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Lisse  Empty Lisse

Post by Cerek February 25th 2020, 6:35 pm

The cursed

"I dont feel so good"

The Bio

Real Name: Lisse Boislune
Hero Name: The cursed
Title: "Dame de l'or tombe"
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair:Thinning white and long
Eyes: Pale blue
Blood type:Demonic

The Looks

lbsLisse  Hqdefa10

The Personality

So long has she been haunted and harassed by demons the only personality left is a frightened little girl. Her memories are trapped with the last moments with her family. She lives in a constant state of fear and pain from within. However when by some magic she is able to regain her mind and hold back the pain, Lisse is a mournful and selfish 16 year old girl caged in a constantly decaying body.
The Story

It wasn't the best life before the gate opened and the demons came. Living in the French countryside meant dealing with a unique set of problems, chiefest among these being the ruthless highwaymen. When Lisse father was levied by the French army it meant hard times were ahead and their home was more vulnerable. The only ones left to defend the house over the coming years were her mother, brother and older sister. Without the extra money that the father brought in as leather tanner ends were hard to meet. The oldest daughter falling ill through the winter coming near death was also a drain on the family. Lisse was young and still didn't fully understand the difficulties of money and food, she grew upset and frustrated eating hard bread and broth for days at a time. There came a point when she thought nothing of stealing from the village merchants, a little bread here a few carrots there. When her mother found out as she inevitably did Lisse was harshly punished, Catholic French mothers do not tolerate sinful theft.

This just made her angry at her mother who made her return the food. Lisse mind became more selfish and self indulgent over time, her love for her siblings grew strained. An effect of having to work so long and hard just to keep the home going was strained relations as the family took up work across the village. Lisse found her own way as she came into her own at 16, she never gave up stealing but rather became better. She became such a deceitful liar, thief and petty criminal under her mothers nose. Worst of all she was beginning to discover why men would look at her in passing so oddly, sexual desire was a new thing and what a poor girl has she would sell and she did. She thought nothing to give herself away as long as she got coin. It came to a point she was a stranger in her own home spending much of her time about foul business. The village folk began to be wary of Lisse and her ways spreading rumors and whispers behind turned backs.

It wasn't long before these rumors reached her mothers ears. She refused to believe such things from village gossips, but the sharp woman she was began to put the pieces together. She barely knew her daughter anymore, her other children always got the bulk of her attention because she didn't believe Lisse needed as much attention. The confrontation was an ugly and tragic event; yelling, screaming, spitting, hitting, throwing things and vulgar curses. Lisse spat poison words full of years of hate and neglect at her mother who only knew how to respond with church rhetoric like she was a priest trying to cast out a demon. Lisse ran away that night ending up in the arms of inn owner, the owners wife being away at the time. Lisse vanished from her family leaving her mother with a heavy grief. The burden would overcome her to her death, the weight of her daughter and the well being of the family was too much after so long... Lisse did not attend the funeral.

Lisse heard about her mothers death and was full of anger and liquor in the home of a local pig farmer. She would never get the chance to curse her mother again for this horrid life, blaming a dead woman for her drunken stupor and bed to bed ways. It was later that night when her fate would twist and her life changed. The farm came under attack from brigands who made camp in the forests nearby, they came with swords and spears and bows with fire. The farmer was gutted like a pig himself and the home ransacked until they came upon Lisse huddled in a corner. It was nothing for these raiders to take Lisse and pass her around like a whore. She didn't put up a fight not that she could, even when they took her with them back to their camp. It was only through her instinct to survive and cunning about men that she was able to earn respect as a thief, spy and killer. She rose to be the second hand of Pierre Marot the chief brigand.

After the mysterious death of Pierre during the raid on Bordeaux Lisse took control of the brigand faction and named herself "Dame de l'or tombe." She sharpened her skills with a blade and was soon able to take on grown men with her agility and dexterous hands. The emboldened woman raided towns with impunity as she pressed more folk into her group, leaving scorched earth in her wake. This would prove to be her downfall though as the kings men took notice of the rising threat. When mother France raises her ire the ground trembles with galloping fury, her sons the Gens d'armes cavalry descended on Lisse Brigands during the night. She and her cohorts were utterly routed and scattered by the well armed and trained police force. Lisse herself was chased down for countless leagues until she finally made away from her pursuers into Milanese lands. It was there she came upon a great evil.

She stopped by a river near the entrance to a valley of weathered rock and hardy plant life, there was a coin glinting in the bending light of the river that trapped her gaze in an instant. Peculiar how flawless the coin was unless it had been dropped recently. The finding of the coin somehow gave Lisse a little boost of confidence and energy but not too great. Lisse was worn out and drained of so much will but still carried on surviving as best she could in the wild from what little experience she had. She somehow slinked her way past French patrols into France and back to her old hide out which was in ruins, shockingly enough there was movement in some of the old shacks. Lisse drew her weapon and commanded whoever was inside to come out. It turned out to be one of her old brigands Michel that survived the attack. He was none too pleased to see her, blaming Lisse' greed for all their ill luck. After some time talking it out and Lisse way with men and words she seemingly convinced the man to join her again.

