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Rowan Eldraine

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Rowan Eldraine Empty Rowan Eldraine

Post by Rowan Eldraine December 28th 2019, 9:49 pm

Rowan Eldraine Source

Basic Biography

Name: Rowan Eldraine
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 16 in appearance
Gender: Male
Race: Half-fae
Hair: Black
Eyes: Forest Green
Height: 5’2 ft
Weight: 116 lbs
Blood type: 0 -

The Looks

Rowan Eldraine 9030c06ebecb88933dced68a357113fe
Rowan Eldraine 51ad3d162162d72fcb088c73688c57d9
Rowan Eldraine Ce94718b09808c73e82e5c9ffcda60c9
Rowan Eldraine 716733c1566e1a13145e17eeec2d70f8
Rowan Eldraine 2116591ede50b7b999a58e29ae1c5843

The Legacy

Terse, Rowan is the kind of person that doesn’t like speaking more than he has to.  Finds small talk annoying and won’t do it if he can avoid it, which tends to be all of the time. Holds a large amount of compassion for animals and the earth around him, owing much to his druidic ways and upbringing in The Conclave. He is not without empathy, even towards humans and sees them as vastly misguided; though that doesn’t keep him from holding deep seeded hatred nonetheless. He’s intuitive and the kind of person able to read the room around him as well as the moods of people and beings around him. Moody at times, he dislikes having his own shortcomings and even hypooracies brought up. Known for being a kind of prankster that enjoys playing jokes on people, he takes much from his upbringing.

Rowan was born to Seelie royalty, the first son in centuries and one that was greatly cherished by his mother  who did everything she could to make sure he was taken care of. Even without a father present, he was content with his childhood and played with the fellow fae youth that were raised around him. As well as the sprites and fellow neighbors he was raised alongside in the pathways of Arcadia. Everything seemed like it were ideal, that being until he reached the age of five and found himself being presented to an older woman in strange bark armor, considering him with sharp green eyes. He had a vague idea who she was, and understanding didn’t come due to his own young age.  She was a representative of the druids conclave, a place he had heard about in whispers but nothing that he knew much of.

They had wanted to take him in for whatever reason and after talks his mother allowed it, ushering him from his home with tears in her eyes and that was when his new life began. He didn’t know why he had been cast off, but he knew he didn’t like it. All he knew was that he missed home and this new place was not home, not something that he wanted to live in. That persisted for a while, the young man brooding and avoiding all the responsibilities he was expected to follow. It was only when his appointed mentor grew tired that they came up with a solution and that was to bring him to speak with the strange entity known as “The Old Man of the forest” something he had never heard of before.

Well he had heard a few things but nothing specific.

It might have been their wisdom or some kind of understanding that took millenia to hone but the ancient creature managed to talk him into being more cooperative. Learn the druids ways and everything that came with it, from magic to the martial ways he found himself drawn to. Stringing and shooting a bow was something that he took to without much prodding. A ranger he styled himself after, though he didn’t leave for the outside world until the age of twelve when he had enough training to be able to handle himself.

The target then was a rogue spirit, one that had given into corruption as they called it. Feeding and proliferating pollution, regardless of what it did to the planet. Well he was told that was what was happening but the moment he went out into the field, he found the spirit was more of a bi-product of a nature spirit being corrupted by a company carelessly dumping their waste. This first mission was something that nearly lead to him slaughtering a small group of innocents, and lead to him being drug back to the grove before he could cause any issues. That was when his dislike of humanity began and their overall seeming disinterest.

That didn’t help when he learned about what his true heritage was. That his father was not some unknown fae like he had assumed but a human, maybe he reacted poorly but that didn’t matter to him. Everything around him had been a lie and so he ended up gathering what he could and left the grove. Where to he didn’t know but he found himself trying to deal with it through the world of man and the shadows beneath it.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Supernatural dexterity and accuracy:  Due to his in human heritage he was born with a level of dexterity that puts him far above any human, allowing him to perform grand feats of acrobatics as well as being very agile. A secondary benefit is that he is afforded a keen aim with weapons, usually those that use projectiles. When mixed with his own impressive senses it can come off as even improved reaction time.

