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Contest Envision

Post by Secret Santa December 23rd 2019, 3:25 pm

Carson Orlso

"I lost my family, and my coping device is revenge. If you get in the way of that revenge, I'll make it so that the only food you ever consume will be through a STRAW!"

The Bio

Real Name: Carson Orlso
Renegade Name: Envision
Title: The Visionary
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Ascended Metahuman
Hair: Shifting
Eyes: Shifting
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs

The Looks

The Personality

A very critical man, Orlso doesn't take into account corporeal things. He doesn't understand or care for magic despite its relevance in the modern world. His only mission is to slay the members of the group that forced him to work under them, destroyed his home, and killed his family. The only thing Carson wants is revenge.

The Story


Orlso was and still is a thinker. A man of science, he believes what is deemed 'magic' is purely a variation of the meta-gene. Some energy manipulation on a level man can not comprehend. This is the field he's involved in. He believed that his own meta-gene was inactive, like many. However, it was, but it wasn't something tangible like the usual flamethrower hair or heat seeking missile teeth. This was a power that absorbed energy. He could pull in, but couldn't release it. Carson was essentially a battery, but he was one that could transfer energy. In his book, another word for this is 'useless'. And when he found out, that's what he called himself, every day following.

Carson eventually found himself with a wife and kids. He was never really a true love type, but this was something different. His family was amazing, and he'd do anything for them. And because of this, the men watching him had something to use to their advantage. The group introduced themselves as some sort of church with a weird symbol. They were looking for a researcher to modify Spark, in order to boost their powers to levels unknown, but without any of the weaknesses. One night when they approached Carson at his very home, they attempted to recruit him. Orlso declined, but he was warned of what was to come. He packed his family's bags the very same night, but on the way to the airport, he was captured.

Forced to improve spark for these men, he deduced a plan. Once he did evolve Spark, he could use it on himself, maybe his power would be changed, something to be able to defend himself and rescue his family. But what if he released too much energy and harmed himself... His captors would know of his plan. Carson was given homeless test subjects with inactive meta-genes. Day after grueling day, working hours on end to see his family again, he failed and failed. Test subjects died seconds after being injected with the modified Spark. After months in captivity, modifying the formula, he tested it on himself. He couldn't let anybody else die because of him. Maybe if he died, these people wouldn't have access to his research. Everything stored in his own brain. Taken to the grave. However, the serum did change him. Carson's mind began to race for some reason. Formulas he hadn't thought of in years, some he couldn't even understand. Blueprints for things that shouldn't exist, that didn't exist. At the time, he believed it was all to do with the process of the serum changing him. Maybe the side effects were just causing him to make up stuff. And that's what he went with for the time being. When he turned on a Bunsen burner, he noticed that his sweat was… melting through his clothes? Incredible. He'd given himself new power.

The men watching him approached, asking him for his latest formula. These men could bring about the end of the world, and he'd be responsible. Until he could truly home his powers, he'd have to give it to them. Spark Prime. And as soon as he did give it to them, he was led to a room where he was soon knocked unconscious. Carson woke up on the swinging chair in front of his house, body beaten and bruised. His wife and daughter carried him in and cared for him for the next few weeks.

While healing, he still had more of these formulas, blueprints, and ideas. He began trying to use his heated sweat as a tool. It wasn't a great power, but he could use it against these guys. Soon, Carson was ready to take on this gang of metas. They were likely suped up with the Spark Prime, but it was his duty to take them on. He went out in search of the men, actively looking for them, asking pedestrians for information, showing them pictures of the symbol he had first seen. When he didn't find anything, he informed the police. Orlso repeated this cycle of searching for days, wanting to use his power on the bad guys. On one fateful day, Carson was dragging his feet back to his home after an unsuccessful search, and he began to open the door, only for the house to explode, throwing him across the street from the sheer power of the blast.

