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Abigale Allister, the muscle woman.

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Contest Abigale Allister, the muscle woman.

Post by Secret Santa on December 23rd 2019, 4:59 am

Abigale Allister.

"Allister's Might, give me Muscles!"

The Bio

Real Name: Abigale Allister
Hero Name: Hera-cles
Title: The Strong Woman.
Alignment: LN
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Hispanic
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'5-6'5
Weight: 85 lbs-350 lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

The Personality
Abigale since coming into her powers has become rather cocky and self assured. Even when in her more frail form, as long as she can safely turn into her powerful self, then any situation she's dealt with is more a minor inconvenience then a problem. But without it... Without that power, she is more a mouse, frail, afraid, helpless. And she is become a feral mouse because of that. Angry and lashing out at anything despite the lack of strength.

The Story
Abigale Allister was born dead. Only for a short while as the doctors raced to revive her, but it was proof the girl from a young age was sickly and weak. That didn't change as she grew. Despite no apparent damage to her legs, she found her muscles couldn't always carry her, forcing her to most of the time, be contained to a wheelchair. This had been her entire young life, all the way to twenty.

Her father, meanwhile, seeing how sickly his daughter was, ensued for a new heir. Yet no matter how many children he sired, with whomever, they were all born dead, and unlike Abigale, they didn't make it. He was the cause of blame, this he knew. For he had a secret he often didn't share. His name was Antonio Allister, and he was the strong man! Not that many knew about it. Antonio had found a necklace that soon became bound to him, turning his once weak and frail body into that of a man who's muscular prowess could not be matched by normal men. A state he could with a phase, turn on and off, but he never choose to be his old self again. At first, he had tried to use his gift for heroics, but with time he realized that he wasn't nearly as strong as everyone else that chose this path. Soon he turned to small time crime. The occasional gangster, maybe a store robber if he was in the neighborhood.

That all changed when he came upon a table of cash. A million. Money that would go towards the authorities if he so inclined to call it in... But his wonder got to him. What if he had this money... What if he kept making it. It started him down a dark path, one filled with lies told to himself. He'd be a good person still, he told himself. This was for his daughter, he told himself as he rose through the ranks of the criminal underbelly, using that money as a base, soon he owned his own mansion, his daughter had her every need filled by butlers and maids, anyone willing to put the clothes on and be paid. He had hoped to have more children, more heirs to this fortune he had made, but only Abigale survived. She was his strongest. So he lathered her in gifts.

He enjoyed this life he made for himself. Abigale felt differently about his life and in turn, her own. He hadn't cared much for her physically or emotionally. Having shunted her in her years growing up until he had given up on another heir. She had everything but her father and her legs. To say she was a little bitter, was to lie. She hated him, but mostly, she hated herself. Hated that she was able to grow up weak and conformed. Hated that he made sure everything she wanted was given, hated that she didn't have to lift a finger, because he wanted someone else to lift it for her. Hated that she wasn't allowed to walk, because inside her wheelchair, she was safe, and he preferred that.

But in the twenty years she lived, her father had made foes, foes who had friends that had taken a very long time to size up this mysterious strong man. After twenty years of his reign as a crime boss of Los Angeles, they finally made their move to end him all at once. A sudden, quick strike of fire and power. It was panic. Chaos. The house butler had lifted her into the house attic for safety, yet the next person she saw was her father. His skin was burnt, he  was bruised and bloody.. A hole in his chest. From the look he gave her, despite his wounds trying to heal, she knew he was dying.

He walked up to her, taking the chain necklace around his neck off, an action that caused him to collapsed, yet still he pulled himself up and wobbled towards her a changed man, his form had shifted from the man she knew all her life. Now he was sick, frail and pale. His wounds seemed a hundred times worse then before, and now they weren't healing. Long, thin fingers placed the relic around her neck, and he told her only five words. His last words to her. And just like that, the old man she'd never met before had died, taking her father with him.

Three men came after him. Men she did not know, they were curious as to who the girl sitting down was. Just as curious to the corpse of the man on the floor was. But Abigale had no love for their presence. She did not love her father, yet as she knew they had slayed him, she felt an urge to yell, to grab the nearest object and weakly throw it at them. Actions that would do nothing but bring her own end... Yet the words her father left her with came forward, and she relented. If she was to die, she might as well share one thing with her father beyond their frail forms. "Allister's might, give me muscles." The phase was spoken, and suddenly the chair creaked as a new weight overtook it. She stood, her body now covered in prime, athletic muscles.

The three goons laughed, but Abigale slowly strode forwards and punched a few feet early, causing the three to laugh even stronger, her anger grew... Until a giant fist flew from above her into the three men.

She left her home after that. She still had money. She still could live a life of ease. But now she could walk... She could fight. And she'd make up for her fathers laziness. He had given up on being a hero... She would be better then him. She'd be the muscle hero the world deserved. But first... She needed to shave...

She'd eventually give up on the idea of doing that.

The Priority

1. Agility 4
2. Endurance 2
3. Reaction 3
4. Strength 1

The Powers

Allister might: Allister's might is a transformation gifted to Abigale by a necklace once bonded to her father, now her own. It turns her frail body into that of a muscle bound woman, while also magically increasing the size of her clothes just so that they barely fit her.

The effects of being in this muscle bound form include: Enhanced Strength to a level where she could make a building collapse with a few well placed punches.

Tougher skin: To the point where normal knifes break and mortal men would break attempting to hurt her.

Regenerative factor:  Not an incredible power among her feats, but injuries do heal at a faster rate, and often injuries that would take a person out of the fight as enhanced as she is, her regenerative power's would keep her in longer.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: The spoken word: Abigale needs to speak the words of might to enter her muscle form. If she was to be stopped, then she would remain her frail self, who does not have any of the powers her muscle bound self has.

Weakness 2: Fire bane: Fire seems to be a bane towards her magical self, burning her skin as easily as any other and fighting back against her healing factor.

Weakness 3: Junk food: The idea, the smell and the taste of junk food is so overpowering it can actually send Abigale into a vomiting spree or outright make her pass out, even in her frail form. Beware tasty treats.


Her father never really branched out with the gift he was given. Relying only on the physical side of his powers, but Abigale's anger brought forth powers he could have always had.

Flying fist: By punching the open air, an astral fist the size of a truck forms above Abigale and then fly's in the direction of her punch.

Weakness: The fist has to form for a couple of seconds, and it can not change directions, meaning that where she punches is where it will go and you know it's coming, giving one enough time to move out of the way.

The fistquake: By punching into the ground and keeping her fist there, Abigale can summon several fists from under the earth of her foes directly at them, while smaller, about the size of a car then a truck, they are just as deadly to be hit by.

Weakness: No matter what, if someone isn't moving when her fist is in the ground, Abigale can not send a fist at them no matter how she wills it, meaning those who remain still and those who are flying can not be touched by the fistquake.

The Fluff
The necklace can not be forcibly removed. Anyone who does simply finds it's weight too immense, even if they could lift the world.

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