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Nakamura Haruhi aka Shujinko!

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Nakamura Haruhi aka Shujinko! Empty Nakamura Haruhi aka Shujinko!

Post by Secret Santa on December 24th 2019, 5:07 am



The Bio

Real Name: Nakamura Haruhi
Hero Name: Shujinkō
Alignment: Neutral Good Anime
Age: 19 Anime Years
Gender: Female
Race: Anime Protagonist
Hair: Anime Pink!
Eyes: Anime blue!
Height: 53kg
Weight: 154cm
Blood type: B-

The Looks

The Personality

Have you ever seen a girl, running down the street, with toast in her mouth? Well, that encompasses Haruhi to the T. She is quite literally the embodiment of an anime protagonist. She's cute, she's shy, she's got the hidden power, and she definitely has the anime eyes. Her outer appearance would suggest she is into forward fashion, but trust me, it's just how she was born. Her parents were shocked to see a baby girl with bright pink hair being put into their arms. It's been who she is for the rest of her life.

The Story

She was born to two normal, absolutely average, standard class parents. A mother with brown hair, brown eyes, and average looks, as well as a father with brown hair, brown eyes, and average looks. They weren't ugly, but they weren't top model either. She loved her parents, and she was so thankful to have two wonderful people to raise her right. As she grew up, however, she found out that crime cannot be stopped unless you make an effort to help. She began with being part of the neighborhood watch, spending most nights just sitting on her perfect front stoop, keeping an eye out and watching the younger kids in the neighborhood play. It was the perfect introduction to her hidden power.

You see, Haruhi has many unique abilities, some of them are quite girlish, and others are just ghoulish. As she witnessed a few boys try to sneak out of their house, she called out to them. The wind picked up, a few leaves rolling down the street as they turned to look at her. She was already off of her porch and walking toward them, her safety vest over her school uniform. As she walked, the wind changed directions and sent her skirt billowing in the wind. As it did, the troublemakers immediately had shoujo style nose bleeds, their heads cocking back as they fell to their knees.

Haruhi could not believe what happened. As she straightened her skirt, she realized that perhaps it was a coincidence. It had to be.

But it happened again. And again. And again. At the mall, as people run passed her, her skirt billows up, people looking having nose bleeds. Even women! She had no idea how it kept happening, but she knew it was something she could do. She realized she could control it if she just flicked her skirt or found herself in a situation that was considered lewd.

It's for plot, I swear!

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Reaction
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Anime Eyes*: While using aforementioned 'Anime Eyes,' Haruhi is able to temporarily stun her target in place. Her emotion mixed into the gaze can determine the length of the stun.

  • Sad: The target is stunned and feels as if the world is weighing down on their shoulders. They can barely move. If the target becomes sad, the stun will break, but they will be forced to sob uncontrollably for a variable amount of time.

  • Angry: The target is stunned by a force hitting them directly in the chest. It feels as if something has punched them in the heart. They are able to move if they are also feeling anger, but they are risking taking more damage while Haruhi is using Angry Anime Eyes.

  • Happy: The target is stunned and endures an undying desire to listen to anything that Haruhi has to say. They are able to react if they find themselves growing happy while staring into her gaze.

  • Love: The target falls to their knees and begins proclaiming their love for Haruhi. Haruhi is embarrassed and calls them a Baka and the stun is broken. The target wonders why this even happened. It felt like a dream.

Magical Girl Persona!: Haruhi is able to become her anime girl persona at any time during an interaction, allowing her to pull focus and draw attention to herself. This allows her to unleash her powerful 'Nosebleed' move and 'Anime Eyes' move to better manipulate her target.

Nose Bleeds!: The target experiences a nose bleed any time that Haruhi's clothing exposes any form of lewd gesture, even if by the wind and not her own discretion. Haruhi has no control over it, and any target that sees this action will have a nose bleed and blush uncontrollably.

The Weaknesses

Protagonist: Haruhi is the protagonist of her story, and thus any time she is not the center of attention, she finds herself unable to use her powers.

Marysue: Haruhi is practically a mary sue, and as such, requires no more weaknesses.

The Items

Magic Girl Transformation Kit!: Haruhi has a small compact mirror that she uses to activate the ability to turn into her magical girl persona.

The Fluff

This character is mostly a joke, but Haruhi sometimes gets caught running down the sidewalk with toast in her mouth, late for some event.

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