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A Long Night

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INV ONLY A Long Night

Post by Nate6595 on January 1st 2020, 9:38 am

Maplepines was one of the smaller towns in upstate Maine. It was like a needle in a haystack, to find it on a local map could take the better part of your day. Despite its size the people were quite happy with their quiet lives, the troubles of the world seemed far off. However, that had only been the case until recent days. The quaint calmness of their town had been uprooted by some unknown force. For the past few weeks there has been a drastic increase in missing persons cases.

The disappearances seemed centered around the local high school. It had started with the disappearances of Thomas Keller, a troublemaker, but the school’s star football player and his girlfriend, Daisy Smith, a quiet girl for the most part. At first, people chalked it up to a romantic runaway, but the parents said neither one would’ve done so. Though, in the following week when another disappearance, a beloved teacher by the name of Herald Jones, that people got…anxious.

Rumors started; word spread like wildfire. Rumors of cult activity, aliens abducting people, monsters, demons…the claims were endless. Over the course of the last three weeks a total of fourteen people have gone missing, ranging from students, facility, investigating police officers, and random folk around the town. People have started to get restless, worried of what’s causing these strange occurrences. A curfew has been set in the town and the school has been closed down until the investigation is complete.

Many claim that the disappearances are just part of an elaborate prank. Some people think the people who disappeared just moved away. Others believe one of the more…absurd claims are true. The police and mayor have not made an official statement on the disappearances, only stating that they are investigating this string of disappearances.

There is, though…another group who is sure they know what is going on. A small online forum of concerned students stating that they know of four other teens who recently got involved in a cult and are summoning a strange entity to attack those who bullied them. They also claim to hear old radio broadcasts coming from the school late at night, even when nobody is around. They claim that there is…a voice in those radio casts, that something is speaking through them…or worse, coming through them.

The forum has posted about it in many online sites, asking for help and advice, but to the current day the situation is unresolved and the kids investigating have not turned up a single lead in undoing whatever is really happening here…

Tonight, at the high school, two groups have begun their movement. A group of three teens from the forum have decided to break in and see if something…strange is really happening, Charlie, a young bookworm, Jake, the head of film club, and Eric, Jake’s best friend and a member of the track team. The other group are just two, Logan and Ginger, two bullied loners who learned of a strange cult who has the power to summon an entity. They have been working with a few others around the town to try and bring forth this entity, tonight is their first real night of trying to bring it forward. They were unsure if they’d really be able to like the other groups in the town, but at the very least they knew one thing…

It was going to be a long night.
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