The two managed to find a few old members of the group and Michel convinced them Lisse was still a good choice for a leader. But to truly convince the old members back Lisse had to go on a raid and prove she was still ruthless. It was a moonless night and black as the Ocean depths in the French country. Lisse and her brigands came upon a farm home that seemed rather familiar in it's design, it would be revealed as they ascended over a hill that it was in fact Lisse old family home. Lisse was indeed a cut throat, but the idea of even seeing her family again made her stomach churn from nerves and shame. In tinted red images in her mind she saw all the worst of what she'd done and for once felt a spike of regret, perhaps brought on by the one refuge of warm feelings her siblings had given her... But it was far too late. They were on the house in no time; the fire started, the yelling, the screaming, the glass shattering and the pillaging. Lisse was torn at a bad time.

When all was stolen and destroyed Lisse siblings were brought out before her and lined up, it was clear from the looks on their faces that they remembered their sister and she them. Michel hauling some of the stolen loot made it clear. "If you want to be trusted again, then prove your loyalty. Shed the old blood." Lisse held the blade in her hand and to her older sisters throat doing her best to keep composure.  She fiddled with that coin like a nervous tick as the seconds dragged on like hours but still not long enough. Lisse was hardened but not enough to slay her own kin in cold blood... A sentiment that would prove pointless. Seeing how her loyalty wasn't strong enough Michel saw no reason to keep Lisse around. Her siblings were cut down before her and then a blade pierced her back, Lisse was left there bleeding out to stare at the corpses of her family. It was only in her last moments that evil would speak.

"What a tragic life, a life lived and died with no fulfillment or purpose. There is nothing but darkness in the void ahead of you Lisssssse hmhm." She was too weak to be shocked, she didn't care if it was insanity or the devil speaking to her. "Your strength is admirable but wasted here as you die for small coin, you dont have to die here. It's me Lisses, reach into your pocket." With whatever strength was left she clumsily reached in fumbling a few times before she held the coin now red with her blood. "I have the power Lisse, I can grant you what you desire as I have seen your wishes. There will be no death for Lisse and for her power overwhelming and legions of followers. From the petty brigand into a true force, a power of nature that cannot be halted by men. Lisse thought all this a deception of a dying mind but what did it matter now? She was hellbound anyways so why not make a deal with evil. Lisse accepted quickly forming a pact with the coin. "You will be... Mother Hmhmhm and they will love and hate you as you did yours." The coin spoke no more and Lisse' eyes closed.

She awoke some time later healed but not the same. She felt ill, and not a normal kind of ill. This sickness was in her body and her soul creeping like black ichor in her veins. A poison that grated her flesh from the inside with intent and malice, she stumbled around aimless and in agony looking for help. She finally came upon an unwelcome sight, a garrison of Gen d'armes making patrols caught sight of Lisse and gave a looks of terror. They still recognised her as the dame de l'or tombe and did their duty moving in to kill her as was instructed. A few of them ran the weak girl down and trampled her body into a twisted mess. But her body did not stay that way. The broken limbs soon wiggled and writhed as though separate from the torso, bruises and cuts wrenched and pulled from the normal flesh. Limbs tore off in a gush of blood bone and tendons and changed form into monstrous necrotic fiends. The men were frightened out of their wits and tried to gallop away. The creatures in their evil shapes protected Lisse and tore through the garrison, they ripped and ate and tore flesh leaving the area a nightmare of bodies. Lisse mind descended into self pity nd darkness from that day forth, she roamed endlessly in pain and suffering.
The Priority

1. Agility4
2. Endurance1
3. Reaction3
4. Strength2

The Powers

The last gate: Lisse cannot be killed, she cannot be disfigured even save for the effects of the curse. If she is wounded then that wound will painfully wrench and rip itself from her always dying body, it will morph and grow into a Eldritch abomination. The power and wicked nature of this creature is measured by the wound severity. Light cuts and bruises will yield tiny skittering monsters, the kind that like to crawl into a living body. A fatal wound or even complete destruction of her body will call forth arch fiends, officers of the necrotic realm. Though the creatures dont truly care for her they will defend her like a hive queen

The Weaknesses

-Weak frail body
-No control over powers
-In constant pain from demons tearing at her from the inside
-Easily led astray or persuaded by others.
-Easily frightened
-Weak to a massive variety of things especially holy elements
-Very slow
-Paranoid thoughts and inner voices
-Cannot approach holy sites
-Easily controlled by evil forces
-Spends 50% of the time laying down incapacitated

The Items

The coin of three: The cursed coin of greed is the symbol of a sin and one of three cursed vices, to hold it is to bind yourself to a horrid end. The other items are the pen of three and the lens of three

The Minions

The Fluff

-Wailing and crying
-Random vomiting
-Necrotic smell

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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