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Mortar/Myles Koal

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Contest Mortar/Myles Koal

Post by Secret Santa December 24th 2019, 5:38 am


"Rules aren’t the only thing getting broken."

The Bio

Real Name: Myles Koal
Renegade Name: Mortar
Title: The Heavy Hitter
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race: African-American
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’7
Weight: 186lbs
Blood type: A positive

The Looks

Myles Koal is a man with a large build. He has worked hard to build a great deal of strength and it shows, both physically and mentally. He, by no means, looks to be a hefty man, just a muscular one. He stands above the average height for males, yet he still looks taller due to the confident way he carries himself. His body carries numerous scars from past battles, most notably a large claw mark along his back that stretches down the middle of his back.

His head as been clean shaven, though of what remains there is a dark brown or nearly black color to it. He has a constant, yet thin five o’clock shadow. His eyes are a dark brown and seem to hold a lot of pride behind them. All around, when he is not in the middle of combat, he keeps himself clean.

When it comes to everyday attire Myles tends to wear whatever is comfortable, jeans or shorts depending on the weather, and then a matching shirt. He may also be found wearing his workout clothes as he can often be found going for an intense run or at the gym.

For his renegade attire he tends to wear padded black pants, able to take a decent bit of damage from melee attacks or just from the elements, and then a dark green tank-top, underneath which he wears a bullet and knife proof vest. Covering his face he wears a steel mask, able to withstand bullet fire (though still getting dent up in the process). Most notably, and also tying into his power, his arms become bulkier and gain a mechanical coating, his hands becoming large enough to each crush a melon.

The Personality

Despite his large and bulky appearance Myles Koal is someone people can easily get along with. He likes a strong drink and to kick back and relax. Of course, when he is on the job he takes it very seriously, but is not above cracking a clever retort or quip. He is someone who is very confident and prideful in his abilities, though this can make him a bit stubborn in his ideas and plans, often believing his way is the best way. Further, if he believes that in the long run it will pay off or if it is the right thing to do, he is not against breaking rules or going above the law.

The Story

Myles Koal was never a kid who stood out. In Brooklyn, where he grew up, he had loving family who raised him with strong values in loyalty and sticking up for himself (as well as his little sister). He was a caring son and brother, and in school he managed to be pretty popular, friendly with most others in his grade. He was never a dumb kid, in fact he was always pretty smart, however he never really had a good direction to go into.

In the years to follow high school he decided to leave home and join the military, hoping to find some purpose in their ranks. He had been athletic in school and the skills he had begun to develop paid off in his training. He was regarded by the commanders as a model solider and member of the American marines. He had strength, charisma, and a sharp mind, all of which would serve him well in the days to come.

When he was twenty-six and still serving Myles was selected along with a small group of other top-ranking soldiers to embark on a top-secret mission, but not in foreign country, but their Homefront. In the mountains of Alaska a secret military base had gone rogue and was secretly threatening the United States Government to meet its demands. Myles had the ten others were tasked with infiltrating the base and taking out any rogue agents. Of course, this mission would ultimately change the course of Myles’s life.

While at first the mission had seemed to be going well Myles found himself separated from his group and with a gun to his back. He had been caught and cornered by a few of the top agents. He was knocked out and taken to a holding cell. It was there that he learned that the rest of his troop had been eliminated, save two. They were informed that the three survivors were going to take part in their testing, the development of a new hybrid experiment, mixing man with machine. Myles, wanting to save his comrades demanded that he go through the testing first. The rogue agents hadn’t really had an order in mind and accepted.

Myles was strapped to a lab table and was injected with a strange fluid. Before he knew it, he was knocked out. When he had come to, he had found himself looking up at the faces of his comrades. They had escaped and managed to subdue to rogue agents and take back the base with reinforcements they called in. Myles felt different, but he was relieved to be saved. He went back to base where he received further testing, though it all turned out negative. No one knew what the rogue agents had done to Myles, if anything at all.

With the job over Myles decided to resign from the military and return to help his family’s business. It would be a good way for him to settle after everything he had been through. Of course, it would never be that simple.

On his second night back while out on a run he felt a sudden surge of energy through him, a painful shifting of his skin, specifically in his arms. He heard crunch and turning of machinery, and he collapsed in pain. When he managed to compose himself and stand he found that his arms were now fully mechanical, he had no clue how it had happened. He focused on them, seeming to have full control, yet he was still scared, panicked even. He wanted his old arms back, he wanted to be normal again, and has held clenched his eyes shut he felt a strange sensation. When he opened his eyes his arms would be normal again.

