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Beggar King (Trevor Queensman)

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Beggar King (Trevor Queensman) Empty Beggar King (Trevor Queensman)

Post by cycloneboy93 on February 25th 2020, 2:02 am

Beggar King

"Anyone has the ability to stop you.
I am that anyone."

The Bio

Real Name: Trevor Alvarez Queensman
Hero Name: Beggar King
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic
Hair: Jet Black with a high taper fade with textured brush back
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 180 lbs. (~84 kilos)
Weight: 5' 9" (~1.8 Meters)

The Looks

Out of costume, Trevor dresses in a business casual button-up shirt and black slacks, due to his vocation. Even when in public and not working, he finds it easier and more comfortable at this point just to dress like he does on the job.

Yet in costume, Trevor takes on almost the exact opposite appearance. Donning an average pair of blue jeans, an old navy-green hiking pack, and a very large black hoodie that obscures his face. Although his face is normally unable to be seen, he wears a clear-plastic face shield, which has been covered in one-way tinting material, similar to what's used in cars, to make cameras and others unable to see him clearly when his hood is down. He also has a pair of biking gloves, making it easier to grip things and also hide his fingerprints. Underneath all these clothes he also has Kevlar padding in certain areas, making it so that he is protected somewhat from injuries in the major areas, yet sacrificing true safety for mostly unhindered mobility.

The Personality

Trevor has a strong belief in working hard for what you have, but he also realizes that there are others out there who aren't able to do what he has done, and he recognizes that with understanding. He will help anyone, whether they 'deserve' it or not, and will stop anyone who he feels is just out to make other's lives harder to make their own easier. He doesn't necessarily have a 'higher sense' of justice, he just wants to make sure everyone is safe and can keep living their lives.

He isn't normally a super serious man, but he likes to have his things in order, making him seem stuffy to those looking in from the outside. He believes strongly in his right to privacy, and reflects this ideal in how he acts and all the precautions he takes a superhero.

The Story

Being born in Los Angeles, Trevor was raised into a poorer family. Living in a small apartment with his mother, father, and his older cousin, Rebeka, he had a lot of people taking care of him while he was growing up. Trevor was around the age of seventeen when the L.A. Revolution took place, his mother and father dying at their workplaces during, with Rebeka and himself making it out. Since then, he has, and continues to, keep in touch with Rebeka, getting together with her often.

After high school, he went to trade school to be an electrician, getting a lot of on-the-job training during and after this, helping to re-build the city. Eventually, after feeling that he saw that it would be awhile before the jobs ran out, he decided to better himself and take on the crime still prevalent in the rebuilding city that the police had trouble dealing with.

He decided on his persona due to his belief that any and all people can make a difference, and that those less fortunate need to be helped in any ways one can manage. He uses it not only as a way to bring awareness to his cause, but also because it makes it easier to blend into the crowd when need be due to the still large homeless population in the city, even after all this time spent rebuilding.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Trevor gained the ability to 'blink' short distances around the age of sixteen. Although to most this power looks like teleportation, it actually just grants him the ability to propel himself extremely fast in a short amount of time, in any direction he wants. This gives the illusion that he is suddenly appearing in a new spot, when in all actuality he's just moving very fast. This burst of energy only lasts for around a second and can't be sustained beyond that.

At around the same time he got his blink power, he also discovered the ability to control the minds of small animals, nothing bigger than a rat. He discovered this while babysitting the class gerbil for an assignment, making it do small actions. Eventually, after lots of gerbil-sitting, he began to make it move around entirely, and even found out how to give it simple commands it could do on its own, such as taking pieces of paper or other small objects in places he couldn't see. He can control up to twenty creatures at once, however his commands are limited when in groups this large. If he wishes to give any more complex command than "move," "stop," or "bite indiscriminately," he has to lower this number to three.

The Weaknesses

Although his 'blink' can be considered as magical by some, he has no training or any real experience with anything mystical or arcane. Psychic or any other kind of non-physical attack will hinder him immensely, as he has no real way of protecting himself from any of it.

Trevor can not use his blink to hit things without severely hurting himself. Although he likes to think he can take more of a beating than the average person, essentially flinging yourself at something solid at a high velocity would hurt anyone. He can really only use this ability to help his mobility or do simple things, such as breaking through glass or other weaker materials.

The Items

On his waist, he carries a police-grade shock pistol, with replacement cartridges on his other hip. Inside his backpack, in regards to weapons, he owns two shock-batons he created himself, which are essentially just metal billy clubs he has wrapped in copper wire and attached batteries too. There also some homemade Electro-Magnetic Pulse devices that are in the side pockets, which he normally just uses to short out breaker boxes or card scanners when needed.

For the other items in his backpack, he carries a crowbar, a thermal monocular, a sleeping bag, a few M.R.E's, a flashlight, and other miscellaneous pieces of survival gear. Although he doesn't use these items much, due to living in a city, he knows the importance of always being prepared. He also has a small, highly-protected cage that he keeps three mice in at all times.

The RP Sample

As the van careened down the tight alleyway, it barely missed Beggar as his blink shot him into the air, the vehicle barely missing him as it sped by underneath. As he van was going by, Beggar shot out his arm, grabbing on to the top metal rack, holding on as the van tossed him back and forth in an attempt to get out of the alleyway as fast as possible. The driver, not seeming to know that they had picked up an unwanted passenger, made no attempts to shake Beggar off as they merged onto a main road, heading towards the highway. Beggar rolled over the bar and placed his feet on the back windows, pushing off and blinking down hard off the glass, shattering it and rolling inside. He quickly made his way through the mass amount of drugs and weapons stored in the back, making his way to the front of the vehicle, slapping down an E.M.P. device on the dashboard. "End of the line, buddy," he said, punching the driver square in the face as sparks flew out from the console in front of them both, the driver slumping over in their seat, out cold.

The van slowly made it's stop, Beggar steering the wheel to avoid hitting anyone or anything, eventually coming to a stop in the middle of the road. As he exited the back of the vehicle he pulled out his phone, dialing up the Los Angeles Police Department. "There's a large black van stopped in the middle of the road on the corner of East and Locust, lots of weapons and narcotics in the back. Driver's out cold and the electronics are fried, so take your time. None of it's going anywhere." He hung up the phone and put it in his pocket, tightening up the straps on his backpack and blinking up to the roof, another successful night completed.

(Started roleplaying when I was thirteen on Flipnote Hatena, have continued using sites like Shamchat and Rolechat ever since. I've also been playing tabletop roleplaying games consistently since around the age of fifteen. I'm unsure of the literacy level the site is looking for, but believe me, I can deliver whatever is required.)

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Beggar King (Trevor Queensman) Empty Re: Beggar King (Trevor Queensman)

Post by Chellizard on February 28th 2020, 8:38 pm

Approved and moved.

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