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Dr. Metamorphosis

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Dr. Metamorphosis Empty Dr. Metamorphosis

Post by Secret Santa December 8th 2019, 12:47 am

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Dr. Metamorphosis
Dr. Metamorphosis 6c0c2f19748e988fd1f9504584be6218
"Ah, here we face a conundrum. If you approach me I will take your body and wreak havoc, damning you to your grave. But all the same you would acquire the glory of being the one fool brave or stupid enough to challange me. Or, you can back off and be called a coward forever, maybe having to even step back from hero work, but at least you will keep your body and enjoy your final days with it, as miserable as they may be seeing as you had a chance to take me on...

Which will it be, hero?"


Real Name: Arthur "Arty" Benjamin Polthy
Villain Name: Dr. Metamorphosis
Title: The ever changing villain
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Race: Human, American
Hair: Dark Brown and short
Eyes: Yellow and sharp
Height: 5' 09"
Weight: 154 lbs.
Blood type: Morphous, can shift to match other types

Physique and Apparel

Under the mask, Arthur is severly disfigured:

Arthur was, and still is considered to have an attractive and youthful appearance. Only if you look anywhere the mask doesn't cover. Underneath, he has received terrible injuries from when he was attempting to take control of a spellcaster, having his face permanently disfigured from it, any attempts to heal the mark will just leave the new flesh painfully burning off until it goes back to the way it was. Due to the injury, the not-really-a-doctor has saliva occasionally slip from his mouth, he carries a handkerchief in his pocket for when he gets worked up or otherwise can't control his saliva output.

He holds himself composed and precise, he walks with fluid and sharp movements, everything he does, as little as it may be, seems intentional. His hair is a bit of a mess, but he doesn't find it efficient to keep brushing it every day, so he keeps it short. his skin is pale, likely caused by his metahuman physiology. And an odd trait of his is he has long eyelashes.

He wears a tie on almost all given situations, he has some silk gloves he carries with him for dealing with more careful work and his huge green coat with the fur on the neck area. He often wears a surgical or his plague doctor mask to hide his injury. He wears what seems to be leather running shoes and sneakers, there both comfortable and more effective for what he does. With close examination, everything he wears and possess's is organic.
Psychological Reports

Arthur is a well-coordinated man, speaking and working like a sadistic machine. He doesnt seem to consider others' emotions at all, which makes him somewhat hard to deal with when he collaborates with other villains. He hates when people go on about how they feel about something or what they know when its something they don't. What's something they don't know? WHatever Arthur doesnt know, they don't fully understand either, how could they? There just worms in this world, only a few out there are worthy of being the birds who can feast on the worms, which the worms all burry there heads in ignorance in order to stay sane in such a pitiful world.

Otherwise, it's hard to bother the doctor, he has the patience for things. Injury to his body isn't an insult, he can easily repair most grave injuries, just don't knock off his mask, he will eviscerate you.
He doesnt build connections with people, anything on record at least. He calculates almost everything he odes before he does it, and has a reputation for loving coffee in the morning, alongside maybe a hard candy or two in his pocket. He has a hard time eating salty and spicy food due to his injuries. He finds people having hard times with really simple things really funny, somewhat a source of slapstick comedy for himself. He also really enjoys watching impressive representations of power, just more he can use for later and it excites him to see what he can maybe perform.

He loves the one thing outside of the others, the unique one in a group is his favorite subject, to question and learn from.


Born in a mediocre city with a mediocre lifestyle, Arthur wasn't ever expected to end up as he did. He was younger when he discovered his powers, about 6 years old. His parents offered him up to go live in what could be best described as a prisoner camp for meta-humans, he was there because his parents saw little Arthur finding it so amusing when he fused a frog to his hands while it helplessly croaked for its life, wiggling its legs still connected to his wrists, fingers poking out his fingers and mouth connected to his palm. He didn't know this, and even at the moment, it was just his power emerging in an odd manner, different than most people's casual fire manipulation, super strength, durability and so on. They feared he was malicious, not really, he was just a normal, curious kid who didn't understand what he did...

That would have been, a fantastic excuse. His power didn't only allow him to fuse and manipulate living tissue, but it modified his brain structure. Even at that age he knew what he did would kill the frog, he was just curious to what would happen, and the frog didn't live as long as he has, he was the elder and therefore the frog had to bend to his will, he was stronger, overall superior to the frog. He was compliant, it was his parent's folly in his mind that leads him to hear, they understood he was too strong, and they needed to remove the burden of a god in the household.