Over the next few weeks he would experiment with this, shifting his arms into their mechanical counterparts. He was amazed by them, he had gained some sort of weird power, though he wasn’t sure if it was now mixed in with his genes or if there was some sort of machine dwelling inside of him. If so, why didn’t the doctors at the base know about it? There were too many questions for him to answer, so instead he focused on learning how to use them, learning everything that they could do.

In time, Myles decided to use his newfound powers for good, at least to the extent he believed was good. He had his own sense of justice, his own sort of beliefs on the matter. To some degree he also worked as a merc if the job was not morally questionable and if it offered good pay. Regardless, his powers were being used for something. He finally had a purpose in life.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

Metal Fist: Both of Myles’s arms, at will, can shift and become two large mechanical devices, very much resembling arms, though a bulkier level. When his arms are mechanical they become three times as strong, able to punch through thick concrete and medium-tiered metals. The arms are also able to withstand gunfire and moderate powered explosives. He is able to use them as quick and as nimble as a professional boxer would with their own fists.

Breakdown: Myless’ right arm has a well-sized slot that can open up. It is about six/seven by six/seven inches wide in a square shape. By scooping in different materials Myles can break them down or keep them as they are and convert them into cannon fodder for his left arm. The crushing ability of Myles’s right arm is able to breakdown strong materials, able to break things stronger than steel. In addition, it can break down things that aren’t solid, this includes liquids and plasmas, but does not include gasses. Myles cannot breakdown organic things like humanoids or animals, though he can specifically use bones and plant life.

Blast: Using material broken down by his right-hand Myles can fire off powerful, canon-like shots from a circular hole that opens up on his left hand. Myles can also change the properties and power of the blast. The shot can be as weak as he wants it or as strong as a blast from a mortar. His different blasts include:

Normal shot-just firing off a ball of whatever he crushed up in right hand, it will be as strong as whatever material it was composed off. Alternatively, he can fire off whatever he took in with his right hand as it originally was.

Shrapnel shot-a shot that releases sharpened shrapnel of whatever he broke down, it is less accurate and has a shorter range, but covers a large area and is strong against fleshy targets. The shrapnel is also blazing hot and if strikes the right material it can potentially cause a fire.

Explosive shot-a powerful shot that will explode with great force on impact, it has a far range and deals great splash damage.

Energy shot-in order to use this shot Myles needs to have taken in some form of energy or plasma. The energy that is released from this shot is strong enough to melt through materials stronger than steel (though Myles can make it as weak as he wants as well).

The Weaknesses

One Shot-Myles can only take in enough material for one shot at a time, which means after every shot he needs to gather up more material in his right hand before firing again.

Aichmophobia-Due to the experiments performed on him Myles has developed a phobia of needles to the point where he will most likely avoid them at all cost, as well as potentially experiencing flashbacks to that time.

Well-Oiled Machine-Like any good machine Myles’s arms require power which they get from Myles himself. In order for Myles to use his arms efficiently he needs to have a good calory intake. Using his arms extensively burns calories and in turn will exhaust Myles until he properly rests and eats.

Magnetic-Myles’s arms are technically magnetic and by extension can be bound and restrained through the use of powerful magnets. When a strong enough magnet is used to restrain Myles he is unable to return them to their normal state unless he passes out.

Gunked Up-If a very sticky material is shoved into Myles’s right arm, given that it is a decently sized quantity, the gears inside will jam up and be unable to break anything down. Reverting his hands back to normal will remove the gunk.

Conductive-Being made of metal Myles’s arms are conductive of electricity and without the proper protection shocks he received will be more intense and damaging.

Heavy-While Myles doesn’t feel the weight of his arms, his mechanical arms are quite heavy. In bodies of water, if Myles does not have a good footing, he will sink. (His normal arms do not weigh more and he can swim normally with them).

The Items

Myles drives an all-terrian, armored jeep (though with a paint job of a normal car).
On his person Myles carries in a satchel:
A 60 footy length of rope with a hook tied to it.
A combat knife.
A medical kit.
Rations and water flask.
A flask with alcohol.
An emergency radio.
A lighter.
And a flare gun.

The Minions


The Fluff

Can bench press 411’.
Loves a good drink with friends.
Exercises for fun (Also enjoys boxing).
Used to love comic books, still occasionally reads them.
Has a German Shepard/Rottweiler mutt named Charlie.
He owns a nice apartment, two stories, three bedrooms, kitchen, den, and study.
Knows enough about medicine to patch himself up.

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Secret Santa
Secret Santa

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Contest Re: Mortar/Myles Koal

Post by Secret Santa December 24th 2019, 5:39 am

I apologize for grammatical errors in this T_T
Secret Santa
Secret Santa

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Quote : "Ho Ho Ho"

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