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Florian Woodwind

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Florian Woodwind Empty Florian Woodwind

Post by Descendants March 11th 2020, 8:04 pm


"A change in the wind. There is danger coming."

The Bio

Real Name: Florian Woodwind
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 67||28
Gender: Female
Race: Counikun
Hair: White
Eyes: Black
Height: 6’0
Weight: 110 lbs
Blood type: --

The Looks

Florian Woodwind Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTJayijzjMLRLpaYuX76GravJsVzcGooou3_YsJdWXw__xCBIaU

The Personality

Sweet and soft-spoken, Florian is the typical nature-loving nomad. She loves everything natural, from the smallest bug to the largest monstrosity, and her naturally gentle nature lends her adopting strays, including things that could be dangerous to her much-more-mortal husband. She doesn’t understand, or chooses not to, the restrictions placed on humans by the society they live in, instead choosing to live on the fringes, in the wild places of the earth, at one with nature. That’s not say she doesn't know how to navigate it; should she have trouble, of course, she’ll rely on her husband, and she has a permanent room set aside in the Shiba Manor. Like all her kind, she harbors an intense distaste of violence, despite her husband's violent origins. Despite this, as an outcast from her people, she will still engage in combat if necessary.

The Story

Her story starts not at her birth, but thousands of years ago, with a small group of humans lost in the Amazon rainforest. See, these humans worshipped Emra, the God of Compassion and Magic. Their starving prayers reached her ears, and she took pity on them. She warped their bodies and their souls to survive in the forest, giving them animalistic features, different for each person. To show her devotion, she poured her power into a young oak tree, to which the new race, dubbed Counikun, began to worship in lieu of their real god. An individual was chosen to be the leader of their kind, gifted the Staff of the Oak as a symbol of their status.

Thousands of years later, we come to Florian, member of the Woodwind tribe and daughter of the chieftain. The Counikun people have long adopted the status of defender of the jungle, with the wielder of the Staff of the Old Oak acting as chief guardian of the entire forest. By this point in their life, the Counikun people have spread all over the Amazon, though all still worship the Old Oak and respect the Chosen of Emra as their itinerant leader.

Her entire life, Florian was groomed to receive the Staff when she was grown up and her father retired; and indeed, she proved a worthy successor. In her 40’s, practically teenage years for her kind, her father passed away and the Staff came into her possession. She was a great Chieftain, leading her people for a decade, fighting off the deforestation of the Amazon by the human invaders of her homeland.

It was during this time that she met Balthazar; hired as a mercenary by the Brazilian government, they fell in love on the battlefield and married in secret under the Old Oak, taking the Oath that prevented the man from ever again taking a living life. This was a scandal among her people, for humans were the enemy, and they banished her, never again to return to the land of her birth. Her younger sister assumed Chiefhood of the tribes, though the magic of the Old Oak stayed with Florian. For the last ten years, they’ve been married; she owes a life debt to Haru Shiba for saving her life against a group of mugges when she was stuck in the city without her staff. So she serves him, along with her husband, as bodyguards.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Counikun Physiology: Like all her people, Florian is exceptionally tall, allowing her to see over the tall grasses of her homeland, with rabbit-like ears and a small, poofy tail just over her buttocks. These physical changes also come with some metaphysical advantages. Despite her slim frame, Florian is capable of shattering stone with her bare fists. Her nails grow exceptionally fast and are extraordinarily hard and sharp, capable of slashing thin metal to ribbons.

Enhanced Senses: A part of her Counikun Physiology, Florian has highly adept senses of sight, smell, and particularly hearing. Her sight is powerful enough to see through bright lights, and across vast plains miles long, though with little detail. Her sense of smell can pick out day-old smells and track small creatures deep into their burrows. Her sense of hearing is most impressive; she is capable of hearing a beetle twitch from a mile away, regardless of orientation. In the most crowded, noisy crowd, she can pick out an individual just from the sound of their footsteps.

One with Nature: The first gift of the Staff of the Old Oak, Florian can understand all the natural world around her. More than that, she can feel it, from the measliest bug to the mightiest tree. She has a connection with them, and can communicate fully with them. To others, this sounds and looks like her just talking.

Barrier Creation: The second gift of the Staff of the Old Oak, Florian can create powerful defensive barriers to protect herself and allies. These barriers are a green color and always bloom underneath the target with a vine-like pattern. These barriers are spherical, completely encapsulating the target, and can be as large as fifteen-feet in diameter. These barriers are particularly powerful, able to withstand low-to-moderate superhuman attacks from all sources with ease.

Healing Aura: The third gift of the Staff of the Old Oak, Florian is capable of creating an area of pure healing energy. A green mist fills the chosen area, an area up to fifteen feet in diameter within 100 yards of Florian, and anyone in the mist, regardless of friend or foe, have greatly accelerated healing. Most minor wounds will heal instantly, with larger wounds taking several minutes. Severe wounds, such as missing limbs, will take several hours to regenerate.

