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Balthazar Strahlia

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Balthazar Strahlia Empty Balthazar Strahlia

Post by Descendants on March 7th 2020, 4:37 am


"Howdy, pardner. Mighty fine night for crimefightin’, i’n’t it?"

The Bio

Real Name: Edward Richards
Chosen Name: Balthazar Strahlia
Hero Name: Patriot
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Bright Blue
Height: 6’2
Weight: 190 lbs
Blood type: A-

The Looks

Balthazar Strahlia Balthier-161493

The Personality

Balthazar is, overall, a kind man with a penchant for violence. A soldier at heart, he can be stern, but still maintains that core of goodness he found with his wife. He is filled with plenty of love for all things, though he tends to save this for people. Balthazar is no fan of nature, and prefers to keep his body well within city limits, unless ordered to by his employer or his wife wishes to bring him along on her nature forays. Like a lot of guys, he loves his toys, though in his case toys refers to high-powered vehicles and weapons. His genius intellect comes in handy here.

The Story

Balthazar was born Edward Richards, the child of Elizabeth Richards, head of Chimera Corps, a weapons developer based on Chimera Island, a small, independent nation off the coast of New York. Raised among weapons, he quickly proved to have a penchant for them. His mother quickly hired a tutor for him, to teach him properly shoot a gun and maintain them. His natural athletisicm and love of guns naturally developed into a tenure into the military, a career path his mother vehemently opposed. He left home to pursue a career anyway, causing his mother to cut him off.

It wasn’t long until he made a name for himself, his exceptional athleticism and unrivaled gun capabilities quickly elevating him to the pinnacle of his colleagues. During his time in Basic Training, he discovered his metahuman ability, which only served to make him even more adept at his chosen specialty. After serving his tour, he was recruited for a special operations division, made up of like-minded individuals with powers. Here he served the rest of his time in the military, taking the lives of innocents and evil alike.

Once resuming military life, he made a life working in a gun shop behind the counter. It was … unfulfilling, to say the least. Using the guns he modified, he began to moonlight as a hero, using his love the Old West and his skills to fight crime. At first, he was no better than the people he killed, taking the lives without a care for collateral damage. It was his wife that changed this for the better. She was lost, unfamiliar with the city, and with her less-than-common features, the target of harassment. Balthazar took pity on her, helped her find her way home with the help of his robotic horse, and the rest is history.

They went to her home, deep in the Amazon, to get married, underneath the Old Oak, the god of her people. There, they took the Oath, vowing to never again take a human life lest it be in self-defense or the defense of another. There, his tenure as Patriot began, and as the bodyguard of a certain Haru Shiba. He supported them while he found a foothold again in the modern world, and thus he was owed his life. Together, he and his wife protect the infamous thief from those that would want to harm him, and occasionally help him on his more esoteric adventures.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Marksman: Balthazar is among the greatest marksman in the world. Having spent his entire life around guns, and going from being an Army Private to Special Forces sniper, he is particularly adept at rifles and larger guns, though his skill extends to sidearms and pistols as well. He can disassemble, clean, and reassemble any gun in moments, perfectly use and maintain all necessary equipment, and more importantly, make shots many would call impossible.

Gauge: A metahuman ability that manifested in his time in the Army. Gauge allows Balthazar to instinctively know the million and one conditions that may affect accuracy, such as temperature, curvature of the earth, wind speed and direction, among many others.

The Weaknesses

PTSD: His time in the war has broken him. Balthazar is traumatized by war, commonly having reactions, flashbacks to his time back in the service. It’s not a pleasant experience. While this is somewhat mitigated by medication and the presence of his wife, Florian Woodwind, it never completely goes away. Sudden loud noises, powerful gun shots, or in general his adrenaline pumping will cause these reactions, typically seizure-like symptoms, his focus failing, flashbacks, or all of the above.