Fae senses:  His senses are honed far better than any humans would be. He can see in near dark and in full darkness is capable of seeing grey shapes, as well he is capable of hearing keener than any human could be able to.

Air magic: He’s pretty proficient in the use of magic involving air, allowing him to create gusts of wind, small bursts and other manipulations of the element.

Skin walking: A specialized kind of shapechanging that allows the user to take on the shape of animal skins they hold. For example should Rowan have the skin of a fox, he could take the form of a fox so long as it is on his person. He can draw upon the experiences and memories of the skin as well as even a personality should that be relevant.

Archery skill:  His weapon of choice is the bow and arrow, something that shows whenever he’s forced into combat. He can shoot a fly from one hundred meters away and tag fast moving targets reliably, normally able to make fatal shots with ease should the desire hit him.

Druidcraft: The magical arts which are mostly exclusive to the druids of The Conclave. He knows spells and magic that involves interacting with and loving nature, allowing him to perform feats unknown to mortals by calling upon the inherent mana within the world around him.

  • Mists of the veil: A spell which allows him to call upon thick mists which rise and saturate the immediate area. Is very difficult for normal humans and most animals to see anything beyond vague shapes within the area of the spell.
  • Summers balm: He saturates his hands with positive mana, placing them upon a person and rapidly mending injuries. Sealing up cuts and scratches as well as allowing minor breaks to be fixed, even stopping more fatal injuries from bleeding out though this spell alone does not heal them completely.  Hours of exposure to this spell can reattach limbs and close more dire injuries completely.
  • Glamour: A kind of magic that he learned from his fae heritage. He can create minor illusions over himself, such as making his pointed ears seemed more rounded though if he cares to he could project an illusion over him to look, sound and even smell like another person or project the illusion around himself. Illusions on the area around him do not seem convincing as he can only create a convincing sensory illusion with two senses, instead of three or more.
  • Thorn whip: Holding the stalk of any plant, he can fill it with mana and cause it to rapidly grow to take the form of a whip like vine with thick, durable thorns along the length of it. These thorns are capable of ripping chunks of flesh and leaving deep grooves within steel.
  • Reinforce nature: He can imbue natural materials with mana, vastly increasing their inherent durability. Wood can be made to feel more durable and clothing made of natural materials can be made to be as tough as body armor.
  • Call swarm: He can call upon a small swarm of animals normally considered pests, such as mice, rats, flies, mosquitoes or anything else that might exists within a wide radius around him to pester his enemies.
  • Gaia’s embrace: Rowan creates large petals which rise from the ground and form a thirty foot radius around him and anyone else within that space. They’re highly durable and capable of even withstanding explosive force without falling. Usually used when he needs a moment to gather himself or defend his allies while they formulate new strategies.
  • Quiver of the winds: He can fill a quiver with “arrows of air” which are mana mixed with air and solidified into arrows that can be used with any kind of bow. They have the piercing power to punch through thick steel plating. Creating about 10 of these arrows with each cast of the spell.
  • Tree stride: Rowan can move through or step through a plant large enough to allow his passage, usually a tree. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to this movement, but he must know of the end point he wants to step out of and where it is. He can bring one more person with him so long as they also can step through as well.
  • Undergrowth: He can encourage and cause thick, thorny vines and brambles to grow within a thirty foot radius within a spot he can view. The vines will attempt to bind people who are caught in the radius of the spell.
  • Will-o-the-wisp: He can call upon the spirit fire that wisps can use, lashing out with bolts of fire which don’t cause physical damage but seem to lash out at the very spirits of a person. Physical exhaustion seems to be the result of damage from this fire despite there being no obvious damage and if someone is hit by too much of this fire, they die at worst or pass out at best.
  • Call of The Conclave: A powerful recall spell which draws in the user and anyone connected to them back to the nearest Conclave grove. This requires a large amount of mana to activate and can leave the person who uses it drained.
  • Cat’s cunning: A spell that can augment the targets dexterity and agility, allowing them to perform great feats of finesse they would not have been able to perform before.
  • Predators cunning: A spell that can cause the noise that the caster creates to be cut down to nearly zero, allowing them to move with the utmost skill.
  • Spears of winter: Rowan can create and launch three sharp icicles which can be launched with enough force to punch through a person.
  • Natures message: He can imbue a message with an animal, such as a bird, squirrel or anything and have them deliver it to anyone within around the same state area.
  • Sleeping spores: He breathes out a thick cloud of spores that when breathed in can cause intense drowsiness and even sleep when inhaled by anyone other than the caster. (permission based)
  • Thunder arrow: He forms an arrow within his hand formed of solidified electricity. The arrow causes electrocution as if struck by a bolt of lightning upon hitting, spreading outwards to a span of ten feet to hit anything else within that range.
  • Beast sight: He can send his senses through the eyes of an animal and guide it as if it were his own body.
  • Sanctuary: He creates a field around him that seems to make violence difficult towards him. This heavily affects animals but humans are also somewhat affected by it as well. The spell fails when he makes a violent action. (permission based)

