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Dr. Utaku Tamiyo Von Gutenstein

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Dr. Utaku Tamiyo Von Gutenstein Empty Dr. Utaku Tamiyo Von Gutenstein

Post by Secret Santa on December 24th 2019, 9:42 pm

Dr. Utaku Tamiyo Von Gutenstein PhD

"Cut My Wrist and Black My Eyes

So I May Fall Asleep

Tonight. Because You Kill Me "

The Bio

Real Name: Utaku Tamiyo
Villain Name: Dr. Utaku Tamiyo Von Gutenstein
Title: Under Secretary of Justice
Alignment: Detective
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120
Blood type: Unicorn

The Looks

The Personality

Pff, look who's asking.

The Story

Lighting burst forth from the goddamn heavens over the rugged prairie of a motherfucking copyrighted version of not-Japan. Well, the not-Mongolian part of Not-Japan. What is known of the humble beginnings of Tamiyo are lost to the fact that no one believes the only two people capable of telling them, because one is a sword and the other is mean.

Fuck reality. Is what the heavens demanded. And, then Tamiyo went to another copyrighted realm whom's name translated to 'Plane' in Croatian and no one actually pronounces correctly. Tamiyo defeated academia by completing her PhD in spell writing and theory crafting. Then, some dumb shit happened and no one remembers because I am not writing about it.

Okay, I will write about it.

A plant monster tried to destroy the world. Tamiyo and her friend with wings decided it should be someone else's problem, so they teleported it away. That did not work well, since it came back, but with an army of demons. So, then everyone had to fight an army of demons and they went away and Tamiyo was going to get a parade, but then the heavens burst forth again and hurled Tamiyo back into the aether to another dumb fantasy world.

I am actually not going to write about that one.

The, she went to Earth. Because the Earth. Needed. Tamiyo.

So, now Tamiyo is here.

On Earth.

Where Rian Johnson is going to win an Academy Award for at least Screenwriting for Knives Out. Probably Direction too. It should win Best Picture. It is good. Way better than the Star Wars movie that kept retconning all the good he did in Last Jedi to placate a toxic fanbase that is just going to keep talking shit because they are not watching these movies while being eight years old.


The Priority

1. Agility 4
2. Endurance 2
3. Reaction 3
4. Strength 1

The Powers

Magic Missile- several energy orbs shoot from her hand towards an enemy. It does not require her to roll a twenty sided dice. Can be used against darkness. Is not very impressive against dragons.

Katana Sword- a sword made of a katana used to cut things.

Unicorn death spiral- Tamiyo summons a unicorn capable of melting organic material in the wake of its charging path

Cold and Cruel- she can roll superior to inflict a condition on someone

Magic Transformation- Tamiyo can transform into a magic samurai girl

The Weaknesses



Bad eyesight!

Pineapple allergy!

Can't use computers!

Doesn't know the number 8 exists!


The Items

Katana sword!

A dead horse!

A trilby!

A coat!

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Secret Santa
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