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Shot in the Dark

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INV ONLY Shot in the Dark

Post by Nate6595 on January 23rd 2020, 4:58 am

Trouble seemed to be popping up like weeds in the recent days. It wasn’t too bothersome, mild annoyances that needed a quick pulling to be removed. However, of the weeds one stuck out in particular to Isaac. The weed had a very specific name as well, Detective Harold Grainger. He was a well-respected detective, at least according to his men on the inside. He often got the more important jobs down at the station and he was in line for a promotion to captain. He even had a family, a recent born child. Things were looking up for this particular weed.

It was a shame he had to die, really. Isaac was a criminal and all, but he still understood and valued the police department. They kept some order is this chaotic world, and even in crime order was needed. However, Detective Grainger recently was assigned a particular case that would be Isaac’s bane. He was leading the charge on the weapons being dealt by Chimera, Isaac’s company. He was not close to uncovering the location of the main facility in which they were being transported too, but he was closer than most others, and Isaac was a careful man. He needed Detective Grainger killed, and quickly. The only problem was that another, smaller crime group recently made a public threat to him and he had been placed in protective care.

The safehouse he was going to be protected in was a six-story apartment building, top floor and he’d probably receive some protection from the department. How much? Isaac was unsure. He was a detective with a great deal of pull and respect, and it was known that a price was on his head, a good one, so…it was hard to tell how hard it would actually be to take him out. He wouldn’t waste the chance on him moving or getting more protection, he would send his best to kill the man, Nine. She was free and in the area, and after one call she was on the case.

When Nine got the call she let out a sigh of defeat. Not during the call, of course, but after. She did her job and did it well, but it was supposed to be her day off, as rare as they were. She didn’t have much say in the matter, but still, it was a pain in the ass. Thankfully, though, her apartment was close to the safe house and all it took was a quick change and she’d be ready. Her stealth suit was one, her rifle was primed, and her supplies were at the ready. It was around nine or so at night, the perfect time to strike. It’d be dark and easier to move about unhindered, unspotted.

She went to roof, stretching her arms up and then…she’d leap to the next building, beginning to jump from one ledge of a roof to the next. She was still some ways off, a block or two, but her plan was to enter in through the fourth floor and work her way up, using her stealth suit. She couldn’t risk going through the main door and alert any potential protection the detective had.

She really hoped there was no one serious protecting the guy…that was the last thing she needed.
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INV ONLY Re: Shot in the Dark

Post by Cerek on January 25th 2020, 5:26 pm

Detective Granger was not unknown to Cebra, having assisted him in previous investigations. It was that sort of tenuous partnership where Cebra could do the more seedy things the detective couldn't, while Granger could provid Cebra information he could not get from police sources. It was a stretch to say they were buddy buddy however when Cebra got wind there might be a hit out on Granger, he couldn't let such a valuable source go unprotected. Cebra was already in the safehouse using the fake ID of Patrick Roberts, as to fit in with the security detail. Cebra was still technically a vigilante and wanted by authorities so this task was dangerous on many ends. Ever the trained soldier Cebra had taken quite a few precautions in order to defend the safehouse.

Motion sensors, camera drones the size of an ant and littered the building they were in, as well as a few buildings surrounding that might have a vantage point over their position. Cebra mostly spent his time in solitude keeping watch as all his security devices were linked to him. Though every once in a while a guard would come by to check on Cebra finding it odd he'd be given permission to go off by himself, but such were orders and a big deal was never made. It was mostly explained away as Cebra being an outside agent contracted by Granger. His clothing different and clearly not part of thr group; The black turtleneck, the combat boots, the cargo pants. Looked more like a spy than security. Cebra had only brief contact with Granger even in the safehouse, thinking it better to not draw attention to the two of them conversing. They kept in contact via communications devices attached to the ear.

Cebra after a while of inactivity decided to take a step outside a back door to have a smoke and fresh air ironically.
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