Human enough:  He’s by no means superhuman physically, meaning knives, bullets and anything else that would hurt a person could hurt him.

Bite of cold iron: Due to his fae heritage, Rowan is weak to pure iron to the point where his skin burns and even mixtures of over 50% can cause him to suffer mild hives with exposure over a few seconds.

Inorganic: Spells that require something to have organic matter or a spirit do not work on things that lack them, such as robots.

Modernity:  In a place where he is either not close to earth or has a foot of metal between him and the earth, most of his spells do not work.

Fire: Fire seems to be a common thing that most of his spells can be stopped by.

Sensory: While his senses are sharper than a humans, that also means that his senses are more sensitive to intense or rapid changes within stimuli. Such as sudden lighting changes or sharp/loud sounds.  

A breeze:Gusts of wind strong enough can blow away any of his spells that require a cloud or mist.

Rowan:  Contact with rowan wood can break the glamors that he creates and lenses set within a rowan frame can allow one to see through his glamor as well.

Shiny things: He has an inherent weakness towards shiny things, gems and precious metals especially (silver and gold) and is unable to deny any kind of bribe involving them.

Skin changing: To change shape he needs a skin and should that skin be destroyed he loses access to that form.  

Lover of nature:  He will prioritize plant or animal life over human life more often than not, making him cold towards the human species in general and usually ruining his relationship with them.

Helpless: While using Beast sight his body is left helpless and he cannot experience anything around himself.  


Winter’s bite:  A rapier formed of a crystal imbued with magic meant to make it as hard as tempered steel.

Hunting equipment:  Normally he brings with him simple spotted leather armor with a hood, some potions depending on the situation (plot based), with the skin of a cat, squirrel, rat and a few other small animals as well as a simple yew bow with around twenty obsidian arrows in the quiver.


Speech of beasts: His years of study and connection with the spirits of nature has allowed him the ability to speak with animals, understanding their language to an extent. More intelligent animals can communicate in full sentences with him but he is always able to understand their intentions.

Speech of root and stem: An ability he held since his birth, Rowan has been able to communicate with plants, and fungi of all kinds. They don’t always speak in words but he can see the images and sensations that they impress through him.

Alchemy: A large portion of his training was what plant could do what and how to use it to his own advantage as well as the advantage of his allies. (used for plot potions)

Vast hunting experience: he has learned through his years to hunt, follow tracks, pick out what foods would be poisonous to consume and even where to shoot to get a quick or slow kill.

Timelessness:Despite being around the age of 85, he looks younger by a great many years and likely will age slower. Youth seems to be something that he will maintain even into adulthood. Even with his half breed nature, it’s unknown if he will age at all beyond a youthful form.

Physical Priority
Reaction 1
Agility 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4
Rowan Eldraine
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Rowan Eldraine Empty Re: Rowan Eldraine

Post by Silus December 28th 2019, 10:14 pm

Approved until stated otherwise!!!

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