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Listener Empty Listener

Post by Secret Santa December 25th 2019, 8:55 pm


"Few listen, truly listen to the things around them."

The Bio

Real Name: Malcolm Felser
Hero Name: Listener
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Copper Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6,3’
Weight: 212 lbs
Blood type:0+

The Looks

When not in his alter ego Malcolm dresses as expected for an investigator. Beige slacks with black suspenders draping over his white button up with both cuffs rolled up. His slick-backed and soft blue eyes make him easily approachable. He has the beginning signs of age with crows feet appearing when he laughs or squints. He has a trim athletic build common to that of people who frequent the gym.

As the Listener he appears as a void in the world. A being of pitch darkness. It is impossible to see him as being 3rd dimensional much less make it any semblance of a face. The only thing one could possibly make out is his shape.

The Personality

Years of discovering the dark underbelly of society has left the Listener jaded with the world. When he looks around and only sees good he wonders what is hidden beneath the surface. He takes no pride in his line of work as an investigator nor hero but is determined to stop or expose whatever dark secret he has uncovered to protect the unknowing.
The Story

Growing up in Boston is hard. Growing up in Boston with voices in your head is even harder. For as long as Malcolm could remember he was never alone. No matter where he went no matter what time of the day there were always the other. The Whisper as he had long since grown used to calling the voice was not normal. It’s speech fragmented and stuttered, barely audible like a slight breeze in the wind. Whether it was a supernatural spirit, devil, or just his own mind going crazy he wasn’t sure but he knew it was not natural and it certainly wasn't his friend.

The Whisper did not speak about common things or even ask how Malcolm was. It never spoke about who it was or even what it is. The only thing that interests The Whisper is secrets never to be revealed. As a child Malcolm constantly found himself lead into locked rooms and hidden areas where he found all sorts of secrets. Teachers drinking on the job, Married men cheating on their spouse, even a serial killer. Escaping from the killer made him realise how little The Whisper cared about him. If he tried to ignore the prodding and nudging the barely audible voice would slowly grow into a scream, refusing to be ignored until it was almost deafening. Once he discovered what dark secret was hidden there would only be silence. He and him alone had to figure a way to get out of whatever mess The Whisper got him into having been satisfied with the reveal.

Malcolm learned to deal with his plight with fast talking and faster wits. Hoping to satiate the never ending curiosity of The Whispers he joined the Boston Police Department and quickly rose to lead investigator due to his almost supernatural ability for discovering the truth. For years The Whisper was content with solving crimes of murderers and arson but its interest in the mundane grew less until it was no longer sated. Malcolm ventures out into the night, garbed in a black silhouette discovering the more extreme truths of villainy. Secret plans to rule the world? Kidnapped reporters? Hidden bombs? No matter how hidden the secret the Listener will hear it.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

The Whispers: Malcolm hears a constant whisper nudging him towards discovering dark secrets. While it will not outright tell Malcolm anything it will offer hints and prod him to take steps needed to discovery. Listening to The Whisper he will discover any hidden doors/rooms. If the area is locked Malcolm will slowly feel what numbers to type into a keypad or how many pins are in the lock as he is picking. As long as there is a means to bypass a lock Listener will eventually figure out the code. Lastly, The Whisper also informs Malcolm if anyone is being deceitful whether its by lies or stretching the truth. It will only let him know that a deception is happening and will never outright tell him what the discovery is.
The Weaknesses

Incessant Uttering: The voices, the Whispers, they...just won’t stop...I must find something hidden.  XXX’s power acts like an addiction/compulsion. He can only go about 2-3 days before the Whispers become too loud to ignore. With enough withdrawal he will start to act more reckless in search of his discovery.

Baseline Human: About as strong,tough, and fast as an adult male who regularly goes to the gym.

The Items

Lockpicking Set
.38 Revolver
The Minions

The Fluff

Ring of Darkness: An old onyx brass ring Listener found in one of his many delves for the unknown. The ring rests comfortably around his thumb. The ring has the magical ability to shroud one’s appearance making them appear to be a void in reality. A silhouette of inescapable darkness that gives no details other than the wearer’s shape.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Secret Santa
Secret Santa

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