is approaching? Finally, a decent challenge."

The Bio

Real Name: Barret Bloodblade
Nickname: Ravager
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Race: Ofrarian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’6
Weight: 300 lbs
Blood type: Magic

The Looks

Barret Bloodblade Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSAYkq9XZ_lT7dIZ4jBTEwTrTPcH0GnqkLM8Q9fh1dJShGCAfts

The Personality

A violent, arrogant man, kept in check only by his natural listlessness to anything other than direct combat and the debt he owes Mr. Shiba. Disillusioned with warfare in general, he only fights on behalf of his patron now. At other times, he can commonly be found practicing more mundane skills, such as gardening or watching TV. This more sedentary lifestyle may have gone to his hips a bit, but he can’t help it. He simply can’t work up the mental strength to do anything he is not ordered to do. That being said, he is always craving a good fight and will fight the listlessness at the promise of a good one. Despite his harsh persona, he has a soft spot for cute things, such as babies, dogs, and flowers.

The Story

Barret was born in Ofraria, the magical city located deep in Africa that no mortal may visit. The child of two very powerful members of the Black Church, the ruling body of the great country, he was automatically expected to succeed. And succeed he did; he quickly proved himself capable of handling the most dangerous of missions, graduating from Battlepriest to Archbishop by the time he was 30, an absolutely unprecedented event, as most Archbishop’s don’t become one till the middle of their first century. He proved himself a valuable asset, however, leading the Ofrarians in one victory after another for the next decade.

However, he quickly found himself disillusioned by war and curious about the outside world, with their technology and lives free from the oppression of the church. With his powers, living outside the ley line wasn’t a problem, and so one night, he left, simple as that. He stole across the African countryside until he reached a small town, where he just so happened to run into a small thief. This thief, called Haru, regaled the warrior with tales of wonder and excitement, and he knew, then, he had to pledge himself to this man, to find the adventure and variety he so lacked in his life.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Ofrarian Physiology: Like all his people, Barret is a powerhouse. As one of the seven Archbishops, or an ex-member at least, this power is exaggerated further. Barret can lift trucks over his head and throw them several dozen meters, react in time to dodge gunfire, though is durable enough to have no need to. A quirk of his defensive capabilities is a near-immunity to magic, but piercing-type weapons seem to be more effective against him.

Ancestral Memory: Like all his people, Barret possesses the skills and knowledge of his ancestors. A long line such as his has many skills in its history, and as a result, Barret is a master at most mundane and martial arts.

Lexiskia: Mana Drain: On his right arm, the first power granted by the Tenebrosi to his once-faithful servant marks the story of a man entranced with power. To the power of his right arm, all magic is his to claim. He can drain opposing mana while this ability is active and absorb it. Typically he stores it to maintain his magical homeostasis; thanks to this ability, he has no need to constantly return home. [Permission Based]

Lexiskia: Perfect Weapon: On his left arm, the second power granted by the Tenebrosi to his once-faithful servant marks the story of the perfect warrior, sword and shield in hand. While wielding any physical weapon, including improvised weaponry, he can increase the overall effectiveness by ten, turning even a mundane sword into a powerful weapon capable of slicing through steel.

Lexiskia: Bloodrage: On his back, the third power granted by the Tenebrosi to his once faithful servant marks the story of a berserker, lost in rage. Whenever blood touches his skin, Barret can choose to activate this ability. While in Bloodrage, he grows five feet taller, his muscle mass increases, and his strength and durability increase tenfold. However, he’s lost to a rage, lashing out at everything around him while in this form.

The Weaknesses

Piercing-type Damage: Weapons that focus on piercing, such as lances, bows, or even guns, tend to bypass his durability a lot easier than other forms of damage, granting him only a small bonus to this type of damage.

Vulnerable Tattoos: Like all Ofrarians, his most major weak point are the tattoos on his body. Should any of them be damaged, they will immediately drain him of mana, render him incapable of using that particular ability, as well as leaving him on the verge of death, requiring him to go back to Ofraria, or to someone capable of repairing these magical tattoos, or else risk death.

Mana Overload: While he can absorb magic with his right arm, this comes with a limit. Particularly powerful spells, such as those cast by expert magic wielders, can overload this power and cause damage to his Lexiskia. The amount of power varies based on the spell and mage or wizard that cast it, but typically about ten moderate-strength spells is enough to overload them. ‘Powerful’ spells, like those cast as game-enders by particularly powerful spellcasters, can’t be absorbed, as they exceed the mana he possesses.

Power Overload: Mundane items, such as typical iron or steel swords and shields, can’t handle the sudden influx of magic and will shatter after 1 or 2 swings. Additionally, mental blocks exist due to his upbringing that prevent him from using this power on anything other than physical, melee weapons, despite its potential. He must maintain active contact with the weapon or object to continue to maintain its power.

Raging: While his power and defense greatly increases in this mode, there are several disadvantages. He cannot use any other form of magic during his rage, nor can he wield weapons or shields unless they are specifically made for his much larger form. The rage lasts for ten minutes, or 3 posts, for each unique blood on him. Once the rage is over, he is exhausted, and cannot remember what he did during it.

The Items

Tempus: A blade made of Valyrian steel, forged from ore that absorbed the magic of Ofraria. This hand-and-a-half blade is perfectly fitted for Barret’s fighting style. It’s unembellished, a simple leather hilt and bronze guard melding seamlessly into the silvery metal of the blade. The scabbard is made of wood from his homeland. The only powers this blade has is near-indestructibility. Overwhelming attacks, such as those from exceptionally powerful metahumans, can still damage or destroy this blade.

Praesidium: A shield made of Valyrian steel, forged from ore that absorbed the magic of Ofraria. This leaf shield is silvery in color, with the faded mark of the Tenebrosi burned into the metal. A leather strap falls across the back to be carried on his back when necessary. The only powers this shield possesses is nigh-indestructibility. Overwhelming force, such as that of powerful metahumans, can bend or break this shield.

The Fluff

Agelessness: Like all members of his race, so long as he regularly absorbs magic, he doesn’t age past his spiritual maturity.

Family of War: Despite the long line, most of the skills he’s acquired are more fitting for a battlefield than mundane life. As a result, he’s quite useless in anything outside of combat, nor does he have the attention span to learn these skills.

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Barret Bloodblade Empty Re: Barret Bloodblade

Post by Zonkes March 12th 2020, 12:24 am

Seems fine. Approved.

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