Florian Woodwind: The relationship with his wife is perhaps his biggest weakness; should she ever be in any real danger, he will drop everything to rescue her, and should that prove impossible, he will surrender, unconditionally.

Oath of the Old Oak: On the night of his wedding, he took a vow under the Old Oak, the god of his wife’s people. There, he swore to never again take a human life, save for it under self-defense or the defense of another. This limitation binds him, forcing him to adhere to the principle.

The Items

Special Objects:
The Animus Project [Beta]
For all intents and purposes, this watch-like device acts as a highly advanced computer, with full capabilities. A holographic keyboard and screen is capable of being projected over the screen to allow the user ease of access to all the features. It’s primary function, however, is as a storage device. The Animus is capable of converting physical objects into pure data and storing it as a file, while also capable of doing the opposite; that is, retrieving datafied objects and restoring them to the physical realm. Due to the experimental nature of this device, only up to 500 objects can be stored at once, and nothing more than 50 pounds. In addition, it cannot be used on any object that is currently or once was part of a living thing, due to the completed nature of DNA. Another flaw of the watch is that without use of Corporus or Cormeus, objects can only be retrieved directly to his hand. To digitize any object, the Animus Watch must maintain direct contact with the object for up to thirty seconds, or three posts, whichever is slower. Digitizing objects that belong to another PC is, of course, permission based. Additionally, since the Animus Project is basically a fancy computerized watch, it can be removed from his person.

Corporus [Alpha]
A leather belt with three pockets, lined with magnetic clips. A star-shaped belt buckle dominates the center. In addition to acting as a belt should, Corporus interacts wirelessly with The Animus Project. By placing Cormeus against any of the magnetic clips, any object weighing under 25 pounds can be achieved instantly. Additionally, unique circuitry allows Balthazar to instantly change clothing or armor on the fly. Corporus is quite fragile; even the smallest ding or hit can damage it and render it unusable. Additionally, Corporus can be removed from his person.

Cormeus [Alpha]
Star-spangled gloves with circuitry on the inside, an integral part of Patriots uniform. Cormeus interacts wirelessly with The Animus Project, allowing projects to be datafied or retrieved with just a touch rather than having a wait time. Additionally, he can retrieve items at a distance, up to five feet from his current position, and can retrieve up to ten objects at once. Cormeus is quite fragile; even trying to lift heavy objects can damage the gloves, let alone any actual combat. Additionally, Cormeus can be removed from his person.

Quick Chance Core (QCC) [V1.0]
A light-blue tube about an inch in diameter, used in place of magazines in Patriot brand weaponry. When inserted into any of said weaponry, it’s visible as a solid diamond. The QCC interacts wirelessly with the Animus Project and directly with the weaponry its inserted in, allowing ammunition to be refilled or changed on the fly, as well as attachments. The QCC has its advantages, but also its share of disadvantages; it takes time to reload with this item, potentially more than

Stars and Stripes [V7.8]
By all accounts a regular horse, Stars and Stripes is nonetheless a particularly advanced robot, and quite a powerful one, too. She possesses a meager intelligence equivalent to any tamed horse. Stars and Stripes is capable of running 45 MPH across any terrain while carrying up to 500 pounds of tack and rider, and is additionally quite a bit more durable than a typical horse. However, along with typical weaknesses that come with a horse - such as fear of snakes - Stars and Stripes is vulnerable to electromagnetic interference and other forms of energy that would affect powerful machines.

Old Glory:
A set of armor built specifically for Balthazar. Styled like an old-west cowboy, complete with vest and Stetson, it’s colored like the American flag, with several of the stars acting as buttons down the center. Old Glory is primarily made of a unique, patented fiber in the aramid family of fibers, capable of stopping that stop rifles up to medium range, though anything larger will rip right through.

Old Glory Stetson:
A blue Stetson-style hat with a red and white striped bandanna attached around it. The Old Glory Stetson are quite a bit more powerful than the typical armor, lined on the inside with steel and other materials. A direct shot to it by anything short of a tankbuster will be deflected or stopped outright.