His head was in agony. All he could think about was his wife and daughter. Carson should've been the one. He should've been the one to be caught in the blast. Reduced to ash. Cremated alive. His family did nothing to deserve this. As he turned his head, he saw a black SUV pulling off, full tinted windows, no plate. Carson was seeing red, and finally, something snapped in the scientist's mind. In an instant, he let out a cry that shattered glass throughout the neighborhood.

Suddenly, he was in the air. Flying? It was the weirdest sensation. He could feel his body on the ground, but his mind was soaring. Carson was in such agony and was filled with such hatred for this group that he didn't question it as he normally would have. He unleashed a blast of energy directed at the vehicle. It was so overwhelming on the enforcer's brain that he was instantly slain. This mental attack was so powerful, it affected the man physically, as a signal was sent throughout his nervous system. His body spasmed as the SUV continued sailing down the road until it slammed into another vehicle. This projected form of Carson's returned to his body and he immediately collapsed. Carson later woke up in the hospital with severe burns and injuries. However, he didn't feel the pain. Only the grief of loss. And that grief turned into a will for revenge. Now, Carson only wants for those that wronged him to pay. And maybe he could find some way to bring his family back along the way. But one thing is for certain. He will slay his enemies. And Carson will kill anybody that comes even close to disrupting his revenge story.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Enlightenment – The more energy transferred into Carson's body, the more power unlocked in his brain. Essentially, the more someone damages Carson, the more intelligent he becomes. If he were to get run over by a train travelling at high speeds and survive, he could quickly come up with blueprints for, say, a tungsten rod orbital platform in a matter of seconds. Maybe after getting plugged into the city's power grid, he's deduced the very structure of the meta-gene and how to manipulate it! But he's basically a fried corpse. Nigh infinite possibilities, but at a great cost.

Projection – With enough energy absorbed, Carson gains immense psionic abilities. He could perform mental attacks such as psionic energy blasts, and exist in a higher intangible form. With permission, he could even project his mind onto another individual's and battle it out, not in the real world. But in a world of pure imagination.

Exertion – To handle the power absorbed into the brain, Carson's body begins to constantly exert heat around him. This heat can reach intense temperatures and his boiling sweat can be launched off himself to cause extreme heat damage.

The Weaknesses

Sharp Objects – Blades, Swords, and weapons that aren't blunt, heavy objects will likely not transfer as much kinetic energy into the body as a hammer. Therefore, someone with blades could get away with doing damage to the man without him getting an intelligence buff.

Stress – Intense stress will cause a decrease in the ability to use the absorbed energy in Orlso's mind. Therefore, keeping a cool head in situations is a must for the power to be useful.

Battery Levels - When Carson gains energy, he stores it up in a meter. Each time Carson uses his power, he drains this internal battery. This is dependant on how powerful each of his attacks are. At 5% Carson begins to feel weak, and at 0% his powers start to draw from his actual body, instead of stored up energy. This could potentially end him if he goes on like this for too long.

Training - At this point Carson has tested his projection once, and cannot control it well. He's likely to go over his battery capacity and start to do damage to himself.

The Items

GX-33 Bodysuit:
This suit looks similar to that of a hazmat suit and has similar properties. It was originally designed to protect Orlso from metahumans that escaped confinement in his testing facility. However, it was later modified to send a pain numbing chemical through his body after the severe burns he experienced when his house was destroyed.

Envision Anton-cermak-scifica-outsourcing-conceptart-scifi-character-01

Kit - A toolbox, chemistry set w/ chemical's, syringes, and a vial of Spark Prime. All carried in a somewhat expensive messenger bag.

The Minions

The Fluff

This meta scientist is extremely intelligent and cunning even without his power. He does still have access to his old lab.

Carson still has the symbol of the Cult embedded in his mind and can use it as a clue on his search.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Contest Re: Envision

Post by Zonkes December 24th 2019, 12:04 pm

Honestly? Thor, you should be super proud of whoever gave this to you. This is one of the best apps I’ve read from Secret Santa.

Gifted to Thorgron. Approved and moved.

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