Growing up, he did the tests asked of him, he did the work he had to earn there trust. He often asked for books, finding love for Lovecraftian literature and stories, he began reading about the Great Old Ones, and he wanted to see them, sure, they would drive someone mad, but he could likely handle it, his brain could take them on. But, they where fictional, right?

Not like most would hope. A new kid showed up, they where 13 and Arthur at the time were 19, he hung out with them, and learned they were connected with the elder gods, mentally there brain connected and he heard there whispers. With that, he understood things that nobody else did and could read minds, except Arthurs and the guards. Arthur, that winter, killed the boy by absorbing his body, he was in a coma for a good six days, on the evening of the sixth, all that was left in his cell was a black slime, traced in odd symbols mixed with extraterrestrial blood.

Years later, Arthur stayed the way he was by absorbing people, taking on personas temporarily, and sometimes powers. He had a goal, to find and commune directly with the Great Old Ones. On the side, to kill the idea of the generic, removing stereotypes from the world to make it more special and unique.


1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

1. Intelligence
2. Awareness
3. Willpower
4. Empathy

Fusion: Upon coming in contact with flesh, living or dead, Aurthur can fuse with or into it and take control over it. This is done by an odd secretion that enables him to liquify and resolidify living matter, while subconsciously taking the more controlling approach to it, while also curiously leaving no extra matter behind, still an unexplainable feature to this power. He can go within and into just about any living or dead target and take control of them, or leave them unaware of his approach as this effect causes no pain. When inside of someone, he is fully aware and can emerge his own body or just parts of it out to attack. He can use this to stick to people and when he is controlling, he learns mass amounts of there biological info and how to utilize it, so he tends to take on forms of some superhumans to acquire there abilities. He may also hide inside of an animal or use there parts to his advantage.[PERMISSION BASED]

Software: Arthur has a completely redesigned brain, originally he was born with an increased ability to learn and retain information, but due to the more permanent fusion with the one who spoke with the great old ones, he had that changed further. His brain has become a rubbery and ink-like fluid-filled organ capable of processing at accelerated speeds, able to watch things in a slowed down perspective to better analyze a situation, bullets moving like dodgeballs in a middle school gym. He can detect and dictate super minimal changes in the environment, able to tell the temperature, distance, speed and such just from sight. He can retain all information he passes by, and he has acquired a defense to effects that attempt to change or manipulate his mind and its basic structure and chemistry.

Everlasting: Arthur uses multiple techniques to stay young, and he has a host of bodies that have a fragment of his brain implanted, these people live regular lives but when he dies his brain will choose a successor, in which he slowly morphs there body back to his own. It is unknown to even him how many people he has under this influence, and it takes about eight months time before he can have a new fully functional body after death.

Some disabilities: Arthur can't take control of birds and insects, and things with super fast regenerative properties can ward him off by having there bodies shed him away. Most aliens and mythical beasts also can't be fused with.
Heat-sensitive: Arthurs modified brain is very sensitive to heat and loves the cold, when things get too hot he hears a wailing screech fill his brain and has an instinct to get cold, even if it would mean harm to him.
Catchable: Attempts to isolate the brain will work, and he can be kept "dead" by eradicating all the hosts, which all have a small tumor that can be removed by some super surgeon that has to kill the invasive material first, and also, if frozen the brain goes into hibernation, preventing him from being able to escape or die.

He possesses a collection of bodies that he stores and preserves in special prison cells for him to use and take on there persona and powers alike, better to hide the man behind the job. His collection includes so far...

Arthur is in possession of multiple hideouts, his most notable one being on a remote and cold island near Vancouver, BC. There he hides his prisoners and brings them along, as well as perform attempted eldritch rituals, often failing. He is in possession of multiple vehicles just short of the military. He has enough money to set up events and acquire expensive medical equipment when he needs to patch himself up.

He hears whispers from eldritch beings, they sometimes distract him, and with this, he devotes his time to listen, nothing must disrupt these broadcasts.

He keeps failing at his attempts to better commune with the beings that drive him, he requires someone else to help him, but has yet to locate such an individual.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Dr. Metamorphosis Empty Re: Dr. Metamorphosis

Post by Zonkes December 24th 2019, 1:44 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

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