Old Glory Ropers:
Blue cowboy boots decorated with white stars; red spurs are attached at the heel. While certainly acting as functional, and comfortable, boots, the Old Glory Ropers also give increased kicking authority, due to a pneumatic device in the heel. While wearing these, Balthazar can kick down reinforced doors, or kick bad guys through walls with ease. This effect can only be achieved once per post, and if its used against something it can’t move, it will easily shatter, requiring repair before it can used again.

P023 Firestorm:
A pistol colored black. Like all Patriot-brand weaponry, it lacks a hammer or slot for a magazine. This pistol is semi-automatic. Six bullets are loaded at one time and it takes two seconds to reload, with an effective range of 100 meters. When it comes to stopping power, the P023 Firestorm doesn’t possess much, only capable of penetrating a thin layer of metal, such as a car door. It makes up for it with no recoil and reliability.

P460 Thunderbolt:
A large pistol colored black. Like all Patriot-brand weaponry, it lacks a hammer or slot for a magazine. This pistol is single action.  Five bullets are loaded at once with a seven second reload time, and an effective range of 200 meters. This pistol can only fire once every two seconds, to prevent overheating. When it comes to stopping power, the P460 Thunderbolt is capable of most unempowered humans and even some low-powered metas.

P1780 Wildfire:
A moderate-sized submachine gun. Like all Patriot-brand weaponry, it lacks a hammer or slot for a magazine. This gun is fully automatic with the option for three round bursts. It fires at 17 rounds a second and is capable of holding up to seventy-five bullets per reload, with an effective range of 35 meters. When it comes to stopping power, P1780 Wildfire is relatively low, it’s bullets stopped by even thin metal. It more than makes up for it with sheer volume of fire.

P004 Avalanche:
A large assault shotgun colored black. The rotating bolt common for weapons of this type is instead replaced by the QCC insert. This shotgun is single-action. Six bullets are loaded at once with a ten second reload between rounds, with an effective range of 300 meters. It’s stopping power is enormous, capable of ripping through even thick steel and moderate metahuman defenses.

P556 Tsunami:
A large, powerful assault rifle. The rotating bolt common for weapons of this type is instead replaced by the QCC insert. This rifle is fully automatic with an option for six-round burst. Ten bullets are loaded at once with a ten second reload time, and an effective range of 1000 meters. The stopping power of P556 Tsunami is second-greatest among the Patriot-brand weaponry, capable of piercing through most targets, regardless of defenses.

P021 Ragnarok
A very large sniper rifle. The QCC insert replaced the bolt action mechanism. Only one bullet is loaded at a time, with a twenty-five second cooldown. This gun has an effective range of 4 kilometers. The scope equipped to this weapon is capable of this massive magnification. The most powerful gun in his arsenal, the stopping power of the P021 Ragnarok is astronomical. Only the highest tier defenses can hope to stop it, and even they might feel it, depending on the defense.

The Fluff

Driver: Balthazar is an absolutely exceptional driver and pilot, capable of being behind the wheel of most vehicles, from tanks to cars to helicopters.

Guitar: Balthazar is pretty good at guitar. He’s been playing for a couple of years and hopes to start a band someday, in his spare time.

Mechanic: As the resident tech geek of Haru’s little clique, it goes without saying that he likes machines. His expertise is moreso on vehicles than on computers, though he has some skill those.

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Balthazar Strahlia Empty Re: Balthazar Strahlia

Post by Silus on March 12th 2020, 11:06 am

Your items need weaknesses. Old Glory is fine becausenthere's stuff like that i could find and buy, so it is mundane enough.

Same with Firestorm and Thunderbolt!

Otherwise this is phenominal!

Balthazar Strahlia Lucife10
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Balthazar Strahlia Empty Re: Balthazar Strahlia

Post by Zonkes on January 10th 2021, 6:07 am

Approved and moved.

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