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Jason Lovegrove (Gallows)

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Jason Lovegrove (Gallows) Empty Jason Lovegrove (Gallows)

Post by Zonkes February 24th 2020, 1:28 am

"I was forced into this. Not my fault you decided to come back after your time passed."

The Looks

The Personality

Jason is a man of his word. If you make a deal with him, it will go through.

Jason is soft hearted, but resolute and if he decides on something; he will usually go through with it. Even if it hurts him to do so.

The Story

His name was Jason Lovegrove
. And for the first few years of his life, his parents knew that he would be special. The boy was a very talented musician, even from an early age. He would sit for hours outside strumming his guitar and singing. There were timesthat Jason would attract passerby’s to listen to his music as his parents watched. The neighbor girl, Veronica Sinclair was especially interested in his music. The two struck a bond early in life, and neither of them were ever far apart from the other. K

One day, when Jason was playing his guitar outside, he was around 12, he heard a gunshot. He ran to the backyard to find that someone had shot a duck out of the sky the thing was badly injured, it’s wing all but gone, but Jason took him inside and did his best to stop the bleeding.

Then he ran the duck to his mothers office, she was a vet by trade and would surely know what to do. He laid the poor creature at his mothers feet and asked if she could help it.

She took Jason aside, and sat him down before taking the duck in the back. 30 minutes later, his mother came out of the back room, sadness obvious on her face. She looked Jason in the eyes and shook her head.

She explained that every creature had its time on earth, and while the ducks was cut short; it was just how things had to be.

Jason stayed up for multiple nights. He didn’t want to accept that. But eventually, he realized that he really didn’t have the power to do anything. And his music got much more melancholic because of it.

As Jason grew, he made new friends and started a band. His buddy Chaz was the drummer, and Veronica was the bassist. The two had formed a romance just before they started the band, and Jason and Chaz had been best friends since Middle School. The band was meant to be, right?

Chaz was rushed to the ER not long after his car crash, and when Jason and Veronica had heard that their best friend was in critical condition; they rushed to the hospital.

Chaz was legally dead for fifteen minutes. They had stopped trying to revive him when he finally woke back up. Surprisingly, despite his injuries and death; when he woke up, he simply stood up, asked why everyone was crying, and grabbed a Tylenol.

Chaz wasn’t quite the same after that. He was… aggressive, jealous, and angry.

Veronica and Jason gave him the benefit of the doubt. I mean, dying had to change someone slightly, right? Eventually, however; it all came to a head when Jason went to the bathroom and Chaz tried to makeout with Veronica. That night, Jason kicked Chaz out of the band for good. He had a couple of drinks that Chaz had left at the bar for him, and walked out to his car to leave with Veronica who hadn’t been drinking at all, all night.

Who knows what would’ve happened next had Jason just let Veronica drive him home? Who knows what would’ve happened if his vision didn’t blur just before they went into the wrong lane and had to swerve to avoid the truck? But it didn’t happen.

When they swerved to avoid the truck, they flew off the road. Jason sobered up just a moment too late with Veronica screaming in his ear. They struck the tree at 80 MPH and Veronica was killed instantly. Jason, between life and death saw the spectre reaching for Veronica and instantly knew who it was. “Wait.” He croaked weakly, reaching out for the robed figure. It stopped, and while it didn’t look at him; it seemed to have noticed him. “Take me instead. Let her live.” Death looked to the broken man on the ground, then back to Veronica and nodded. “Very well.” The voice was a whisper, but somehow shook the air around it with power. The cold skeletal hand reached into Jason’s chest, and tugged on something that Jason wasn’t sure was there before.

And then… there was just… nothing for a bit. Until Jason came to in an office complex with the wraith staring at him. Eyeless sockets moving with expressions that they were not intended for. “Welcome back, Jason.” The eerie voice spoke again. However, this time it didn’t rattle reality… just Jason’s nerves. “...So I’m dead, yeah?” Jason asked, staring at the dark wood of the desk. “Yes.” The voice responded. There was no apology, no sympathy. Just fact.

“And Veronica?” Jason asked, not knowing if he really wanted to know the answer. “She is alive. She will recover eventually. Though not without hard work. The skull shifted slightly, eyes bending inward in a macabre affectation of a human putting on a serious face for business. “As for you, Jason Lovegrove… You intrigue me.” Jason looked around the room, fight or flight instincts kicking in despite his current condition. He then looked back at death, and shakily asked “How so?”

Death rose from his chair and began pacing the room. “I am inevitable. Every living being must eventually know my touch. All things know this, most accept this. Some fight, and even fewer fight for another. Fewer still on the precipice of their own demise. You made a deal with me, Jason.” The reaper said. “I was going to spare your life, in exchange for the woman you loved… but you fought me. Perhaps not physically, but you were willing to try; and no doubt, if your body wasn’t ruined beyond repair, you would’ve fought me physically. I spared her for you… now you must fulfill our bargain.”

Jason stared at Death. Wondering what he could possibly want from him in return for the life of Veronica. Whatever it was, Jason knew that he couldn’t turn him down. Who knows what he would do if he did so.

“Become my reaper. Hunt down evil souls and bring them to justice.” Jason was admittedly stunned. A life of servitude seemed like a horrifying proposition..

Death shook his head. “I knew it would be too much to ask.” Jason opened his mouth and Death put a skeletal finger over his lips. “Do not deny me just yet.” The angel of Death stroked his skeletal chin and nodded. “Should you serve me well… I will return you to life and allow you to be with your Veronica.”

Jason was actually about to agree when Death shushed him. He couldn’t risk anything happening to her should he have denied Death. But this deal… it was almost too good to be true. Jason raised an eyebrow. “What is the catch?” He asked skeptically. Death laughed. “I like you. You aren’t stupid. But there is no catch. You will be my reaper for evil and escaped souls. If you serve well, you get a reward. Serve poorly, and you will continue to serve until your bones decay.”

Jason sighed resolutely. “Where do I sign?” Jason asked, and Death grinned in response. “You just did.”

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Strength
3. Endurance
4. Agility

The Powers

The Weaknesses

The Items

The Origin

The Fluff

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Jason Lovegrove (Gallows) Empty Re: Jason Lovegrove (Gallows)

Post by The Lych February 24th 2020, 2:01 am

Interesting to see another reaper around, and ine that's well thought out!

Approved until stated otherwise!
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