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Roman Kane

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Roman Kane Empty Roman Kane

Post by Morpheus Complex December 23rd 2019, 10:33 pm

Romany Kane

"I consider myself a Lion
And you're trespassing on my territory. Now you are the hunted, and I the hunter"

The Bio

Real Name: Michael Kane
Villain Name: N/A
Title: The Red King of the Night
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 50 (Looks 25)
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 6’6
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Roman Kane 28775_1551159

The Personality

Roman is very charismatic and stern. He is level headed and calm, his poker face being a slight smile. He rarely raises his voice and he rarely gets excited, a far cry from his earlier years when he was in The Order. Despite his upbringing and his environment, Roman is very well read. He speaks with manners, and a sly yet strong tone. He is outwardly relaxed yet inwardly strong.

Despite his radicality, Roman believes he has everyone’s best interest in mind, and that those who he believes have done egregious crimes deserve nothing less than the most gruesome of deaths. He believes that fear, violence, and making examples out of people is the best way to enforce order. The police rarely came to his area when he was young, and during that time he saw how they were awful to minor offenders yet were useless against anyone who had done true evil. For that reason, he doesn’t trust the police in any form or to do any task, believing that they are men and women who are ultimately irrelevant stretching their power as far as they can but coming up short when its needed the most.

He views himself as one of the few trustworthy and strong to be able to wield such power, such authority. He seldom sees leaders as strong willed, and only he can bring order and security.

The Story

Roman was born and raised in Queens, New York. He was one of the fortunate kids to have a strong male role model to watch over him. At a young age he had a kind, yet sometimes bossy personality. He was very sociable, as he was easy to make friends, and his strong personality had everyone see him be the leader of. His clique. Fast-forward to his adolescent years, he soon joins a gang called The Order. They were formed from a group of teens and young adults who didn't trust the authorities, and sought to take justice into their own hands. After a few years of progress through violence, they eventually lost its power. Through a combination of being put on the police's radar, gaining the ire of far more powerful gangs, and vapid infighting. Roman was smart enough to jump ship when he had watched the nail in the coffin in the form of a police raid.

By this time, he had turned 25, and without purpose. Roman had yearned to bring harsh judgement to the streets. He felt that super heroes, cops, all of the like didn’t do his city the true justice it deserved. With the original idea of The Order, Roman had believed it was a step in the right direction. But after its dismantlement, he had felt it was a pipe dream. A failed experiment. After begrudgingly answering a hiring ad for janitorial work for a company with a sect in Manhattan, he had been asked for a direct interview with the owner herself. He sat down in her office. The interview turned into a joyful and casual conversation that lasted hours between the two. As the conversation dragged on, the topics became more and more personal, and went into his time with The Order, where he had dreams of purging the streets of New York the way the should be purged, with brutal and unrelenting force. Despite the violence behind it, Mary agreed with his brand of justice. He believed that most Superheroes were glorified and had were on high horses, and that police officers were either corrupt or useless. He claimed that if he had the abilities they did he would do right by his city. It soon became clear to Roman that she had meant to seduce him. He could not resist her wiles, as an offer of salacious implication came from her lips, one that Roman would accept.

To his surprise, it wasn’t the experience he was expecting. She pinned him to the floor, and savagely bit into his neck, catching him by surprise. He couldn’t fight her off, and increasingly became weaker, until he had passed out. He awoke in the same building. Roman had demanded what happened. Mary stated that as she talked to Roman that she had became more and more interested in him. She told him that she was only toying with the idea of him becoming one of her Childer. However, when he spoke of what he would do if he had powers, she couldn’t resist. Mary had told her that she was a Vampire, and now Roman was too. Horrified by this, he attempted to attack Mary, however, she ordered him not to, and he immediately fell prone to the floor. While Roman was confused and unable to move, Mary had reassured his views, and told him that it was time to go and deliver the true justice New York City deserved. Enchanted by her words, the two left the office into the dead of the night. It was then that Mary would teach him his basic abilities. She told Roman that his own special ability would come to light at some point, as they do to all who inherit the “Gift”.

At that time and for the years to come, Roman would continue to kill all those he sought as guilty, and drain them of their blood for years. However, recently he had begun to feel unfulfilled. He yearned to grow, and find a more widespread approach to his goal...

The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 4
3. Reaction 3
4. Strength 2

The Powers

Vampire Physiology:

-Strength: As a vampire he can lift a powerful 9 tons, rip steel apart, and cause massive damage with his strikes.

-Speed: Roman is quite fast, being able to move up to 40mph on foot.

-Regeneration: Roman can regenerate from damage at a faster rate than any human. It's heightened while taking blood

-Stamina: Being undead, Roman has a limitless amount of stamina and can never get tired

-Fangs: His fangs are extremely strong and durable, able to pierce through some of the most durable of metals.

-He can suck blood from a grown man, within less than a minute

-Siring: When a vampire bites into someone and drains them, he can choose to release his own blood from his fangs into their body. This causes a euphoric sensation greater than that than some of the greatest sexual releases or even the most potent of narcotics. The experience causes an unimaginable pleasure, and is highly addictive, as opposed to other vampires who cause a numbing and mind destroying pain. If all of the blood is drained from the victim and is replaced with the Sire, they become a vampire. Partial exchange will cause the recipient of the vampire blood gain physical abilities much weaker than that of the vampire.

-Devotion: Roman's blood is far more potent for siring, a trait passed down from his progeny. They become completely devoted to the sire from only a few bites, willing to do anything he asks, and addicted to his mere presence and attention alone.

The Weaknesses

-Vampires are completely vulnerable to fire as a human is, and can be killed just as easily with it.

-Holy Water will burn to the same extent of fire

-Burns from fire or holy water are much harder to heal and take twice as long.

-If he were to be stabbed in the heart by a large sharp object, he would be completely stunned, rendered immobile and passed out until the object were removed.

-Being a vampire if he were to go out in sunlight, he would periodically be damaged over a period of time. He would have an hour before he would die and turn to ash.

-When presented with a Cross by someone with strong Faith, pained in its presence, and weakened.

-A sense of dread falls on him within a Christian Church. He will not enter as if it's a phobia and if he does he suffers the same effects as he does with a Cross.

-Metahumans and most people who are equally genetically altered cannot be sired.

-Those with a strong will can break from from the Devotion by going long without allowing bites and without being in Roman's presence. (OOC Bite and Devotion is based on permission)
The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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Roman Kane Empty Re: Roman Kane

Post by Zonkes December 24th 2019, 1:33 am

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