The Spells

Magic of the Old Oak: The fourth and final power gifted by the Old Oak is the ability to tap into his command of nature. Through incantation and ritual, Florian can cast a variety of spells, all focused on nature. The limits of her people apply here, as does the Oath, thus the magic remains defensive and neutral.

A Hidden Thistle: Pouring magic into the ground, a hidden thistle patch appears, buried inches underground. The second any person puts their foot on it, it erupts, growing in an instant. These thistles have sharp barbs along the stem with bright purple bulbs. These barbs are sharp and long, their magical nature making them capable of even piercing armored opponents, should they make the mistake of stepping on them. With her current mastery of the Staff, Florian can place up to 3 at a time.
Incantation: “Bravery, resilience, a simple brilliance. Stubborn, sharp, to the flesh embark.”

Hunters Snare: Pouring magic into an area, a hidden magical trap appears. When sprung by coming within range of it, vines sprout out, entangling the opponent and pulling them into whatever solid object the trap is placed on. Due to the magical nature of them, these vines are incredibly durable, capable of resisting most attacks, with sharp barbs that hook into clothing and flesh. With her current mastery of the Staff, Florian can place up to 2 at once.
Incantation: “Vines fall, vines rise. Vines shall be the Hunter’s demise.”

Brilliance of the Falls: Sweeping her staff across the air, a rainbow appears. After a moment, it refracts, scattering bright light in all direction. The effects of this spell completely hide the presence, both physical and magical, in one point in a fifteen foot diameter.
Incantation: “They draw close, keep me from my demise. Hide me from prying eyes.”[/u]

Secrets of the Wood: Slamming her staff into the ground, large, thorny roots appear as a wall. Fifteen feet of this wall can be created at once. The magic of these make them resistant to most attacks, even incredibly powerful ones.
[u]Incantation: “Rise, rise, from the sallow ground. Upon the wood object your crown.”

Summon: Hound of the Rotted Leaves: A hound appears, made from dead leaves and vines, with acorns for eyes and stones for claws. In his grassy maw contains poisonous thorns, capable of piercing the thickest of hides. Should one be infected by this poison, their vision will blur, nausea will seize them, and over time, they’ll be paralyzed. The hound itself is capable of running at 45 MPH, and burrowing through the ground at a similar speed. Unless burned to a crisp, the Hound can use nearby vegetation to regenerate itself.
Incantation: “Once dead and forgotten, rise my hound begotten!”

The Weaknesses

Natural Energies: Like all her kind, Florian requires constant ritual maintenance of nature to remain … well, alive. It’s their calling, as guardians of nature. IF she goes more than 24 hours without maintaining some form of nature, she will lose her ability to wield the Staff of the Old Oak.

Staff of the Old Oak: Her magical abilities are focused purely through this staff, and though she is the only one who can use its magic, if they manage to take the staff from her, she loses the ability to use its powers.

Fire: Fire is a constant danger to the natural world, and one that her magic can’t mitigate completely. All of her creations are susceptible to fire, their supernatural defenses weakened by heat and flame. She, too, has a natural fear of flame, enough to make her lose concentration on her spells if the heat is intense enough.

Soil: All of her spells require soil or some form of nature to work. She cannot use them in the middle of a city road, for example.

Pollution: Florian, and any of her creations, are incredibly susceptible to various forms of sludge, slime, and pollution, completely mitigating her natural magics if it is potent enough.

Incantations: All of her spells require incantations, without which they cannot be cast. Should anyone take away her ability to speak, or interrupt the incantation, the spell will not exist.

Loud Noises: Due to her enhanced senses, loud noises can stagger her, even causing bleeding and complete dizziness from the Counikun. While she has some defense to it, ultra and subsonic noises in particular, such as dog whistles, are particularly effective against her, as well as any sound over 130 decibels, such as the sound of a jet engine or megaphones from close distances.

Sensory Overload: Though her other senses aren’t quite as sensitive as her hearing, they are even easier to take advantage of. Bright flashes of light, particularly pungent smells, even an excess of pain can cause major effects, such as temporary blindness, naesea, dizziness, or even unconsciousness.

The Items

Staff of the Old Oak: Florian is the current wielder of the Staff of the Old Oak, an ancient, gnarled staff topped with amber. Taken from the bough of the Old Oak itself, a massive tree deep in the Amazon Forest that acts as the deity for the Counikun people, it possesses some of his power. Other than the magical power it possesses, it’s pretty much a normal wooden staff.

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Florian Woodwind Empty Re: Florian Woodwind

Post by Zonkes March 12th 2020, 12:47 am

Approved until stated otherwise.

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